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10 Best Nerf Bars for Chevy Colorado Reviews for 2023 with Buying Guide

The best nerf bars for Chevy Colorado are all you need to give that beasty look to your truck and also round protection from debris flipped from tires while moving.

Anything less than the best would not only waste your money but also risk breaking when under pressure and could cause you injury if anywhere near it.

Nerf bars for your Chevy give it toughness and bring confidence to owners’ hearts that they can ride even on rocky terrains without having the vehicle’s side panels scratched by flying, tiny rock chips.

Comparison Table of the Best Nerf Bars for Chevy Colorado

Tyger Auto
Tyger Auto
AMP Research
Auto Dynasty

What is the best nerf bar for Chevy Colorado?

What is the best nerf bar for Chevy Colorado

After our rigorous search for the best nerf bar for Chevy Colorado among the tons of nerf bar brands that exist in the market today, we concluded that Tyger auto is the best.

Why is Tyger Auto the best brand for nerf bars for Chevy Colorado?

The reason the Tyger Auto brand was picked to be the best is that they were built from high-quality material. The nerfs are also fitted with plastics and coated in powder for top-notch protection on the construction material.

That affords customers a long-lasting feel and value for their money. But, not just that; Tyger Auto also has overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback from users. That is why it is the best among its competitors.

Top 10 Best Nerf Bars for Chevy Colorado Reviews

01. Tyger Auto – Overall Best Chevy Colorado Running Boards



  • Weighs 32.4pounds
  • 5×8.25inches in dimension
  • Alloy steel material
  • 5inche wide
  • Alloy steel exterior

The Tyger Auto TG-SS2C35168 is a tubular nerf bar that fits several trucks, including crew cabs with four doors, but is not designed to fit on cars whose rear doors are smaller.

Just like what one would expect of a product that would withstand many challenges for a longer time, Tyger Auto is manufactured from an alloy steel material for strength and durability.

The construction material is again coated with a heavy textured powder for added protection to its surface from rust that may result from oxidation or exposure to moisture in the wet weather or even when washing the car sometimes; giving the nerf bar a long-lasting feature.

They have a broad 3.5 inches step pad that allows users to mount the vehicle without the hassle. Tiger Auto is designed in a way that allows for easy installation by simply driving bolts in the pre-drilled holes to fit them to the vehicle and securing them with the nuts for a firmer and secure hold.


  • The high-quality material used in its construction
  • Easy to install
  • Highly protected against corrosion


  • Incomprehensive installation guide manual
  • It fits on a few range of crew cab

02. N-FAB – People’s Choice Chevy Colorado Side Steps



  • 97x14x11inches in dimension
  • Carbon steel material
  • Weighs 66pounds
  • Black exterior

The N-FAB brand of nerf bars is designed in a simple style and configured to give a cleaner look to the fitted vehicle. They come with two bars that fit tightly to the body and are made specifically for trucks. The bars have expanded broad steps that can be dropped down manually and each on a door side of the truck.

Surfaces are coated in an E-coat primer using an OEM style to improve the nerf bar’s lifespan. Like a few nerf bars that often come with challenging to comprehend instructions to install, the N-FAB kept all explanations comprehensive and straightforward to allow anyone who wishes to do the installation to do so with less difficulty or technical challenge.

The construction is made from a durable carbon steel material for strength while giving the truck sides complete protection from objects that may cause damage to it. Its steps are made wider to offer a much more comfortable mounting onto and out of the vehicle.

The surface is designed to have rough contours and brackets to prevent accidents due to slippery steps and to give added strength to the bar. It weighs moderately not to increase the vehicle’s payload, leading to no additional fuel spent.


  • Tough and strong
  • The product offers more comfortable and anti-slip steps
  • Made from high-grade carbon steel material
  • Comprehensive installation guide manual


  • Poor finish that peels off in a short time
  • Odd step positioning (steps are not positioned where the foot can easily reach them when mounting or stepping out of the truck)
  • Only a few vehicles can have them installed.

