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10 Best Seat Covers For Chevy Traverse – Reviews & Buying guide for 2023

If you want to get the best seat covers for chevy traverse, our review will guide you to make an informed choice. One of the important things to pay attention to in your choice of a seat cover is its wear and tear resistance ability.

If you want to give your car an aesthetically pleasing look while protecting your seats from being punctured or stained, then you need to pick the best seat cover.

You might have a hard time making the best choice as you see lots of seat covers that promise quality and comfort. Price is the last thing you should consider if you want the best seat cover.

Other things you can consider include the type of material, dirt and grease resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, and brand name of the seat cover.

We have amazing brands like Lucky Man Club, Motor trend, Vonzasi, and Coverking.

Comparison Table of the Best Seat Covers For Chevy Traverse

LuckyMan Club
Motor Trend
FH Group
Inch Empire
Omoka Auto
Fremont Auto

What is the best seat cover for Chevy Traverse?

What is the best seat cover for Chevy Traverse

Lucky man Club seat cover is the best seat cover in the market based on our research. Alternatively, you can use our recommendation for Motor trend, if the previous one does not meet your specifications.

Why is LuckyMan Club the best brand for seat covers for Chevy Traverse?

We consider the Luckyman Club seat cover to be the best because of its remarkable resilience to foreign objects and substances in addition to a price that is economy friendly.

Top 10 Best Seat Covers For Chevy Traverse Reviews

01. LuckyMan Club – Overall Best Chevy Traverse Car Seat Covers

Highlighted Features

  • Light Weight (7.8 pounds)
  • Wear-resistant, waterproof
  • Airbag compatible
  • Armrest Compatible
  • Hidden Straps

LuckyMan Club Seat Cover is our best pick for seat covers. It stands out among other seat covers in a unique way.

The Luckyman Club seat cover weighs 7.8 pounds. So your car is not saddled with a material of much weight after installation. They are several layers of materials compacted beneath the surface.

The surface is of faux leather of 0.9mm thickness which resists the penetration of foreign substances or foreign objects from settling on its surface.

To keep the cover in place before, during, and after use, the non-slip fabric at the bottom keeps it in place.

It has hidden straps. This makes it easy to install and neatly done. The leather surface of the cover is waterproof and wear-resistant, so you can easily clean the surface with warm water and a towel without leaving a scratch on it.

It allows space for airbags to be seen. This makes it compatible with cars with airbags. In addition, there are two convenient pockets attached to the rear of the front seat where you can keep a few items like your car towel or their likes.


  • Wear-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • High-quality material


  • Not elastic

02. Motor Trend – Peoples Choice Seat Covers for a Chevy Traverse

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight (4 pounds)
  • High-quality leather
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Waterproof surface
  • Convenient Front pockets

The Motor Trend seat cover fits universally for different types of vehicles. It is made of high-density foam which provides an appreciable sitting comfort for users. It can be used on both front and rear seats of Auto, trucks, and SUVs.

The Motor Trend Seat cover is neatly padded with soft foams and features a non-slip bottom that keeps it in place all through your ride.

This cover is easy to install. Even a layman can get the job done. It also features convenient pockets where you can store your gadgets, wallets, or your car documents. There is also a disc anchor attached to it which can provide secure reinforcement.


  • High-density foam for comfort
  • Universal fit for most vehicles
  • Waterproof for easy cleaning


  • Not compatible with seat buckles

03. Vonzasi – Best Value Seat Covers for Chevy Traverse

Highlighted Features

  • Head hat design
  • Overall backrest
  • Side surround
  • Base surround

The Vonzasi seat cover fits Chevy Traverse from 2009-to 2022.

The Vonzasi seat cover is made of high-quality microfiber PU leather which protects your seat from any form of wear and tear that can result from daily usage. The material makes it comfortable for use in any season since it is compatible with all weather conditions.

The Vonzasi seat cover is not difficult to install. You don’t need to have any level of expertise to install it. The waterproof feature makes cleaning easier and serves the purpose of keeping your seat as good as new at all times regardless of how long it has been in use. You can throw caution to the wind and care less about having liquids spill on your seats.

It is compatible with cars that have armrest components and does not disrupt its use in any way. The head hat and overall backrest design on this seat cover provide a deal of comfort to users whether they are driving or just sitting. With these, users maintain a good sitting posture which keeps the body ache-free after each day’s ride.

The side surround provides elastic protection on the side of the seat cover. Also, the bottom surround keeps the cover from sliding off the car seat when in use.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Base surround keeps it from sliding
  • Head hat design for proper neck posture


  • Gets hot when exposed to sunlight

04. FH Group Seat Covers

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight (3.11 pounds)
  • Airbag compatible
  • Hardware installation
  • Headrest compatibility
  • Split bench compatible

The FH Group seat cover is a lightweight polyester padded design of about 5mm which is compatible with vehicles having removable headrests.

The FH Group seat cover features bucket covers, backrest covers, rear button bench covers, a set of mesh pieces, headrest covers, and hardware installation.

