Episode 8: RBNY 2-1 FCD, Dan Ryazansky of MetroFanatic, Listener Mail

2 thoughts on “Episode 8: RBNY 2-1 FCD, Dan Ryazansky of MetroFanatic, Listener Mail”

  1. Dan is a great member of and one of the top if not the top contributor to the Metro/Red Bull community.

    For this particular match, you are crazy to pick on Jeremy Hall especially in light of the performances of Jeff Cunningham and Salou Ibrahim. You should know that Hall is a midfielder who has been asked to play right back because Hans (and previously Juan Carlos) asked him to. If you continue to harp on this point, your cow should be whomever decided to release Carlos Johnson before Chris Albright was ready, or the Coach for asking Hall to play right back, or yourself. The cow is NOT Jeremy Hall.

  2. 12th, thanks as always for your comment.

    All, we apologize for the static in this week's episode & will have it fixed for next week. Thanks for sticking with us!

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