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9 Best Hummer H2 Lift Kit Reviews in 2023 with Buying Guide

Navigating the world of Hummer H2 lift kits can be daunting for newcomers. With a plethora of manufacturers and materials to choose from, and factors like durability, lift height, and installation ease to consider, the choices can be overwhelming.

Add to that the vast array of options on platforms like Amazon, and making an informed decision becomes even more challenging. Balancing quality with budget considerations is paramount. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to sift through the multitude of options, providing a curated comparison of Hummer H2 lift kits, and aiding you in finding the perfect fit for your vehicle’s needs.

Comparison table of the Best Hummer H2 Lift Kit

Supreme Suspension
MotoFab Lifts
Supreme Suspensions
MotoFab Lifts
Heavy Metal Suspensions
AJB Distributors
Lift Craft

What is the best Hummer H2 lift kit?

What is the best Hummer H2 lift kit

There are over two hundred hits in a Hummer H2 lift kit category on Amazon. We checked all these products and compared them. Characteristics such as reliability, materials used, overall quality, installing the kit, and user experience were compared. First, we narrowed the choice to 10 products, and from there we concluded that the Supreme Suspension H2 kit is the best.

Why is the Supreme Suspension the best brand for the Hummer H2 lift kit?

The dedication of Supreme Suspension to excellence is evident in their choice of materials. Employing durable components like billet aluminum and fortified steel, they aim to elevate your Hummer’s stature while refining its day-to-day performance. With cutting-edge fabrication methods, these lift kits are designed for endurance, ensuring they resist the wear and tear of nature’s challenges, be it torrential rain or slushy snow.

Top 9 Best Hummer H2 Lift Kit Reviews

01. Supreme Suspension – Overall Best Hummer H2 Lift Kit


Highlighted features

  • Easy 2-4 hours installation
  • Improved car`s look
  • Better ride quality
  • Increased clearance from the ground
  • Used materials resistant to corrosion

With the Supreme Suspension Hummer H2 lift kit, you get the top quality for your H2. Supreme Suspension used High-strength steel for front lift torsion keys and special T6 aircraft billet aluminum for rear spring racers. Torsion keys have twice the strength when compared to regular steel torsion keys, and rear spring racers won`t compress even under the most excessive loads.

In the kit also come shock extenders. They are made from the same high-strength steel and with them the buyer will not need or waste any money and time on some aftermarket shock extenders. That way the whole suspension comes as a rounded package that gets everything needed from a lift kit.

With a Supreme Suspension, a Hummer H2 can be lifted 1″ to 3″ in the front and 3″ in the rear, allowing installing larger wheels resulting in better driving characteristics.


  • Comes with shock extenders
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Detailed instructions in the package


  • Not usable on models with a rear airbag suspension system

02. MotoFab Lifts – People’s Choice Hummer H2 Lift Kit


Highlighted features

  • Made of high-quality aluminum
  • Stabilizes the rear of the SUV
  • Can take a lot of weight

This Hummer H2 kit comes from MotoFab and is made for raising the rear of your H2. Besides H2 it is compatible with certain Chevy and GMC SUVs. These lifts are made from billet aluminum making them very durable and reliable. CNC machines are used to cut out the aluminum which adds quality when compared to welded lift kits.

This lift kit is easy to install and with them, the rear of the SUV is raised by 2″ making space for larger tires. The kit itself is painted in anodized black color resistant to corrosion and well blended with the factory-made suspension. The rear suspension can feel somewhat rigid when the back seat is empty, making the vehicle seem a little jumpy, but on the other hand, it allows carrying extra weight.


  • Easy installation without any specialized tools
  • High quality and durable kit
  • Compatible with different SUVs


  • Not a kit for all wheels but only for the rear leveling
  • Can be rigid when no one is sitting in the back seat

03. Supreme Suspensions – Great value Hummer H2 Lift Kits


Highlighted features

  • Increased clearance from the ground
  • Allows installation of larger wheels
  • The aggressive look of the truck

The rear leveling kit coming from the Supreme Suspensions is a piece of art. High-quality art. It is made of top-notch aluminum that can have a longer life than the truck. This leveling kit is not only durable and made for use in extreme conditions, but it also brings the best ride performance in its class. A lot of people don`t want to customize their suspension because they think they will lose the comfort and quality of the truck. But with this kit, the car will drive smoothly like a boat on a peaceful sea.

The content of the package includes two rear spring spacers that raise the truck by 1.5″. This model doesn`t fit with trucks that have a rear airbag suspension system. It is recommended to use a spring compression tool for easier removal and reinstallation of the springs.


