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How To Disable Alarm On Dodge Ram – Do It Right!

‘Action Speaks Louder Than Words’ – Vehicle security system has always been a matter of concern among vehicle owners. A vehicle owner’s worst nightmare is when they went to the car park and found out that their vehicle is no longer there. In some other cases the owner, when back to their vehicle, they notice that the doors are unlocked, and find that valuable things were disappeared. No matter where we park our vehicle, there is always a risk of it or any precious belongings inside it getting stolen nowadays.

Security alarms are important electronic devices that can protect your vehicle from theft. These systems are designed and manufactured to produce loud sounds and sometimes flashing lights when activated. These apparatuses are meant to provide you with peace of mind, especially when you know that your car is safe.

It’s true that the alarm system may not protect the vehicle to get injured or damaged, but it surely dissuades an intruder’s attempt to theft the vehicle, its accessories, or both.


Necessity Of Alarm Systems On Your Vehicle

dodge ram alarm keeps going off

‘Stitch In Time Saves Nine’ – in another way, we can say that it’s better to take safety measures of theft or any other defacement before it actually takes place and leaves us with bated breath. A vehicle is one of the most precious belongings which makes it the key target of theft. Installing an alarm system in your vehicle is undoubtedly an eminent way to guard your car from burglars or any break-ins.

Nowadays many car thieves are specially trained and equipped with advanced technology. Even though vehicle manufacturers are developing their in-built security systems, you might feel the necessity of installing an aftermarket car alarm system.

For your knowledge, we are trying to depict some uses of car alarms on your Dodge Ram.

Shielding Against Theft

An advanced alarm system will protect your Dodge Ram from getting stolen or harsh break-ins. When burglars try an impact your car, the alarm system produces a loud sound alerting you or the people around discouraging the thief to commit the crime.

Immobilization Technology

If somehow the invader manages to get into the car the advanced immobilizer system will be able to thwart him from stealing it or drive it away.

Following Trail Of The Stolen Automobile

However, if the thief succeeds in stealing the vehicle, you can always track it down with the tracking system. It uses GPS technology to effuse a signal to the monitoring device which helps you pinpoint the exact location of your car.

Intrusion Notification

Modern car alarm system allows you to get message notification of a potential intrusion thus helping you protect your vehicle.

Fleet Of Cars

Productivity gets affected when corporate cars are stolen. It hurts the company as it uses vehicles for various purposes. With a first-grade alarm system, it is possible to prevent potential loss.

Less Insurance Premium

As you have less chance of being robbed, you will be more preferable to the insurance companies. You will pay a reduced auto insurance premium than others who don’t have a security alarm system installed as safety and security is one of the major criteria for the insurance companies to calculate.

Finding Your Vehicle

If you have trouble finding your car in a dense parking area, you can always find it by pushing a button on your key fob. It will activate your security system most likely with a beep sound and flickering of the indicator lights.

Some advanced alarm systems will help you recognize your car when you walk away. They even are capable of notifying you of smoke or fire near your vehicle.

Resale Value

An advanced high-tech alarm system increases the resale value of the vehicle of your car in the automobile market. Hence you will be able to get a higher value for your car than those who don’t have a security system installed in their vehicle.

State Of Euphoria

A well-armed vehicle with a top-notch car alarm or security system ensures the safety of your car from burglars. As you are less worried about your car being stolen or getting lost, you have more peace of mind and tranquility.

Features Of Car Alarm System

Nowadays car alarm systems are designed with high-tech advanced security features. Different alarm systems have different significant features of their own. But you must have some basic features in your Dodge Ram alarm system to give proper and solid security to your vehicle.

These features can be – Remote Arm or Disarm, Anti-Carjack, Shock Sensors, Encrypted Transmission, A Two-Way Remote Facility, Compatibility of Smart Phones, Auxiliary Outputs, etc.

You can always add features or have a more advanced alarm system with maximum security facilities.

