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How Long is a Subaru Outback : The Ultimate Measurement Guide!


A Subaru Outback is approximately 4.8 to 4.9 meters long. The Subaru Outback is a popular crossover SUV known for its spaciousness, versatility, and off-road capabilities.

With a length ranging from 4. 8 to 4. 9 meters, this vehicle offers ample room for passengers and cargo. Whether planning a weekend getaway, tackling rough terrains, or running errands in the city, the Subaru Outback provides the perfect blend of comfort and performance.

Its sleek design, advanced safety features, and reliable all-wheel drive make it a preferred choice for adventure seekers and families. In addition, the Outback’s impressive fuel efficiency ensures you can enjoy your journey without worrying about frequent stops at the pump. Discover the freedom and convenience of the Subaru Outback, with its spacious interior and versatile capabilities.

Unveiling The Subaru Outback Dimensions

Understanding vehicle dimensions is essential for various reasons, including parking and garaging. The length of a Subaru Outback is approximately <bold>4,859 millimeters. This midsize crossover also boasts a width of <bold>1,850 millimeters and a height of <bold>1,677 millimeters. Knowing these measurements ensures the Outback will fit comfortably in your garage or parking spot. Additionally, the Outback’s ground clearance of <bold>213 millimeters makes it suitable for off-road adventures while maintaining excellent stability on the road. The spacious interior provides ample headroom and legroom for both driver and passengers, contributing to a comfortable ride. Whether tackling city streets or exploring the great outdoors, the Subaru Outback offers the correct dimensions to accommodate your needs.

Subaru Outback Length Explored

Subaru Outback Length Explored

The length of a Subaru Outback can vary depending on the model year. Each generation has its dimensions, bringing unique variations to the vehicle’s overall size. For example, the fifth-generation Outback, spanning from model years 2015 to 2019, measures approximately 189 inches in length. In comparison, the fourth-generation Outback, manufactured from 2010 to 2014, is slightly shorter at around 188 inches. These differences may seem minor but can significantly affect maneuverability and parking space requirements. Overall, it’s essential to consider the specific model year of the Subaru Outback you’re interested in to determine its exact length and how it compares to previous generations.

‘How Long Is A Subaru Outback: The Ultimate Measurement Guide!’

When measuring the length of a Subaru Outback, a few factors must be considered. The factory specifications provide a baseline, but real-world measurements may vary slightly.

The factory specs state that the length of a Subaru Outback is around 191.3 inches. This measurement includes the bumpers and any additional exterior features. However, it is important to remember that these measurements may not account for factors such as roof racks or extended mirrors.

In the real world, measuring the Outback end-to-end may yield slightly different results. The addition of aftermarket accessories, such as roof racks or bike mounts, can extend the overall length. Additionally, the measurements may vary further if the vehicle has larger tires or modifications to the suspension.

Overall, the factory specifications provide a general guideline for the length of a Subaru Outback, but real-world measurements may differ slightly depending on additional features or modifications.

Interior Spaciousness

The interior spaciousness of a Subaru Outback is one of its key features that sets it apart from other vehicles in its class. The front and rear legroom provide ample space for the driver and passengers to stretch out and stay comfortable during long drives. The thoughtful design of the car ensures that even the rear seats offer generous legroom, allowing everyone to relax and enjoy the ride.

In terms of cargo space, the Subaru Outback doesn’t disappoint either. With its large trunk and wide opening, you can easily fit all your gear, whether it’s groceries, sports equipment, or luggage for a weekend getaway. The cargo area is designed with practicality, with features like a low-load floor and conveniently placed tie-downs to keep your items secure. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an adventure seeker, the Subaru Outback offers the space to live life to the fullest.

Exterior Proportions

The Subaru Outback is known for its spaciousness and rugged design. Regarding its exterior dimensions, the width, including mirrors, varies across different trims. The base model, for instance, measures approximately 72.4 inches wide, while higher frames like the Limited and Touring versions have a slightly wider width. The height of the Outback also exhibits variations among the trims. The base model has a height of 66.1 inches, but the Onyx Edition XT and Touring XT trims have a slightly increased height due to their raised suspension. Overall, the Outback offers ample width and, combined with its varying heights, ensures a comfortable and spacious experience for all occupants.

