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7 Best Cold Air Intake for Chevy Cruze Reviews in 2023 with Buying Guide

You must know about the best cold air intake for Chevy Cruze if you have one to boost your performance and drive safely.  Given how much time we spend in the car, it becomes very important to improve each of its performances.

There is more and more talk about safe and comfortable driving and the performance they achieve. The quality of driving, starting from the ignition of the car, through acceleration to the braking system, is very important to drivers.

In this regard, the cold air intake should be mentioned. So if you want good acceleration you should think about it.

Comparison Table of the Best Cold Air Intake for Chevy Cruze

K&N 69-1203TP
Spectre Performance
K&N 69-4537TS
AEM 21-744C
K&N 69-4522TS
Ares Motorsports
K&N 69-4531TTK

What is the best cold air intake for Chevy Cruze?

What is the best cold air intake for Chevy Cruze

The question is which cold air intake is the best for the car model Chevrolet Cruz? From our point of view, the most competitive is the K&N 69-1203TP  model.

Why is K&N the best brand for cold air intake for Chevy Cruze?

Why did we pick this one? We chose this model as the best recommendation because it contains the highest quality attributes that allow the most efficient operation of the car.

Below we will mention 7 selected models which are worth thinking about. For each of them, we will list the basic characteristics, installation methods, and some of the main advantages and disadvantages.

Top 10 Best Cold Air Intake for Chevy Cruze Reviews

01. K&N 69-1203TP – Overall Best Cold Air Intake for Chevy Cruze


Highlighted Features

  • The system is long-lived
  • Provides superior driving up to the hill
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Has better sound
  • Provides great motor care
  • Have the best results in testing

K&N 69-1203TP air intake systems are the world’s best systems, designed to increase the car’s performance while increasing its power. This is the first convenience that consumers notice. We are talking about quality, beauty, and functionality in one. It has a simple way of installation and it is quite easy to keep it working.

It will save you time and nerves in both cases. Also, this model provides excellent security from air contaminants. Many pollutants can shorten their lifespan. That is why it is important to find the best protection that will enable its longer duration as well as the best use of other performances.

K&N 69-1203TP Cold Air Intake Kit allows you to completely change the noise, and at the same time makes better gasoline mileage.

The filter itself is easy to maintain, it can be moved and cleaned with small effort. This lasts longer, so it does not change for at least the first 100,000 km. Generally, it presents a good purchase for the car itself and thus allows it to move better.

Below, in the table, you can find some of the advantages and main disadvantages of this model:


  • Reducing gas fuel consumption
  • Impossible without prior specialized knowledge
  • It sounds a little bit more powerful


  • Higher price

If you choose this model, you will appreciate the increase in the car’s horsepower and value of the owning the same. The price itself, in that case, can be justified by all the advantages that this model gives to its user, which can be seen almost immediately.

02. Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit – Peoples Choice


Highlighted Features

  • Reasonable price
  • Not that hard placing parts
  • Nice sound
  • Do not revoke the car’s assurance
  • The advanced design of the filter

The first thing that is important to mention for the model Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit is that it is almost twice cheaper as most of the K&N’s Cold Air Intake systems.

When you install this model in the Chevrolet Cruz, what is immediately visible is that it makes the sound louder generally or louder every time you press the accelerator pedal. It can be noticed both inside the car and outside. According to that, the car itself sounds much more powerful with this filter.

This model is designed to increase torque along with engine power. By installing it, the restrictions that save air flow disappear and thus increase the speed of the engine itself, which then sucks in more air.

It is also designed to protect the engine itself from all external pollutants, which further makes it easier to achieve recovery. But also they are made not to pollute the environment.

One of the features that are important to mention to its chroniclers is easy maintenance. It is not necessary to think about that for a long time. And even then, it is quite easy.

Here are some of the elementary properties of this model to have a clearer picture:


  • Increased fuel economy
  • Easy installation
  • Changed sound to the louder one


  • Less horsepower than expected
  • Not that good instructions

The model is correlated with its cost price. It has a satisfactory quality and it works quite well. Also, I need to mention that it can be found in several colors.

03. K&N 69-4537TS – Best Value Cold Air Intake for Chevy Cruze


Highlighted Features

  • Service required only after 100,000 km
  • Washable filter
  • Sounds great and even fun
  • Has guaranty
  • Fuel-saving

This K&N model of the air intake system is a little bit weaker than the previous one if we are talking about horsepower. This model has an aluminum tube in charge of the suction process. As for the sound itself, it is tuned to increase the feedback of the throttle and gas itself.

