About Us

The SeeingRedNy is a complete website for a car enthusiast. This is a website of a professional automobile expert. So, the information from this website is completely authentic. 

On this website, you will find information on car parts, tips, solutions,s and guidelines about various types of cars. Our goal is to assist you in suggesting the best solution and saving a lot of money. 

There are so many greedy mechanics around us who charges too much for little work and they defame car workers. We hope you can get your desired solution through our various blogs and be able to fix it on your own from our guidelines. 

Our Goal:

The SeeingRedNy runs with a view to share valuable content with the reader and to represent this website in front of a large audience. To achieve our goal we are working on a website to increase user experience and give something valuable guidelines to readers. We are confident that one day our teamwork with shining up.

See How We Create Blog Content

We have a team of car experts who have been working in the automobile field for many years. They have experience in car parts and accessories, car detailing, car modification, car maintenance, and service. Our experts are experienced and passionate to help customers to find the right solution.

When our expert Wesley Shelton suggests the content plan, our expert team helps by showing their professionalism and that helps a lot to create a quality blog. Currently, there are two writers who work for SeeingRedNy under our professional’s guidelines.

The special thing about our blog is we do not do online research to create our valuable blog. We have some experienced workers in our workshop and they provide us with all the information that we need to complete a blog.

See How We Select Products for Review

As the owner of this website works in a car restoration business you can trust every product featured on the website. We generally select a product based on quality, performance, and analysis of customer feedback if possible. 

Sometimes we run tastes on products to ensure product quality before reviewing one. Not only that, but we also do a comparison between the two products to suggest the best one. After analyzing all facts we select the best product for review. 

However, that not means we do an in-depth experiment on each and every product. We have so many experts in our restoration shop and they know about so many products in in-depth detail. As we can trust them, you should be too. 

So, obviously, you can trust our selected product. We write our honest reviews and provide our readers with the best buying advice.

Our Experts:


Wesley Shelton

[Author and Editor]

Meet Wesley Shelton, our expert in all things automotive. With over five years of experience in car restoration and a background working in a small car repair shop, Wesley has a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to cars and their parts. He has a passion for all things automotive and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with others. In his free time, Wesley works on this website as a way to share his expertise and establish his professional reputation.

Richard Torres

Richard Torres


Meet our writer Richard Torres. He is a student and a part-time worker at a car parts shop. He helps our team with his writing skills and knowledge from his workplace. Our other experts help him by sharing the necessary knowledge before Griffen starts writing. But unfortunately, he is not that active in writing as he has to study but whenever he gets free time he works for us. We wish a better future for this hardworking kid.