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Samsung Galaxy S10 Change Device Name: Quick & Easy Guide

To change the device name on a Samsung Galaxy S10, navigate to Settings, and select About phone, then tap Edit. By customizing your Galaxy S10’s device name, you enhance its recognition on Bluetooth networks and Wi-Fi connections, ensuring it stands out in a sea of default-named gadgets.

Tailoring the device name of your Samsung Galaxy S10 adds a touch of personal style while simplifying device identification across various platforms and services. This straightforward adjustment not only assists in quickly locating your device when pairing with other Bluetooth-enabled devices but also helps distinguish it on a network filled with similarly named phones.

Whether for aesthetic reasons or practical functionality, updating your Samsung Galaxy S10’s name is a quick tweak with lasting benefits. It streamlines your digital life by making device management more intuitive, whether syncing with smart home devices, sharing files, or just charging at a public station.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Rename Simplified

Personalizing your Samsung Galaxy S10 by altering the device name can greatly enhance your experience with the device. Changing the device name simplifies identifying your phone when connecting to Bluetooth, using Wi-Fi Direct, or when syncing with other devices. Renaming ensures privacy and security, as a unique device name can make it less identifiable when in public domains.

A tailored device name also aids in easy recognition on networks, preventing confusion in a household or office where multiple devices might connect to the same network. It can also reflect your personal or professional brand, especially if your smartphone doubles as a business tool. Overall, customizing your device name contributes to a more streamlined and personalized user experience.

Preparatory Steps

Verifying the existing device name on your Samsung Galaxy S10 is the first step before making any changes. To find the current name, navigate to the Settings menu, then scroll down to About phone. Here you’ll see the name your device is currently using, typically displayed at the top of this section. Recognizing your device name is crucial, especially when connecting to other gadgets via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, as it helps ensure you’re linking to the correct equipment. A descriptive and unique device name simplifies the process of identifying your smartphone among other devices.

Navigating Your S10 Settings

Changing the device name of your Samsung Galaxy S10 can help personalize and easily identify your phone when connecting to other devices. Follow these simple steps to navigate through your S10 settings and update the device name.

To access the ‘Settings’ menu, locate and tap on the gear icon on your home screen or swipe down from the top of the screen and tap on the cogwheel icon. Scrolling down may be necessary to find this option. Once inside Settings, the plethora of customization and adjustment options for your Galaxy S10 await.

It’s essential to locate the ‘About phone’ section to change your device name. This subsection typically resides at the bottom of the Settings menu. Tapping ‘About phone’ will reveal various details about your device, one of which is the option to change its name to something more distinct or whimsical, depending on your preference.

Quick & Easy Guide To Change Device Name

Changing your Samsung Galaxy S10’s device name can be done in a few simple steps. First, navigate to your phone’s Settings. Scroll down and select About Phone, where you will find the device name currently in use. To begin the process, tap on the option and select ‘Edit’.

Once you have selected ‘Edit’, a text field will appear allowing you to enter the new device name. Choose a unique name that will make your Samsung Galaxy S10 easily recognizable when pairing with other devices via Bluetooth or when connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

After entering your desired name, ensure to save your changes effectively. Look for the save or done option on your screen, which will update your device name. Post-change, your Samsung Galaxy S10 will now be visible to other devices with the new device name you have set.

Confirming The Change

Verifying the new device name on your Samsung Galaxy S10 is straightforward. Once you have updated the name, navigate to your phone’s Settings and tap on About phone. Here, the updated name should be displayed prominently at the top of this section. This ensures that the new name is set internally on your device.

For checking visibility on other devices, connect your Samsung Galaxy S10 to a Bluetooth enabled device or check your Wi-Fi network. The new device name should appear on the list of available devices to confirm that the change is visible externally as well. This step is crucial when you want to make sure that others can recognize your device properly when pairing or connecting to different services or gadgets.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If the Samsung Galaxy S10 does not register a name change, attempt these solutions. Initially, ensure that your device’s software is up-to-date. Navigate to Settings > Software update > Download and install. Outdated software can lead to various glitches, including name change issues.

Next, restart your Galaxy S10; this simple step can often resolve minor system hiccups. Press and hold the power button and select restart. After the device reboots, reattempt the name change via Settings > About phone > Edit.

Conflict with duplicate device names in your network might also impede the renaming process. Ensure each device has a unique name to avoid confusion. For instance, adding a distinguishing number or room designation can be helpful, such as “GalaxyS10_LivingRoom.”

Issue Resolution Step
Failed Name Change Update software, restart device, reattempt renaming
Duplicate Names Assign unique names to devices within the network

Personalizing Beyond Device Name

Personalizing your Samsung Galaxy S10 goes beyond merely changing the device name. Embracing a unique style that truly reflects your personality can be achieved with ease by altering the wallpaper and themes of your device. A plethora of options are readily available, letting users select from dynamic, static, or even their personal photos to set as wallpaper, ensuring your screen always resonates with your mood or aesthetic preferences.

The customization continues with the device’s sound profiles. Tweak the notification sounds and ringtones to distinguish between different alerts and incoming calls. Elevate your user experience by selecting distinctive tones for specific contacts, messages, or app notifications. The power to tailor auditory alerts enhances the device’s personal feel, creating an intimate connection between you and your Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Change Device Name: Quick & Easy Guide


Frequently Asked Questions Of Samsung Galaxy S10 Change Device Name

How To Rename Your Samsung Galaxy S10?

To change your Samsung Galaxy S10 device name, navigate to Settings > About phone > Edit. Enter the new device name and tap ‘Save’ to apply the changes immediately.

Can I Personalize My S10’s Bluetooth Name?

Yes, personalize your S10’s Bluetooth name by going to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > Device name. Enter the desired name and confirm your choice to update.

What Steps To Alter Galaxy S10’s Wi-fi Direct Name?

To alter the Wi-Fi Direct name, access Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Direct. Tap on the three dots for options, select ‘Rename Device’, and then save the new name.

Is Changing My S10 Device Name Complicated?

No, changing your Galaxy S10 device name is straightforward. It requires a few taps in the settings menu, as detailed in the instructions provided in previous questions.


Renaming your Samsung Galaxy S10 enhances personalization and simplifies device identification. By following the steps outlined, you can quickly update your device’s name. This adjustment not only reflects your individuality but also streamlines connections with other gadgets. Remember, a unique device name sets your phone apart in the digital world—make it count!

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