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Windows 10 Add A New Album in Photos App: Quick Guide!

To add a new album in the Windows 10 Photos app, select ‘Collections’, click ‘New album’, and choose your desired photos. Open the Photos app and navigate to ‘Collections’ to organize your pictures into an album.

Creating albums in the Windows 10 Photos app helps you organize your digital memories efficiently. With an intuitive interface, the Photos app allows users to compile their favorite images into a personalized album with just a few clicks. By categorizing photos, you can quickly access cherished moments and share them with friends and family.

The process is straightforward, making it accessible even for those who are not tech-savvy. As digital photography grows in popularity, utilizing the built-in features of the Windows 10 Photos app can enhance your photo management experience, ensuring your snapshots are well arranged and easy to locate.

Getting Started With Photos App

Organizing your memories and moments on the Windows 10 Photos App is both user-friendly and efficient with the option to create new albums. Before diving in, ensure that the latest version of the Photos App is installed on your system. This is fundamental to experience all the new features without any hiccups.

To begin, access the Photos App by clicking on the Start Menu or searching for ‘Photos’ in the search bar. The interface is designed for ease, facilitating quick browsing and album creation. Navigate the app effortlessly, with options like ‘Collection’, ‘Albums’, and ‘Folders’ placed prominently for immediate access. Create a new album with just a few clicks by selecting your favored images and naming your album; thus, personalizing your photo collection is straightforward.

Organizing Your Memories

Creating albums within the Windows 10 Photos app provides a seamless way to categorize and access your cherished moments. The importance of organizing photos cannot be overstated—albums offer a structured approach to manage large collections of images, making it easier to find, share, or relive past experiences. With the use of albums, you can group photos from a single event, by date, or even theme, streamlining your search and viewing experience.

The Photos app enhances this convenience by offering intuitive tools for album creation. Users benefit greatly from these albums, as they enhance user experience through easy navigation and gives personalization to your photo library. As photos accumulate on devices, the ability to efficiently organize them becomes crucial—albums are the perfect solution for this, transforming a cluttered photo collection into a well-arranged, enjoyable gallery.

Step-by-step Album Creation

Creating an album within the Photos app in Windows 10 is a straightforward process. Begin by opening the app and navigating to the ‘Create’ tab, where you will find options for compiling your memories into an organized collection. Clicking ‘Create’ prompts you to select photos from your library. One can choose images individually or select an entire set to include in the new album.

Once the desired photographs are selected, the next step is to give your album a meaningful name. It’s crucial to name your album with relevance to its content, so that it’s easily recognizable and accessible in the future. After naming, confirm your choices and the app will assemble your photos into the newly named album, ready for viewing or additional editing.

Customizing Your Album

Customizing your album in the Windows 10 Photos app is a seamless process. You can easily add or remove photos by simply clicking on the ‘Edit’ button within the album and then selecting the images you wish to include or exclude. Keep in mind that all modifications can be done quickly by dragging and dropping photos directly into the album or out of it.

To change the order of images, click and hold a photo, then drag it to your preferred position. This drag-and-drop functionality offers a user-friendly way to organize your visual narrative.

Selecting a cover photo for your album adds a personal touch and visually communicates the essence of the album. Press and hold on the chosen image and click ‘Set as album cover’ to designate it as the front-displaying image. This cover photo will appear as the album’s thumbnail across the Photos app.

Advanced Album Options

Adding a mix of photos and videos to your albums in the Windows 10 Photos app can bring your memories to life. To include videos, simply navigate to the album creation page and select both photos and videos. The Photos App intelligently combines these media files, offering a richer viewing experience.

The Photos App comes equipped with an automatic album creation feature, designed to simplify the organization of your images. Once activated, it automatically groups photos and videos by date, location, or event, saving you valuable time and effort.

For a more personalized touch, editing photo dates and details helps maintain an accurate timeline of your events within an album. Click on a photo, find the ‘…’ menu, and choose ‘Edit.’ Here, you can modify the date or add a description, ensuring that your album tells the complete story behind your adventures.

Windows 10 Add A New Album in Photos App: Quick Guide!


Sharing And Exporting

Sharing albums with friends and family is simple using the Windows 10 Photos app. With a few clicks, users can select the album they wish to share, and use the integrated share feature to send it via email, social media, or directly to other devices. The process is not only user-friendly but also ensures your memories are easily disseminated among loved ones.

For exporting albums, the app offers different formats suitable for printing or backing up purposes. Users can export entire albums as individual photos or as a compiled package, guaranteeing optimal organization and preservation of photographic content. This feature is particularly useful for creating physical copies or for moving to alternative storage solutions.

It is important to manage the privacy settings for shared albums to maintain control over who views your personal memories. The app provides configurable options enabling users to restrict album access to specified individuals, ensuring that privacy is upheld while sharing personal content.

Frequently Asked Questions For Windows 10 Add A New Album In Photos App

How To Create An Album In Windows 10 Photos App?

To create a new album in the Photos app, open the app and click on ‘Albums’ from the sidebar. Then, select ‘New album,’ choose the photos you want to add, and give your album a name.

What’s The Easiest Way To Add Photos To An Album?

Simply navigate to the album you’ve created, click ‘Add’ or ‘Add photos’ button, and select the desired images from your collection to include them in your album.

Can I Edit Albums In Windows 10 Photos App?

Yes, editing albums in the Windows 10 Photos app is possible. Click on the album you wish to edit, then select ‘Edit’ to change the name, the cover photo, or to add/remove pictures.

Where Do I Find My Albums In Photos App?

Your albums are located under the ‘Albums’ tab on the sidebar of the Photos app. Click ‘Albums’ to view a list of all your created or automatically generated albums.


Creating albums in the Windows 10 Photos app is straightforward and enhances your photo viewing experience. Remember, personalizing photo collections helps organize memories efficiently. Give it a try, and watch your digital memories transform into beautifully organized albums ready for sharing or revisiting anytime.

Embrace this feature to make the most of your photo library today!

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