03. Tyger Auto TG-RS2C40018 – Best Value Chevy Colorado Nerf Bars



  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Carbon steel material
  • 29x20x5inches in dimension
  • Matte black exterior
  • 4inch wider surface

This is yet another nerf product of the Tyger Auto brand. And like the TG-SS models, the TG-RS adds glamor to vehicles they are attached to and offers stylish steps to users for easy step-in and out of the truck with its raisers.

The nerf bar is made to fit four-sided crew cab doors on both sides of the vehicle. Tyger Auto gives its product the capability to withstand factors that could shorten its lifespan and compromise durability.

They are made from a carbon steel material coated with black powder to give it strength and adequate protection against corrosion. The 4-inch larger steel tube allows the nerf protection of the side panel of vehicles against debris that could damage it. There is no need for extra tools needed to install as it is designed to allow quick and easy installation.


  • Compatible with 2015-2020 GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado Crew Cab
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Durable


  • Compatible with only a few range of vehicles
  • The DIY instructional manually can be a bit difficult to comprehend

04. AMP Research 76153-01A



  • Aluminum material
  • Black exterior
  • 81x13x17inches in dimension

The AMP research 76153-01A is an automobile nerf bar powered by an electric system. And has sensors that allow it to drop and rise each time the vehicle’s doors are opened or closed. In addition, LED lights are featured to beautify and improve visibility when stepping on it during the night.

AMP Research is manufactured from a die-cast alloy material anodized and coated in PTFE for strength and high resistance to corrosive activities.

Unlike the Tyger Auto brand, the AMP nerf bars have stainless steel pivot pins that give even more excellent stability with self-lubricating brushes for improved performances. Manufacturers made the bar with a powerful OEM electric motor to drive its automation.


  • Technologically improved
  • Highly resistant to corrosion


  • Quite tricky to install by DIY
  • Very expensive

05. Better Automotive i4



  • Aluminum material
  • 53×5.71x13inches in dimension
  • Aluminum exterior
  • 7pounds in weight

Better automotive is designed to fit the 2015-2022 Canyon and Colorado crew cab. The nerf bar can also fit most SUV/CUV and Trucks with its 5inches wide landing surface to give an easy mount in and out of the car. This bar comes with an anti-slip surface to give firmer footsteps and prevent those mounting it from slipping on their feet, improving their safety.

A high-quality grade extruded aluminum material was used in its construction and coated in an aluminum powder for improved resistance against corrosion, thereby making it more durable with the ability to withstand even the most severe climatic conditions.

The bracket features on the nerf bar, which were done on it through a precise injection molded process, give the product a more rigid and rugged look to overcome every stress or strain.

There is also a customized bracket in their pack to allow anyone who wishes DIY to carry out the task without much hassle. If you want convenience, then Better Automotive i4 guarantees comfort and ease in its daily usage.


  • It is designed for easy installation
  • Made from highly resistant material against corrosion
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • It doesn’t come with AI features
  • Fit perfectly to only a few ranges of vehicles.

06. APPS



  • Weighs 49.9pounds
  • 82x14x8inches in dimension
  • Matte black powder-coated exterior
  • Aluminum material

The APS is stylishly designed using aluminum material. Properties of aluminum prevent corrosion and help them last for years without getting affected by any climatic condition. And with the matte black powder-coated exterior, customers can go worry-free without having to care about changing the nerf for a long time due to any corrosive activities.

Weights can be a significant factor in a vehicle’s consumption rate; with this put into consideration, manufacturers had designed the bar to be light and engineered to support 300pounds without breaking.

No matter the beautiful design a nerf bar could have, it would only inconvenience owners if it proves too difficult to install; that is why APS scale advantage in this respect because it comes designed in a way that makes the DIY process possible. APS has a dimension that gives it a broader mount surface for easy and more comfortable steps in and out of the car.


  • Supports incredible load
  • Lightweight
  • It doesn’t require the expertise of a specialist to install


  • Poorly designed that step position does not fit accurately
  • Construction materials and coating substances are not high quality, and rust forms quickly.