This wraps your seat completely, giving it an aesthetic view that is pleasing to the sight. The FH group seat cover is also airbag compatible. In addition to this, it is compatible with vehicles that have solid benches, split benches, armrests, and cup holders.


  • Fits like the default seat cover
  • Soft material for comfort
  • Provides covers for other features in the interior


  • It is durable as long as kids are kept off it.

05. Ntshibo Seat Cover

Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof and Scratch resistant
  • Non-slip base
  • Conventional pockets
  • Compatible with airbags
  • Back Wrap and Side surround cover

The Ntshibo Seat Cover is made of long-lasting leather that is resistant to wear and scratches. It is designed in a way that it wraps up every tiny detail of your seat even a pet’s paw such that no scratch will be left on its surface with usage.

The soft padding on the cover which is of a high elastic sponge brings relief and comfort to users while they are on the go. This helps adjust the back posture and gives users an ache-free driving experience no matter how far they cover.

The Ntshibo Seat cover material is not affected by the environment and as a result, does not give rise to any peculiar smell. The bottom has a non-slip fabric that fits the cover and keeps it from sliding when in use. So, it tucks perfectly in its place so much that you could mistake it for the original cover on the car at purchase.

Of course, you don’t have to be afraid of your seats getting stained since this cover is waterproof. This prevents splashes, specks of dirt, and sweat from penetrating the surface of the cover.

Whether you choose to eat and drink in your car, go for a ride in any weather, or drive home sweating after visiting the gym, you have nothing to worry about.


  • Easy to clean
  • Tucks in perfectly like a default cover
  • Airbag compatible


  • Heats up when exposed to sunlight.

06. CoverKing Seat Cover

Highlighted Features

  • Split Bench Compatible
  • Headrest and armrest compatible
  • Buckles and zippers

The Coverking seat is tailored for a center 60/40 split-bench, with an armrest and two non-detachable headrests.

This cover is made of ballistic material which does not conduct heat, and it makes for the toughness and durability of the cover.

The make of its material presents it as a better option for taking care of pets, tools, specks of dirt, and other likely hazards to the cover can be exposed to.

This cover is not elastic. It is designed to perfectly fit your seat and shield it from any impending threats like spills, stains, and whatnot.


  • Easy to clean
  • Buckles and zippers make it well fitted.
  • High-quality material which insulates from heating.


  • The material is not  elastic

07. Inch Empire Seat Cover

Highlighted Features

  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Bucket seat covers
  • Airbag and seat belt Compatible
  • Centre Sponge Layer
  • Anti-slip bottom layer

The inch empire seat cover features among others built-in lumbar support which gives users a great deal of comfort as they drive, helping them maintain good sedentary posture and suffer lesser aches when they retire after driving.

In addition to the aforementioned, this cover also comes with bucket seat covers, headrest covers, adjustable back seat covers, and a bag containing steel hooks and round plates for installation.

The Inch empire seat cover surface is made of synthetic leather of 0.9 mm thickness which is both wear-resisting and soft. Cleaning is made easy since the leather is waterproof. The center containing a sponge layer of 9mm thick keeps the cover in perfect shape even after a long period of use.

This cover is compatible with airbags and seat belts. It also features pockets that can contain keys or phones on its front lap. For the rear, there are also covers with zippers.


  • Resistant to dirt and scratch
  • Resistant to wears
  • Easy cleaning


  • Not compatible with center seat buckles

08. Omoka Auto Seat Cover

Highlighted Features

  • Elastic Design
  • Removable Headrest
  • Airbag Compatible
  • Side full Coverage
  • Anti-slip bottom

The Omoka Auto Seat Cover has an air hole ventilation design. The cover is made of wear-resistant leather that can last for five years without a scratch, not even from a key. The air hole ventilation design makes for its breathability.

This Omoka Auto Seat cover is compatible with vehicles that feature detachable headrests, Airbags, split-bench, solid bench, cup holders, and molded headrests.

This cover is very easy to install. This product comes with an installation manual that can guide users to install their covers in just 25 mins without difficulties. So you don’t need any expertise to follow the instructions on the manual.

The surface is very easy to clean. The lines on the side make it compatible with airbags and also increase the comforting deal of the seat cover.

Once the cover is properly installed, it does not slide while in use.


  • Resistance to wears
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Airhole ventilation makes the seat void of foul smell.


  • Not elastic

09. BaoLL Seat Covers

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with Airbags
  • Non-slip silicone
  • Seat belt Compatible
  • Steel hooks and rounded plates
  • Installation Manual

Baoll Seat Cover is an amazing design tailored to bring comfort to users and as well protect their seats from looking older than it was used.

The surface is made of leatherette of high quality. The material is also characterized by waterproof, wear-resistant features. This makes it very easy to clean with the use of a towel soaked in water.

Beyond the surface, it is packed with a thick foam of high density to provide a succulent effect on the body of users as they sit on it.

The aesthetics are not something to be ignored as it holds a sleek appearance that can revamp your old car’s looks and make it appear like a new one.

