Episode 2: RBNY 4-0 TFC, Sports Lawyer Stan Chelney, Listener Mail

4 thoughts on “Episode 2: RBNY 4-0 TFC, Sports Lawyer Stan Chelney, Listener Mail”

  1. Good stuff. Surprised at the amount of Dane hate, but then again maybe not. I doubt he'll be cut if for no other reason than he is a part of the ad campaign they have up now (so is Kandji). I think Mark may be right about Woly being in danger.

  2. Ya, listening to things again, the Dane stuff was an impromptu bashing! But I stand by my position – used correctly, Dane is serviceable and DANEgerous (you like that, I know you do . . . )

  3. Another fantastic show. Loved the listener questions and the segment with Stan. He was very level-headed in his assessment of the CBA issues and the projected outcome of negotiations. Let us hope that BOTH MLS and MLSPU seek this outcome. With March 9th a week away, a new CBA should get done no later than next Monday, probably sooner. Get it done!

  4. I've listened to both audio shows now, and I have to say, I really enjoyed them. A number of things I appreciated…which include a professional yet unrehearsed-sounding vibe, knowledgeable panelists, passion along with even-handedness, and even the lack of what I'll call the typical "Dave O'Brien intonation" of voice ha. You guys are getting me even more psyched for RBNY's season. Good luck

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