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Iphone Disable Memoji And Animoji: Quick & Easy Tips

To disable Memoji and Animoji on an iPhone, navigate to the Messages app and adjust the app drawer settings. Users can toggle off the Memoji stickers to remove them from the emoji keyboard.

As smartphone features evolve, interactive elements like Memoji and Animoji gain popularity, especially among iPhone users. These expressive characters add a layer of fun to messaging by mimicking the user’s facial movements and emotions. Yet, not everyone finds these features useful or entertaining.

Some users prefer a clutter-free messaging experience or simply want to streamline their keyboard options. Disabling Memoji and Animoji can help achieve that, and it’s a straightforward process that can be done within seconds. With a few taps, your emoji keyboard will return to its classic state, leaving out the animated options for those who favor simplicity or are perhaps running low on device storage.

Understanding Memoji And Animoji

Memoji and Animoji are innovative features that Apple introduced to add a personal touch to messaging. Both are forms of animated emojis that track the user’s facial movements, but differ in customization. Memoji allows users to create a 3D avatar that looks similar to themselves, offering options to tailor features like skin tone, hairstyle, and accessories. Meanwhile, Animoji uses 3D models of popular emoji characters, such as animals or creatures, animating them with the user’s expressions.

These animated emojis bring a playful and unique way to communicate emotions and facial expressions in messages. Using the front-facing camera and facial recognition technology, Memoji and Animoji can mimic a user’s movements and expressions accurately, thus enhancing the overall messaging experience.

Feature Memoji Animoji
Customization High Limited to existing characters
Characters User-created avatars Pre-set emoji models
Trend Gaining popularity Stable with certain characters trending

Disabling Features On Iphone

Turning off Memoji and Animoji is a straightforward process for iPhone users. Begin by opening the Settings app followed by tapping on ‘Messages.’ Look for the option labeled ‘Memoji Stickers’ and toggle it off to prevent these features from appearing on the emoji keyboard. This will disable Memoji and Animoji for the time being.

If faced with issues where these features are not deactivating, ensure that your iPhone is running on the latest iOS version. Should problems persist, a restart of the device might be necessary. Keep in mind that changing these settings does not delete any saved Memoji.

To restore Memoji and Animoji functionality, simply revisit the ‘Messages’ settings and re-enable the ‘Memoji Stickers’ option. This action reactivates the features, making them readily available in the emoji keyboard for use in messaging apps and FaceTime.

Customizing Your Emoji Preferences

Customizing your emoji preferences on an iPhone provides a way to control your digital expression and privacy. Adjusting Animoji settings can prevent the animated characters from mimicking your facial expressions. To do this, go to your iPhone’s settings, select “Messages,” and disable the “Animoji” option.

For those who prefer a minimalist keyboard, managing the inclusion of Memoji stickers is straightforward. Navigate to the keyboard settings via the general settings menu, and switch off the “Memoji Stickers” option. This will remove Memoji stickers from the emoji keyboard, simplifying your typing interface and simultaneously enhancing privacy.

Exploring alternatives to Memoji and Animoji can offer fresh ways to express emotions without using customizable characters. Consider standard emojis, GIFs, or third-party apps that don’t use facial recognition for creating digital avatars.

Iphone Disable Memoji And Animoji: Quick & Easy Tips


Frequently Asked Questions On Iphone Disable Memoji And Animoji

How To Disable Memoji On Iphone?

Disabling Memoji on an iPhone requires a few steps. First, open Settings, then go to General, and select Keyboard. Under the ‘Emoji’ section, turn off the Memoji Stickers to disable them from the keyboard.

Can You Remove Animoji From Iphone?

Yes, Animoji can be removed from your iPhone. To do this, go to Messages, open any conversation, and tap the ‘Animoji’ button. Swipe left over the Animoji you wish to delete, and tap the trash can icon.

Is Disabling Memoji Permanent?

No, disabling Memoji is not permanent. You can re-enable it at any time by reversing the process. Go back to Settings, select General, tap Keyboard, and turn Memoji Stickers back on.

Will Disabling Memoji Free Up Space?

Disabling Memoji doesn’t significantly free up space. They are part of the iOS system and take minimal space. For more storage, consider managing photos, apps, or offloading unused apps.


Wrapping up, managing Memoji and Animoji features is straightforward on iPhones. Whether for privacy or simplicity, disabling these options can enhance your device experience. Remember these steps to tailor your iPhone’s functionality to your personal preferences. Embrace the control you have over your iPhone’s expressive features and make it truly yours.

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