Thursday, April 29, 2010

Episode 9: RBNY 2-1 PHI (2x), Former RB Nick Zimmerman, Listener Mail

Nat and Mark breakdown about both Philly wins, talk to former RB Nick Zimmerman, and answer your mail.  Apologies once again for the static.  We'll have it fixed, we promise!

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12th man said...

The way the "reserves" played as a unit in the USOC game hopefully will induce the starters to pick up their effort against D.C.

Tchani as Bull of the Week is interesting pick; I hope the "reserves" play another game next week before their match against New England.

Zimmerman is a good guy and I'm glad you had him on. However, I hope next week you can have a Quakes beat reporter or someone from the fan club to give us a preview of the new and improved Earthquakes, likely starters and style of play.

Anonymous said...

please fix your microphone, to much static.

Cubillas said...

I just listened to your episode 9 and let me say, Great job and great program. To put my 2 cents in regards to the attendance issue, we can't ignore the fact that last year's awful performance did cost us a great number of casual game goers. In order to get them back, we need to invest the time, money and effort necessary to get them back. We have to improve the cost to value experience. Casual game goers bring to the arena a lot of kids. Let's get some contests with food vouchers for each section so we can get them back for more. Transportation alternatives will help the dire need to address the parking issue experienced when we get more people into the stadium. We have to provide busing from some strategic locations throughout NJ like a park and ride type of system. I would be willing to pay up to $10 to do this but maybe subsidizing this will get more people to the Arena, which it's what we want to see.

RAW said...

Great Episode! Cant wait for the 10th Anniversary one and to join you guys at RBA in the ESC

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