Navigating Cornering And Maneuverability

When considering how long a Subaru Outback is, assessing its impact on driving dynamics is crucial, especially when navigating corners and performing various maneuvers. The turning radius plays a pivotal role in this regard. The turning radius refers to the minimum radius a vehicle requires to make a U-turn or complete a turn-around. It is an important parameter that affects a vehicle’s agility and maneuverability.

The longer a Subaru Outback is, the broader its turning radius tends to be. This means that a longer vehicle may require a larger turning radius, making it potentially less nimble in tight spaces and hindering its ability to navigate sharp corners or parking lots quickly. On the contrary, a shorter turning radius allows for tighter turns and enhanced maneuverability, which can be advantageous in various driving scenarios.

Overall, the length of a Subaru Outback directly influences its turning radius, impacting its ability to navigate corners and perform maneuvers easily. When considering a Subaru Outback, evaluating the dimensions and the resulting impact on the vehicle’s dynamic performance is essential to ensure it aligns with your driving preferences and requirements.

Accessories And Add-ons

The length of a Subaru Outback can vary depending on the model and year. For the current generation, the Subaru Outback measures around 191.3 inches long overall. However, when it comes to accessories and add-ons, certain modifications can affect the overall length.

One common accessory for the Subaru Outback is a roof rack. Roof racks are typically used to carry additional cargo, such as bikes, skis, or luggage. While a roof rack itself does not significantly add to the vehicle’s length, the items placed on the rack can extend beyond the original length.

Another consideration is aftermarket modifications. These can include additional equipment such as bull bars, grille guards, or tow hitches. These modifications can add a few inches to the overall length of the vehicle.

Overall, it’s important to keep in mind that any accessories or add-ons should be installed appropriately and not exceed the vehicle’s limitations. Always consult with a professional or refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines when considering modifications to your Subaru Outback.

Parking And Storage Insights

Standard garage dimensions are crucial in determining the ease of parking and storage for your Subaru Outback. While the measurements may vary, a typical single-car garage measures around 12 feet wide by 22 feet long, while a two-car garage is generally around 18 feet wide by 22 feet long.

These dimensions provide enough space for parking your Subaru Outback comfortably. However, it is essential to consider alternative parking options in cities with limited space. Vertical parking systems or shared parking spaces can be excellent solutions.

For city parking, agility is key. With compact dimensions, your Subaru Outback can easily navigate tight city streets and parallel parking spaces. Additionally, parking sensors and rearview cameras can help you maneuver your vehicle precisely and avoid any potential accidents.

Comparing The Outback To Rivals

When comparing the Subaru Outback to its rivals, one important aspect to consider is the length of the vehicle. The length of a car can directly impact its functionality and versatility, so it’s crucial to find a size that fits your specific needs.

The Subaru Outback measures 188.8 inches, giving it a slightly longer body compared to some of its competitors. For instance, the Ford Escape measures 180.5 inches long, while the Honda CR-V comes in at 182.1 inches.

A longer body allows the Subaru Outback to offer more interior space for passengers and cargo. With its spacious interior, the Outback provides ample legroom and a generous cargo capacity, making it an ideal choice for families or outdoor enthusiasts.

Additionally, the length of the Subaru Outback contributes to its stability and handling, especially on rough terrains and challenging weather conditions. The longer wheelbase provides a smoother and more comfortable ride, making the Outback a reliable and versatile vehicle.

In conclusion, the length of the Subaru Outback sets it apart from its competitors, giving it an edge in interior space and overall performance. Whether you need a spacious family car or a capable off-road vehicle, the Outback’s length makes it a compelling choice.

Frequently Asked Questions On How Long Is A Subaru Outback

How Long Is A Subaru Outback?

The length of a Subaru Outback varies depending on the model year and generation. Generally, it ranges from around 188 to 191 inches. As of 2021, the length of a Subaru Outback is approximately 191. 3 inches. It’s important to note that specific dimensions may vary slightly based on optional features and trim levels.


The Subaru Outback is a versatile and spacious vehicle with ample room for passengers and cargo. Its flexible seating options and generous interior dimensions make it an excellent choice for those seeking comfort and practicality in their daily drives.

Whether planning a road trip or tackling everyday errands, the Subaru Outback provides the space to accommodate your lifestyle comfortably. Its length and other impressive features set it apart as a reliable and functional crossover SUV.

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