07. TAC TRUCK ST40-04500T



  • Weighs 43 pounds
  • 84x6x11inches in dimension
  • Alloy steel material type
  • Alloy steel

The TAC TRUCK ST40-04500T is structured to fit the Canyon/Colorado crew cab with brackets of high-grade mild steel to give it sturdiness. The nerf bar is coated with E-coating and a top-grade black power to give it a high resistive capability against corrosion.

The coat also protects its surface against scratches and is designed with a 4.25inch step surface for a comfortable mount. And step pads are made anti-slip to prevent or minimize accidents, especially when their surface is wet. They are made in a way that makes it possible for DIY.

There are no extra tools than spanners for fitting to allow a smooth and hitch-free installation. Its mirror-polished finish gives it protection against UV lights, and weight tolls less to the vehicle upon which it is mounted.


  • Safer and broader step pads
  • Highly resistive to corrosion


  • Accessories provided for installation are misfits
  • The instruction manual is quite difficult to comprehend.




  • Carbon steel material
  • Semi-gloss black powder coat exterior
  • 89x9x7inches in dimension
  • Weighs 35pounds

The ARIES 3” nerf bars are pieces of fancy-looking decals made for SUVs, trucks, and jeeps. They are bold steps to begin any adventure. ARIES 3” nerf bars are manufactured from a high-grade carbon steel material to give the bars maximum rigidity and coated in a semi-gloss black powder coat form top-notch protection against corrosion.

To give it a better advantage, nerf bar was first made to undergo an E-coating process before the powder coating, giving the bars toughness and preventing its surface from scratching, peeling off, or chipping away. This product is also designed with non-skid pads to prevent a slippery surface and eliminate the risk of injury.

Their heavy-duty bracket offers extra pieces for installation. Unlike most bars, the AIRES do not come with drill holes for installation and are customized for Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon.


  • Anti-skid step pads
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • No drill holes


  • They may need extra brackets to get them installed
  • Customized for a few vehicle few vehicles

09. Auto Dynasty



  • Weighs 46 pounds
  • 78x15x7inches in dimension
  • Powder-coated exterior
  • Stainless steel/ alloy material

Auto Dynasty is a curved 4-inch nerf bar for the sides of vehicles and is compatible with GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado crew cabs of models 2015-2020. The nerf bar is made from high-grade quality material to give it durability.

It is also coated in a powder-coated exterior for better tackling corrosive activities resulting from the moisture. There is an anti-slip step pad made of plastic with a rough surface, which allows a firmer grip on the surfaces of feet and prevents them from slipping off.

Without such step pads, injuries are likely to occur and are fatal. They came with mounting brackets for sturdier fitting, and extra tools to drill holes into the bar are unnecessary as it is designed with all the bolt holes drilled in it, set out to be fitted on the go.

Forty-six pounds is lightweight enough not to cause any additional payload to the vehicle. The curved bar can withstand weights of about 500 Ib without the fear of breaking or deforming the bar.


  • Very sturdy nerf bars
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Instruction quite tricky to comprehend and follow
  • The chrome finish is poor and thin and does not offer complete protection.

10. KYX



  • Alloy steel material
  • Alloy steel exterior
  • Weighs 57.4 pounds
  • 5×9.5 inches

The KYX is designed to fit well with the 2015-2022 GMC Canyon and Colorado crew cab. No other drilling may be required before installation as it comes drilled and ready to let bolts in and nut them to fit firmly, using the guide provided in the product pack.

KYX nerf bars are made from alloy steel, giving it an extraordinarily high resistance against corrosion, and the yet alloy steel exterior offers protection against scratches. The nerf rod’s weight is moderated and adds almost no extra payload to the vehicle attached, and causes little extra fuel to be spent.

They have a dimension that gives it a broad surface to offer convenience in mounting and un-mounting the vehicle. These bars are designed with an incredible look and offer high protection of vehicle sides from flipping debris or tiny little rocks that could pose significant damage to the vehicle’s paint or, in some cases, affect the side panel severely.