Even with this model, the setting itself is not a problem or requires prior knowledge. As far as the protection itself is concerned, it has an additional one because the pre-filter itself has its casing. These filters have a very long service life as they can be washed. If it is used during normal driving, it can take up to 100,000 km without the need for servicing.

We will mention some of the advantages and the main disadvantages of this model:


  • Improving gas response
  • Longterm quality
  • Simple installation


  • Weaker accelerating

This model is of high quality and makes your engine protected from adverse climatic conditions and at the same time allows it to run smoothly.

04. AEM 21-744C Cold Air Intake System


Highlighted Features

  • Cheap way for the good value
  • Washable filter
  • Make difference in acceleration
  • Huge performance
  • Easy to assemble and install

AEM 21-744C is the second most famous model of the cold air intake system. This system is designed, aligned, and tested to fit the needs of the Chevrolet Cruze car model. Like previous cold air intake models, this AEM 21-744C Performance system aims to increase engine power.

Here, too, air enters through a filter that can be cleaned, but not without 100,000 miles. Very convenient for the customer, isn’t it? We also have to admit for his pocket too.

Installation and adjustment themselves are possible with everyday tools and knowledge about their use. So it is easy to install with common tools and is boosted by an AEM warranty. It provides something similar to a supersonic roar. Higher or louder noise represents a big gain for the driver. It makes a car more noticeable compared with others.

You can see some of the advantages along with the main disadvantage of this model below:


  • Growing engine power
  • Elementary knowledge of installation
  • Higher sound


  • Poorly designed suction pipe

Taking all of the above into account, this model AEM 21-744C Cold Air Intake System is worth considering. On top of all, it has a good valuation in terms of quality by users and is affordable.

05. K&N 69-4522TS Cold Air Intake Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Excellent performance and functionality
  • Visually gives added value
  • Feeling the positive difference in driving
  • Worth of the product cost
  • Quality of the product
  • Essence supplement

One more K&N type of cold air intake which is worth mentioning is model K&N 69-4522TS. Like previous K&N models, this one has a 10-year warranty. It also refers to the performance of the gas and the engine itself and the achievement of greater or stronger acceleration.

Besides that, the sound is louder and can be heard the same in front of the car as inside the car. The noise level it produces will surprise you the moment you start the car.

It is also important to bring up that this model is protected from external pollutants that otherwise affect the operation of the engine. It is easy to maintain because it does not require cleaning the filter itself, at least up to 100,000 pieces.

This cold air intake system demands easy to maneuver. This model K&N 69-4522TS  has enviable durability and contributes to an increase in horsepower and torque itself. Although the response of the gas is higher, there is no gain or loss in the economy. We can easily say this is a great upgrade for the car itself.

In the table, we have underlined the main advantages together with the main detriment of this model so that we can briefly see its main features in one place:


  • Satisfied with the growing noise
  • Good product
  • Progressing gas consumption


  • Not changing power and fuel economy

All in all, this model is a good example of cold air intake which can be used in the Chevy Cruze. You should take into account all the advantages and disadvantages and based on that make the right choice for your car that will meet your expectations.

06. Ares Motorsports Cold Air Intake Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Intensely endurance
  • Made following the characteristics of the car
  • Remarkable cleaning
  • Clear instructions
  • Fuel stimulation
  • The difference in exhaust sound

The model called Ares Motorsports is an ideal solution for all drivers who want more but safe power and better achievement of their engine. Like other Ares models, this one is easy to adjust. You will not need a lot of free time or prior knowledge to set it up to work the right way.

Ares Motorsports allows higher air fluctuations. It also hunts and stops more filth, extending service life before a cleaning is required. The filter is also protected from high engine temperatures, which directly affects the increase in horsepower which speeds up airflow and reduces confusion. This model is also tested and available for the final consumers.

You can read some of the important good and bad characteristics below:


  • Sustainable filter
  • Smooth installation
  • The more quiet sound of the engine


  • Slightly protruding air tube

All this contributes to the quality and added value of this model, which qualifies it as a good candidate.

07. K&N 69-4531TTK Cold Air Intake


Highlighted Features

  • Stable and strong model
  • An easy item for using
  • Remarkable cleaning
  • Clear instructions
  • Fuel stimulation
  • The difference in exhaust sound

Speaking of this K&N model, it is important to emphasize that it increases the power of the engine which is almost guaranteed. Its construction itself leads to an upgrade of the car’s sound. There will be differences that will be noticed immediately.

Depending on the driving style, there is a relationship between the validity of the guarantee and the claim that the service will not be needed before 100.00 km.

It is noticeable that the engine itself works much less with the acceleration itself, which does not have to be sudden. Thanks to these filters, the car itself is protected from pollutants, which prolongs its “service life”.