What Can Trigger a Car Alarm

how to turn off panic alarm on dodge ram

To protect your Dodge Ram from any wreckage or prevent it from getting stolen you must need a healthy car alarm system and to operate it properly you might need a clear know-how of what triggers your car alarm.

Movement around your vehicle or any kind of motion is the reason to trigger the alarm system. Modern technologies have more sensors than before to ensure the vehicle’s protection from maximum possible threats. Here we will try to shed light on reasons to trigger your alarm system.

1. Sensor Activation

Primarily car alarms were designed with door sensors only. Nowadays various types of sensors are attached to the modern car alarm system. Each sensor has its own distinct function and trigger.

Shock Sensors

An intruder trying to move near your vehicle, tamper it, or break in is generally detected by shock sensors. Shock sensors are usually of two types.

  1. Single-stage Shock Sensors
  2. Dual-stage Shock Sensors

When forces are applied to your car’s doors or windows single-stage shock sensors detect it in resulting the alarms being triggered. Whereas small impacts like vibrations or jumping of pets and animals can make the dual-stage shock sensors go off.

Voltage Sensors

The electrical system of a car is designed to have a static voltage system. Opening the door or trunk of a car which makes the interior lights turn on causes fluctuation in the static voltage. An attempt of cutting the power off or starting a vehicle should also cause the ups and downs of the static electrical system. Hence, when a burglar tries to break- in applying any of the above methods, the voltage sensor senses the voltage drop, and the alarm is triggered.

Motion and Tilt Sensors

Towing of a vehicle or movement of the steering from an unauthorized entity will be identified and alarmed with this type of sensor. When burglars try to move away from your vehicle using a tow truck or attempt to remove the wheels using a car jack their action is caught by the tilt sensor and thus the alarm starts sounding. The angle of inclination and high-density object movement is detected by this kind of sensor.

Tilt sensors are basically of two types. Switch-Based Tilt Sensors and Proportional Tilt Sensors. Switch-Based Tilt Sensors has a subdivision of Mercury Tilt Switch and Ball in Cage structure switches whereas Proportional Tilt Sensors are divided into Electrolytic Tilt Sensors and MEMS Based Sensors.

Pressure And Microphone Sensors

With doors and windows closed and locked the interior of a car holds up a uniform volume of air pressure. When an intruder opens the door or breaks glasses in, the volume of the air inside has a sudden change of pressure which triggers the pressure sensors to go off.

On the other hand, the microphone sensors work in a similar way to that the pressure sensor works. It is sensitized by the sound wave of breaking window glasses and thus activating the security alarm system of your Dodge Ram.

Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors are meant to detect the presence or approach of anything into the area it covers. If any unauthorized approach occurs to your car with an intention of robbery or a small break-in it is alerted by this type of sensor.

2. Low Battery

Most people don’t know that deterring theft or damage is not the only thing a car alarm does for your vehicle. It can also support you understand the power level of your car battery. A weak battery or the battery which has gone low in power can also be a key factor in triggering your Dodge Ram alarm system.

If your alarm system starts making a sound while starting the engine then it might be because of the low power of the battery. Therefore, the next time when the alarm goes off on your Dodge Ram check your battery with a voltmeter. If it shows a reading less than 12.6V or the bar specified in the manual attached to the vehicle you might need to recharge the battery or replace it.

3. Key Fob Malfunction

As the key fob plays a vital role in your car alarm system, a faulty key fob can always trigger the alarm by sending a false signal. Hence a set of new batteries can often solve the problem, or you might have to reset the fob if the battery replacement doesn’t work properly.

4. Faulty Hood, Trunk, And Door Latch Sensors

In modern times, car manufacturers are more concerned about their vehicle’s safety and security as the features and comfortability are increasing day by day with more valuable components.

Hence, the door, trunk, and hood latch sensors of the car are often attached to the car alarm system. Sometimes the micro levers functionated to close these doors or the hoods don’t work properly causing them to be left open. Generally, when the door, hood, or trunk is not closed properly the interior dome light illuminates to alert the vehicle owner.

