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How Can I Change Winter Tires Myself – 3 Easy Steps & Tips for You

If you live in an area with snow and cold winters, then it’s going to be time for your annual tire changeover soon. Why do you need to change it? Changing winter tires is important because it makes the road conditions safer for you and your family. If you don’t, you could end up in dangerous conditions for yourself on the road.

But can I change winter tires myself? Yes, you can do it! I want to share how to change tires at home without a machine by following simple steps in this post. I have also given you some tips on storing the tire. So, keep continuing to learn more.

Why Are Winter Tires Necessary?

how can i change winter tires myself

The snow, rain, and ice in the winter months can create hazardous driving conditions. Being unprepared for these conditions puts your life in danger and risks damaging your vehicle. That’s why changing winter tires is essential as soon as possible after the first snow of the year. 

If you want to be safe on the roads this winter, changing your car’s tires is important. Winter weather can cause slippery roads and icy patches that make driving dangerous. Winter weather also affects cars in several ways, such as hampering traction and inducing hydroplaning. For these reasons, drivers need to get the best possible traction when driving in the snow or ice of the coming season.

It is important always to have the right winter tire when it’s cold outside. Winter tires come with nichrome wires and steel cords that warm up on the back of the tire. So they can create high friction when parking with their metal backing while rotating. These tires also have a tread pattern that prevents snow buildup by pushing it off before your car even travels one inch.

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Should You Need Preparing To Change Your Winter Tires?

Winter tire changeover costs you more than usual and is time-consuming. However, for your and your family’s safety, it must be done as soon as possible. There are a few things to have with you before changing your tires. What do I need to change my tires? You may need safety stands, a cable jack, a breaker bar, lug wrenches, sockets, and a compressor. It would be best if you were well-equipped to shoplift tires and secure the vehicle.

Start by purchasing the correct winter tire for your car from a reliable retailer. Also, check to ensure that your car has sufficient space for a new set of tires. You might need to purchase an additional tire iron if you do not already have one available. It will help with the installation and removal of the tires. Also, ensure a reliable jack if you change your car’s flat tire. 

Also, find out whether your vehicle is front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. It could impact how you change the winter tires on your vehicle. You can also check your car’s manual for instructions about changing` winter tires. Some vehicles may require certain tools for changing the winter tires on them. So, you will get ideas about what type of tool is needed to change the tires yourself. 

This information will save you time and money in the process. Because these tools can be expensive for some specific models. Sometimes, it is hard to find at a store also. Before changing your tires, you should also check the tread depth of your tires. Checking the tread depth will help you avoid buying new tires you do not need yet.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Changing Winter Tires

how to change winter tires

Can you put a tire on yourself? You can. But if you have experience, it will be better, or you can know how to do that! Here I will list the steps to changing winter tires. Follow these steps, and you will have no problem changing your winter tires yourself.

Step:1- Jacking Up the Car Safely

To install winter tires, you need to get in your car and find an open space to jack the car up. Then, place one jack under each wheel to lift the tire. You should also place a jack under each wheel’s brakes.

Step:2- Removing and Replacing the Wheels

Before you begin changing winter tires on your car, you will have to remove the wheels from the car. After that, you will have to disconnect your vehicle’s lug nuts and replace them with a new set of winter tires. It is generally easier if you use a heavy-duty tire jack or even a lift to grab the flat tire and lift it up. 

If you have old snow tires, you need to remove them. After removing the old snow tires, you will need to remove the wheel bolts on each side of your car. Before doing this, ensure that there is enough air pressure in all your wheels and correct tire pressure.

Step:3- Finishing Touches

Once you have completed the steps above, you must put your car back on the ground. Then, connect your lug nuts and tighten them with a socket wrench. Next, place the spare tire on the back of your car and put it in place of your old spare. When this is done, slide the lug nuts on each side as far as they will go and then torque them to specification. To finish these steps, adjust your wheels for proper alignment according to your vehicle’s manual. After installing new tires on all four wheels, you will need to lower the suspension and ensure it is level with the road.

Tips For Storing Winter Tires

when to change winter tires

There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your winter tires are always in good shape. If they are not properly stored, they may deteriorate over time, making them unprofitable. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to your winter tires, here are tips that you can apply: 

  • To store the tires, stack them on top of each other. It will help prevent the possibility of damage to the tire treads. 
  • Avoid storing winter tires outdoors for long periods. 
  • The cold weather can cause the tire rubber to crack over time if left outside in extreme temperatures without protection.
  • Keep tires covered when not in use. 
  • Keep your tires from sitting in the rain or snow for long periods. It can cause the rubber linings to dry out, making them more susceptible to cracking as time goes on.
  • Use a tire cover or other device to protect winter tires from air leaks. 
  • Store your winter tires on a flat surface that can’t be damaged by moisture or extreme temperatures.
  • Storing tires in dry, dark, ambient conditions is ideal for keeping them in good shape during the off-season. 
  • Tires with tread provide excellent traction for braking and accelerating on snowy surfaces.

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1. How do you change winter tires at home?

One way to change winter tires at home is to use a Tire Change Kit. This kit includes a wrench, a sealant, and a pump. You will need to remove the existing tires and place the new ones in the kit. Next, you will need to apply the sealant to the new tires and place them back on the wheel. Finally, you will need to

2. How long does it take to swap winter tires?

You should be able to transform the tires on your vehicle in the style of another tire and re-mount it within a relatively short period, usually not more than 1 hour. If you include an additional tire to your vehicle and snow tires, the substitution is just a simple exchange and should take only a short while at most garages or service centers. Put the wrench back on and tighten the screws to hold them.

3. Is it worth it to change your tires?

Professionals are usually better at performing tire installations than you are. Installing brand-new car tires is a challenge best left to service station employees or tire professionals.

4. What tools do you need to change winter tires?

It would help if you had a spare tire, a manual car jack, wheel wedges, a tire gauge, a torque or lug wrench, a portable tire inflator, and more to change winter tires.

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Final Words

After reading the above article, you should now easily change your winter tires at home. It may be a short process, but it is worth your time. Make sure you do everything necessary to make your tires last as long as possible. That’s why I have provided this guide to help you throughout the process. If you still have thought that, can I change winter tires myself- leave a comment below!

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