The carrying load capacity of the KYX brand of nerf bar is 500Ib. And that means such a massive amount of force it can carry without the risk of breaking or bending inward when it is stepped. For even more outstanding durability, an extra layer of coating power is made on it to prevent rust with a slip-resistant pad on the bar’s surface.


  • Easy installation
  • Top-notch design
  • Allows easy
  • and dismounting


  • Poor instruction manual

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Buying Considerations for the Best Nerf Bars for Chevy Colorado

nerf bars for chevy colorado

When buying a nerf bar for your Chevy Colorado, there are certain things to consider. Sometimes one would be poise to select nerf bar for a reason, not necessarily giving them the best of their expectations.

Even so, other products can simply be wrong without buyers knowing. To avoid disappointments, one must put the following into consideration if the best is what they desire.

01. Quality of Material

The quality used in constructing the nerf bar is essential to consider when buying a particular brand. All nerf bars may have the same purpose but not the same quality as different materials. They are made from steel, alloy, or even aluminum. One material may exceed the other in quality and have a better ability to withstand climate conditions that may compromise it.

For instance, steel is not prone to corrosion when oxidized or exposed to moisture, while a metal material can be affected and soon get corroded. For that reason, buyers must go for the material that will give their net bars durability and one that would serve them for a longer time.

02. Coating substance

Coating substance, used in coating the material surface, is another point to consider. Such substances are prepared and aimed to reduce or prevent corrosive activity on the material surface. When the construction material is corroded, it becomes frail and can deform or break under pressure.

Corrosive activity on the material surface can also make the bar lose its attractiveness. The edges become too sharp, which can cause severe injuries to those using it when mounting or climbing down the vehicle. To prevent all that, we must consider coating material when buying the next bar.

03. Weight

The weight issue is both ways. That is, the weight of the bar and how much weight it can support. Buyers must not ignore it as weight is another significant factor to consider. When the nerf bar weighs too heavy, it will cause an increase in gas company consumption due to added load to the vehicle.

And additional weight could mean an extra cost to gas bills, including extra work to other components of the cars. One may say the payload is too insignificant to count. But, the weight of my plus or minus one to the overall payload of the vehicle can mean a significant change in the car’s functions.

The Other weight type buyers should consider; is how much weight can the bar support? Given that the nerf bars are made using different materials, they all have various tolerance abilities as they have to do with weight.

Some nerf bars may be designed to carry a load of 300Ib and some even less. Individuals buying a nerf bar must think about the load capacity that will be reasonable before making the purchase.

04. Dimension

this is yet another factor buyers must consider if they aim to have a nerf bar that will suit their needs and afford them convenience. Some bars have a dimension that gives them a wider mouth surface.

Such a surface would allow a more comfortable step in and out of the vehicle, unlike a less broad surface which could make stepping on a bit more complex and causes discomfort to the feet.

05. AI Features

technology has made so many things more manageable, and today several nerf bat brands are technically improved with AI incorporation into their functionality. Stepping out and into the car is made more convenient with retractable bars which fold automatically on sensing the opening of the car.

It enhances convenience and allows wider bars to streamline the vehicle as it cruises. The broader bars also allow the vehicle to park in spaces that the bar would ordinarily cause it not to park with the least effort. Buyers, who care to have better convenience with their nerf back, would also have to consider AI features.

06. Automatic retraction and release

electric motors are designed with the nerf bars to drive automation. The power Motors drive the traction and release. And they are often attached with AI to give it complete automatic features. Buyers who would like to have a completely automatic feature to their bar have to consider one with automatic retraction next time they find themselves in a sales shop.

07. Affordability

this is another thing to consider when buying a nerf bar. Different bars are made with various materials, and so are their prices. Individuals seeking to buy must be realistic about their budget and go for those with better qualities and improved features.

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Nerf bars are essential fittings that give vehicles a stern look and bring convenience, especially to those with higher trucks.

Choosing the best nerf brand bar requires knowledge, and we have given you all the necessary info to help guide your decision in choosing the best nerf bar.

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