Episode 5: RBNY 1-0 CHI, Steve Clare from Seattle’s Prost Amerika, Listener Mail

5 thoughts on “Episode 5: RBNY 1-0 CHI, Steve Clare from Seattle’s Prost Amerika, Listener Mail”

  1. The show keeps getting better and better every week. Steve Clare was a great choice as a guest. Do you plan on bringing in a guest from the opponent's view regularly?

  2. Great job this week. I'm still hoping to see a draw vs Seattle this week. Are we going to see some players stop by to talk to us?

  3. The ultimate goal is to have players, coaches and others directly involved with the team on the show on a regular basis. However, there we are very much at the mercy of the Red Bulls' PR department (not a criticism, just a statement of fact). They are currently processing our requests along with many others from other outlets. I expect that to take a little while, given everything that has been going on with the new stadium, etc.

    But there is no way we'll get a player every week even under the best of circumstances. And even if we could we want to have guys like Steve Clare and Jack Bell and Corey Vezina and Stan Chelney to offer their unique expertise. So to answer the other question, yes, you can expect to see guests from the opponents' view along with ones from our market and all points in between. Either way, expect the show to be QUALITY baby! So keep listening.

  4. I love the idea of having the occasional opponents point of view – adds a nice spice to the game previews and you get the idea of where RBNY stands as it relates to the fans from around the country.

    And come on guys . . . you have GOTTA love the Player sound bites! We can now officially put to rest how to pronounce LIND PEAR EE

    Thanks for listening.

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