Episode 10: DCU 0-2 RBNY, Shep Messing, Listener Mail

3 thoughts on “Episode 10: DCU 0-2 RBNY, Shep Messing, Listener Mail”

  1. Gentlemen, best show to date, It was great you guys having Shep Messing as your guest.
    I just wished you guys would kept him longer, It was to short.
    Anyway keep up the good work.

  2. Great show as always. I agree that Shep was an excellent guest — a must repeat — and he was peppered with terrific questions.

    If I understood Shep correctly, he seemed to be saying that the right flank and goalkeeper is where an improvement is ultimately needed the most but regardless of what the team needs are on the field, the Red Bulls need to go after two marquee DPs to get a full house and more people following the team…

    However, the Red Bulls better not let Bouna go until someone BEATS him out. In Bouna we trust!

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