However, as these levers are now attached to the alarm sensors, it goes off when the sensors are defective or damaged or the dust and dirt prevent the latch sensors work properly.

5. Rusty or Corroded Battery Terminal

Sometimes in a security alarm system, the wrong identification of the problem might lead you to bark up the wrong tree. When your car battery terminals are rusty or buffered with corrosion it prevents the uniform flow of electricity and is unable to through enough power. This cause the alarm system to be triggered as it reads the battery with low voltage. Rust or corrosion can be developed from salt, moisture, and even from improper or overcharging of the battery.

Therefore, you always need to maintain the cleanliness of your Dodge Ram battery terminals in order to have a smooth functional car alarm system.

6. Some Other Reasons

In spite of the reasons elaborated above, there are also a few other reasons that might cause your Dodge Ram alarm system to be triggered. These are commonly Problematic Control Modules, Defective wiring, or Faulty Installation of the car alarm system. Sometimes, if your car alarms have too sensitive sensors they will be triggered as all sensors of your alarm system are linked together. If anything causes one sensor to be triggered the alarm goes off.

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How Loud Is a Car Alarm

Typical car alarms use to have a sound level of more like 90 decibels to 110 decibels. However, the most irksome car alarms might produce a sound of up to 125 decibels which is 5 decibels more sound than a jet engine (120 decibels).

How To Disable Alarm on Dodge Ram

dodge ram alarm won't turn off

Rather than the sound of your Dodge Ram alarm sometimes feeling like gall and wormwood, you might need to know how to disable it. The car alarm system can be divided into two segments. One is OEM which is a built-in system provided by the manufacturer and the other one is After Market that you can install any time after the car has been built.

The architecture of an alarm system is designed with:

  • Array Of Sensors
  • Control Unit
  • Sirens
  • Battery
  • Radio Receivers
  • Immobilizer
  • Wireless USB
  • Paging Devices

Disabling The Built In Alarm System

You can disable your Dodge Ram alarm in two ways following the process stated below.

Disconnect The Alarm Relay System

  • At first you have to open the hood and fix it in a safe and stable position using the prop bar.
  • Locate the battery and identify its negative terminal.
  • Unlatch the socket and carefully turn in a counter clock direction to loosen the socket.
  • Restrain yourself from applying an extra force that might harm another operating system of the vehicle.
  • Move the terminal away from the negative point of the battery by pulling it out.
  • Identify the relay box and open its lid using a flathead screwdriver.
  • From the circuit diagram and bullets provided on the inside cover identify your car’s relay and detach it from the relay cover.
  • When you are done place everything in the relay box, close the lid, and attach the negative terminal as it was before.

Earthing The Alarm System

  • Identify the driver’s kick panel in your Dodge Ram and find a plug (mostly black) holding a green or orange wire.
  • Braid deep inside the wire on the plug gently with another external wire of the same gauge as a wire to earth the alarm.
  • Connect the other end of the external alarm to your vehicle’s chassis obstructing the alarm’s serviceability and keeping it away from triggering.
  • This could be a very useful way to disable your car alarm system as it is very easy to recover the workability of the alarm by detaching the external wire from the braid, disconnecting the battery for a couple of hours, and then reconnecting it again.

Disable The Alarm From Inside Dashboard

  • Detach the alarm relay.
  • Find the main dashboard panel of your Dodge Ram.
  • Pull the panels open with a pry bar or a flathead screwdriver. You should find the alarm system panel below the steering wheel column.
  • Locate the wires connecting the alarm to the battery terminals which is also in connection with the vehicle’s amplifier to produce the alarming sound.
  • Disconnecting the wire from the amp which also goes to the positive terminal of the car battery helps you to prevent the amp from making noises when the alarm system of your Dodge Ram is triggered.
  • Put everything back in place and gently push the lid back in place.