  • Made of high-quality aircraft aluminum
  • Improving the quality of the ride
  • Detailed instruction and easy installation


  • Can`t be used on trucks with a rear airbag suspension system

04. MotoFab Lifts


Highlighted features

  • Long-lasting quality lifts
  • Cool black color matching the factory suspension

If you are looking for a rear leveling kit, you don`t need to look any further. This kit from MotoFab will lift your SUV by 1″ and it will be evened out with the front perfectly. This kit is made from high-quality billet aluminum that shows high durability and long-lasting quality. It is painted in a very cool black color that will keep the kit out of harm’s way from any natural elements.

Another great feature of this leveling kit is that it is compatible with several models of different producers such as Chevy and GMC. So if you have other trucks besides your favorite H2, maybe you will be able to double order and give all your trucks a little more clearance.


  • Does not require any special tools to install
  • Proven high quality of the spacers from this kit
  • Compatible with several models coming from Chevy and GMC


  • Some heavier trucks will annul the 1″ lift of this kit

05. Heavy Metal Suspensions – Hummer H2 leveling kit


Highlighted features

  • Detailed instructions
  • Easy to mount
  • Prevents overextension after lifting the truck

This front leveling kit from Heavy Metal Suspension brings something different to the table. It provides adjustable leveling depending on the buyer’s needs and preferences. They can go anywhere from 1″ to 3″. In the package comes two adjustable torsion keys made from carbon steel, shock extenders made from the same material, and detailed instruction on how to install these high-end front lifts. With these lifting kits, you will not be sacrificing ride quality at the expense of lifting it.

Manufacturers used powder coating on this leveling kit, which brings a whole new quality level to this product. Its outer layer color is well protected from the weather and will not rust for a long time, or if treated properly – never. The producer tested them thoroughly so they would keep a high level of performance in all conditions of use.

It is recommended to get specialized tools for handling the torsion bar. It will make the installation so much easier.


  • Adjustable lifting level
  • Comes with shock extenders
  • Made from high-quality carbon steel


  • Only front leveling kit
  • Torsion bar tools recommended

06. WSays 2″ Spacer rear leveling kit


Highlighted features

  • A sturdy and durable kit that is made to last
  • No need for special tools
  • No welding or cutting

If you are looking for a rear leveling kit, this one from Wsays might be a very good choice. It is sturdy and made from heavy-duty aluminum alloy, allowing the buyer not to think about any mishaps that may occur. These 2″ provide enough extra space for adding aggressive and large tires that make a difference on the road. Its powder-coated finish sits great on this high-quality leveling kit and will keep it rustless for a long time.

Another great feature of this leveling kit is its simplicity of use and installation. There is no need for any welding, cutting, or other types of aggressive modifications. The whole system is based on easy bolt-on installation that can be done without any advanced or custom tools.


  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • A great way to make your truck look more aggressive
  • Compatible with other Chevy and GMC trucks


  • Only rear lift kit

07. Wolf 1-3″ front 2″ rear leveling kit


Highlighted features

  • A big package of parts
  • Great driving characteristics
  • Easy to install

Another adjustable leveling kit comes, this time from Wulf suspensions. In the package comes front torsion keys and rear coil spring spacers. The front part of the kit comes with an adjustable feature and the user can choose to lift the front between 1″ and 3″. In the rear, high-quality spring spacers lift the truck 2″. These options allow the buyer to find the right amount of lift to suit its needs.

As an exclusive part of the package are Pro Comp shocks that are there to bring another dimension to the quality and enjoyment of the ride. Not many kit producers include shocks as a part of the deal, but Wolf suspensions showed real professionalism. If you are looking for a way to raise your truck and enjoy it fully, this may be a great choice.

If you don`t have a torsion key unloading tool, the installation can be tricky, so it is recommended to use it.


  • Adjustable front lift
  • High-quality materials


  • Shocks are delivered separately

08. AJB Distributors front 3″ rear 3″ leveling kit


Highlighted features

  • Shock extensions
  • Great driving characteristics
  • Made to last long
  • Bolt-on installation

The lift kit coming from AJB Distributors is a little different than the rest. While most of the products are made from steel and aluminum, this kit is made from polyurethane. Polyurethane showed itself well in its use, and auto part products made from it can last over 20 years.

In this package comes the set of front and rear leveling kits that lifts the H2 for 3″. Installation and simple and hands-on, and anyone with some mechanics experience can install it in a couple of hours. There is no need for any special tools, so there is no need for any extra spending. Also, no welding or cutting, just straightforward bolt-on installation.

Another great thing about this kit is the extras – shock extensions. When doing customizations like this, shocks can be a problem, but with extensions is simpler.