As for the installation and maintenance, the user himself will be grateful because he will not spend much of his time on all of this. It is quite easy.

In short, the summary of this model in short looks like this:


  • Louder sound
  • Smooth installation
  • The more quiet sound of the engine


  • Slightly protruding air tube

All this contributes to the quality and added value of this model, which qualifies it as a good candidate.

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Considerations for buying the Best Cold Air Intake for Chevy Cruze

cold air intake for chevy cruze

Every day we try to make life easier for ourselves and invest in the very quality of it. Thanks to the modern good and most of all the internet, today it is much easier to get certain information than before. In this regard, caring for the car and driving comfort itself is becoming an increasingly important issue for the drivers themselves.

What is increasingly important is that the car is stable, fast, but also economical. To meet the needs of its customers, various systems are being created that provide just about everything that drivers consider increasingly necessary.

For different money on the market, you can find different qualities of devices that meet the realization of what you want from the car itself. For your Chevy Cruze to exceed your expectations, you need to upgrade it a bit, which is why you need something additional. This is how cold air intakes are made.

If you have already come this far by reading, it means that you are first and foremost interested in shopping. The only thing is that we are only now beginning to be tormented by questions and doubts that need to be resolved.

Most drivers are aware of the existence of this type of system, but there are doubts about the choice of model. For everyone, a different factor is a decisive moment for or against the purchase, but what is most interesting is all discussed below.

01. Payability

Price is a starting question for most of them. Cold air intakes are quite an affordable element easily available. For the right price, you can find a pretty satisfying example that will help your engine achieve the desired change.

From all we have written until now, there are not very big diversities between all of them according to the price itself.

02. Installation

On top of all that, most of them are very easy to install. All the buyers love to hear that kind of information mostly because that means that they will not have an additional cost of installation. Plus, they won’t be spending too much of their time.

We can say that installing this system can give certain benefits to the user. After the decision to buy/install it, the user’s questions regarding the model and characteristics are the next concern.

Considering the model of the automobile, Chevrolet Cruze, we have an offer of the above-mentioned models of the cold air intakes, which has their characteristics and adds value. But it also creates additional questions and doubts for the potential buyer.

It is therefore important, after getting to know all the features, to determine what is important to you when shopping and what you expect from the product itself.

03. Sound of the engine

The first and most frequently asked question is the question of the sound of the engine itself. Most people choose to buy this system precisely because they want their car to be heard noisier or louder.

Depending on the volume that a particular model provides, the customer opts for one. That is why the manufacturer’s specifications contain a detailed description and the strength they allow.

04. Power of the engine

What follows is interest in increasing horsepower. Depending on the importance of increasing that coefficient, the choice also depends. It further leads to a certain acceleration that depends on the model.

Whether it will be bigger or more sensitive, it is up to you, according to your needs. will be easier than before. And finally, the fuel consumption itself will be lower, ie your vehicle will be more economical.

05. Work on the engine with these filters

Also, another important question that is often asked is how this system affects the work of the car and its engine. We have seen that the mere existence of such a system allows the engine to have an easier air supply, to which the engine will react immediately.

This flow of cold air gives the same engine more power while reducing the temperature. This further reduces fuel consumption, which increases the car’s performance. Consumers take this into account when buying something. Therefore, this is an important item and also a dilemma when choosing a system model.

In addition to all the above, it is necessary to mention all the things that can be a problem if a part of the whole model is not treated in the right way, and all this should be said in advance, to avoid unwanted experiences or divisions.

That is why it is important to say that the filter itself must not be under constant pressure. Also, you should check whether self-installation affects the warranty of the engine itself, because there is a chance that you will cancel it with any intervention.

So, generally, all the interested ones in buying this kind of system, first of all, will check all the technicians online and it is important to provide the necessary. They can contact and discuss with trusted people or ask questions on forums when they have this information.

All this will reduce doubts and enable easier and faster shopping, and finally, increase their satisfaction with the choice that they have made.

For your Chevy Cruze to exceed your expectations, you need to upgrade it a bit, which is why you need one of the models for additional air intake.

When you go through this whole process of thinking, getting to know the product, deciding which model to buy, buying, installing, and trying out, you can even share an experience that will make it easier for others to choose. A certain group of people decides to buy based on the experiences of others.


To improve the efficiency of engines and vehicles, some kinds of accessories are needed, such as one of the systems of cold air intake. I am sure that the price range plays a big role in the choice besides all the other characteristics we have mentioned above. Now you can briefly know what you can compare that price with, so good luck!

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