Disabling The After Market Alarm

The task to disable an aftermarket or separate alarm system should be a Walk In The Park. You just have to disconnect and remove the alarm system from the vehicle. Here is a step-by-step process of the task.

  • First you have to locate the dashboard behind your steering wheel and open it using a flathead screwdriver or with a pry bar.
  • Find the alarm line inside the dashboard generally which should have a two-way connecting port. One end is connected to the battery and the other end connects the alarm.
  • You should be easily able to locate and separate the alarm wire with the help of the manual provided by the Dodge Ram manufacturer.
  • Carefully and gently disconnect the wire from the ignition system which also will separate it from the vehicle’s main electrical wiring.
  • Reconnect the ignition system to the main electrical wiring. Take your car alarm out of the vehicle and put everything back in place completing the disabling process.

How You Can Reinstall Your Dodge Alarm

You are now equipped with the knowledge of How To Disable Your Doge Ram Alarm. However, if you decide to have the alarm system function again you can always reverse the process of disabling accordingly stated above to rearm your Dodge Ram Alarm System.

Safety Measures To Be Considered Disabling A Car Alarm

To disable a Dodge Ram alarm system is not such a hard nut to crack. But in the process, you must be conscious and careful about a few safety issues.

  • While disconnecting the alarm system you must be able to detect the proper wire to disconnect as the car has several wirings installed to run the vehicle properly. Disconnecting the wrong wire might cause your Dodge Ram to malfunction.
  • You should have enough proper know-how about the module and functionality of the electrical system of your car. If you have Butter Fingers, you should immediately go to a good mechanic rather than messing with the car.
  • While your car alarm system is disabled, you must park it or keep it in a well-protected or secured area and should not go very far from it.
  • In the case of the aftermarket alarm system, you must keep the full system including the wires very safe as you might need the alarm to be installed in your Dodge Ram again.

How to Disable the Seat-Belt Alarm

how to disable seatbelt alarm

Although seatbelts increase your safety while driving, by reducing death chances and getting seriously injured, sometimes it might be agonizing for you if you have to go a short distance or have multiple stops within a short order. in some cases, it might be the cause of serious cuts and bruises as the seatbelt rests across you. Therefore, you might need to keep your seatbelt unlocked and turn off the seatbelt alarm around the same time.

To disable the seatbelt chime you need to follow the process step by step stated below:

  1. Put on your seat belt
  2. Lock off the seat belt of your vehicle as you are seated.
  3. put the key fob into the ignition and turn it on into the run position of your Dodge Ram as it switches on the gauge cluster.
  4. Next you have to take your seat belt on and off three (3) times within ten (10) seconds ending with the seat belt in the lock position.
  5. You can always turn back the chime on by repeating the same course of action.

Though this is a situation wherein one can have the best of both worlds, we don’t recommend you keep your seat belt unlocked and put your life at stake.

Best Car Alarm System

As it is a very essential and important safety device for your vehicle, in modern days, apart from the built-in alarm system there are several aftermarket manufacturers that build car alarm systems for your vehicle. We will try to put some shades on the top brands of some of these alarm systems.

  4. VIPER

Cost of Car Alarm System

Cut Your Coat According To Your Cloth – might not be appropriate in purchasing a security alarm system for your precious vehicle. After all, it’s a matter of the safety and security of your car. However, any product has a minimum and maximum range of its kind. In such cases where the price of a car alarm system is the concern, you will be able to find a range from $30 to $300 according to your comfort.

However, some advanced systems can have a range between $400 and $1,300. So, you can see you always have the option to choose between a vast range of prices that suits both you and your car.


Automobile manufacturers are attempting to improve the security features of their products by introducing new technologies to avoid theft, particularly in the case of cars. So, we highly recommend you have a proper and advanced alarm system for your Dodge Ram, whether an OEM or Aftermarket system.

However, if you must disable your alarm system, we certainly hope this effort of ours will satisfy you thoroughly and help with the security features of your vehicle.

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