  • Great full leveling set
  • 3″ rise adds a lot to the aggressive look
  • Polyurethane used guarantees durability


  • Installation not included in the set
  • Does not fit trucks with air ride suspension

09. Lift Craft suspension lift kit


Highlighted features

  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Improved off-road maneuverability
  • Can endure heavy loads

From Lift Craft comes another great rear lifting kit. There are so many to choose from that is hard to decide to buy one. Like all top-class suspension lift kits, the kit from Lift Craft is made from top-quality materials – in this case, aircraft aluminum, that guarantees reliability in use. Once you install them you will forget that you customized your suspension.

This suspension lift kit will raise the rear of the truck by 2″, and that difference is easy to spot. Once installed your truck will look more aggressive than before. If you decide to add bigger wheels and tires, you will not only have a raised truck, but it will be more usable in the rough terrain. The materials used will allow the truck to go through mud, snow, or other difficult terrain and remain intact. Every part of the kit is anodized to prevent corrosion and oxidation.


  • Anodized materials to prevent the impact of the elements
  • Great kit that allows installment of larger wheels
  • Great design


  • Trucks that have rear airbag suspension are not compatible with this kit

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Buying considerations for the Best Hummer H2 Lift Kit

hummer h2 lift kit

Several factors need to be looked at before making a definitive choice for a lift kit for your H2 Hummer. Besides your needs and preferences, there is the question of price, manufacturer, materials used, overall quality, and what type of lift kit you need. Is it a front lift kit, a rear lift kit, or both? Maybe you want an adjustable kit. All this needs to be taken into consideration.

We can discuss all these topics and help you to make a decision, but only you know what are your priorities and what would be the best choice.

01. Overall quality

When we made this list, quality was one of the factors that were a priority. We chose products made of high-quality materials, and with the use of high-end CNC machinery. Wheater you choose a lift kit made of aircraft or billeted aluminum, polyurethane, or high-quality steel you will not make a mistake.

A kit coming from AJB Distributors is the only one made of polyurethane, and it has proven its quality. Heavy Metal Suspension uses Carbon Steel for their kits, and they are known that can last longer than the truck itself.

Also, when talking about quality, we must mention the coating materials used. If the kit is not properly protected from the impact of elements, the life of the kit will be shortened. Some kits, just as our top pick from Supreme Suspension and Liftcract come with an anodized coating.

That is the final word in technology when it comes to material protection. Other producers, such as Heavy Metal Suspension and Wsays choose powder coating which is also a guarantee of a corrosion-free lift kit for a long time.

02. Install

Producers choose will they make their products available and easy to install, or will it require a professional. For some that is not the question – some people will pay a mechanic to do it, but others like to get their hands dirty.

There are two main questions:

  • Is the installation bolt-on, or does it require some cutting, welding, and other heavy customization
  • Is there a need for use of special tools, or the tools from everybody’s toolbox is enough

Along with the top quality, we searched for products that don`t require any heavy modification to be able to work. All these lift kits are easy to install, and you will not need to cut through anything. The H2 will still be just the same as it left the factory.

On the other hand, some producers, such as Supreme Suspension and Heavy Metal Suspension, require some additional tools, such as a torsion bar puller. When installing a Wolf lift kit torsion key unloading tool is needed, and will make your life a lot easier.

In any case, if you pick a kit that requires some special tools, you can always call a mechanic to be sure. That way you will get a well-installed lift kit and no headaches.

03. Type of lift

There are three different types of kits – a front lift kit, a rear lift kit, or a combination of both. Here comes the question of personal preference. If you buy just a front or rear lift, you need to know that when lifting one side, you need to align the other side of your Hummer 2.

Some manufacturers such as Supreme Suspension offers all kinds of products – all lift kits, rear or front lifts, you name it. That can be a deal-breaker because then compatibility problems would be avoided.

Also, when talking about lift types, there is an option of adjustable leveling kits. There are two manufacturers with that option – Wolf and Heavy Metal Suspension. Both of these kits offer adjustable lifting to the front of the Hummer 2, so a user can choose anywhere between 1″ and 3″. This deal could be great for all those that are not sure how much they want to lift their truck.

When lifting a large truck like a Hummer 2 we should also mention that if you choose to lift it just 1″, be sure to pick a quality kit. Some kits will not be able to lift a Hummer just one inch, and you will not see the difference. We mentioned here a kit from MotoFab that would be a great pick for this option.

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If you are new to customization or a pro, we hope that you find some fresh info on lifting kits for Hammer 2. We tried to gather the best manufacturers with their proven products so no one will lose much time or sleep on picking the right one for their needs.

Some options would satisfy everybody’s needs and preferences. You can choose from different top-notch manufacturers, with all types of lifts available. Any lift kit that you choose from this article will serve you for a long time and will make your drive even better.

One of the key features of this mod is allowing the truck to look more aggressive, with a larger clearance and with an option for larger wheels. You will get that, end with its better handling, and off-road capabilities.

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