Generally, its design is fitting for a variety of vehicles ranging from cars to trucks and SUVs. Just like every other seat cover, it is very easy to install. To make installation a lot less stressful, this comes with an installation manual.


  • Resistant to friction
  • Resilient to spill and stains
  • Easy cleaning


  • It is not elastic

10. Fremont Auto Seat Covers

Highlighted Features

  • Airbag Compatible
  • Elastic straps and hooks
  • Tuck stoppers
  • High resilient material

Beyond the aesthetics that this cover is laced with, it offers a lot of exciting features as well.

The Fremont Auto seat cover is made of PVC leather which makes it resistant to water and stain at the highest level even more than conventional leather can afford to offer.

This makes it very much easier to clean and saves you the worries of having to change seat covers within short intervals because of stains.

Beneath the leather is a softly packed piece of materials that provides comfort to users while they are on the go.

The Fremont Auto cover comes with a lot of exciting items in its package which includes front low back bucket covers, rear backrest cover, rear bottom bench cover, and headrest covers.

This cover is compatible with any vehicle having side airbags. It also comes with elastic straps and hooks together with tuck stoppers which makes the cover fit perfectly when installed without sliding.


  • Resistant to water and stains
  • Universal compatibility
  • Easy cleaning
  • Airbag Compatibility


  • Tucks out easily.

Buying Consideration for the Best Seat Covers For Chevy Traverse

Buying Consideration for the Best Seat Covers For Chevy Traverse

A lot of car users wouldn’t consider getting a seat cover worth the dime it would cost them. Some might want to give excuses that there is no point spending much on a property you don’t spend most of your days in. As true as that, there is more to consider when it comes to the use of your car.

Some persons who spend long hours of their days in a car can attest that it can bring them a lot of aches when they retire for the day. Beyond the aesthetic looks that your car would wear when you get a seat cover, there are other benefits it offers you.

We might want to overlook the fact that good posture matters, it is not only restricted to standing, walking, sitting, and reading. A good driving posture is something you would want to maintain. This would reduce the intensity of aches that would result from driving for long hours assuming a wrong posture and most seat covers feature such uniqueness in their design.

One decision you would want to make is to arrange your sitting position in a way that you are not too far from the staring or your legs needs to be stretched a lot much more to hit the brake pad. Also, you don’t want to lean towards your steering too close in a way that stresses your backbone. Getting a seat cover with a comfortable headrest and succulent materials can help support your back properly.

Here are more factors that you would have to consider before getting a seat cover.

Aside from all other factors, there are three primary factors you must consider before you buy a seat cover.

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01. Aesthetics

This might sound a little bit trivial but you don’t want to get just any seat cover that doesn’t catch the eye in addition to its other uses. Texture, design, and styles are key elements that make for the aesthetics of your car seat cover. Although what most people see is the exterior of your car, giving the interior a worthy consideration contributes to the overall aesthetics of your car.

Seat covers come in different styles. Some are with statement center panels and quilted seams. While some come in leather-like materials that give a touch of class and luxury to the overall look of the car.

However, there is a need to weigh two other factors before you make your purchase.

02. Materials

Car seat covers come in varieties of materials. There is one we refer to as fabric mesh or sometimes leather options. A quick search through some websites will reveal that there are lots of materials used for seat covers. They range from canvas to neoprene, jacquard, velour, and even denim, you might think it is a different kind of denim, not at all, it is the one you know.

When choosing your material, you should go beyond style and consider durability, feel, and breathability. Of course, you have to weigh the pros and cons to know what suits you and your itinerary.

For example, if all you want is to just protect your seats without minding the look on your interior, a velour material is a fit. It is just like the conventional upholstery, so the additional thing it does is to add comfort.

This material is soft and not able to resist wear and scratches like other materials like jacquard.

Materials like neoprene might be a better consideration for you as it is mild in hot weather. I suppose the last thing you want is for your car seat to get hot on a sunny day, leather materials sponsor such an experience. But before you discard that consideration, you should consider the factor below.

03. Ease of Cleaning

When you have your car interior looking aesthetically pleasing, another thing you must put to mind is to maintain that look

For different seat cover materials, there are different ways to clean them so that they will last long.

To clean a seat cover of fabric material, you are to use a handheld vacuum to remove specks of dirt ingrained into its seams. For a leather cover, you use warm water and soap. Don’t use bleach or any ammonia-based solvents, because it damages leather. Scrubbing a leather material will give it scratches. So, you must avoid that.

Ideally, you should change your seat cover at a 6-month interval. It could be less depending on whether it is peeling, fading, or having a foul smell.

Waterproof seat covers are the most preferred because it is easier to clean. So you don’t have to be worried when you spill any liquid on your car seat because it will not penetrate your seat. Also, you don’t have to deal with the aftermath of dealing with a foul smell from the spill.


Now you know what luxury and comfort using the best seat covers can afford you and the factors to consider in making your purchase.

Above are some of the best seat covers we have taken the time to uncover, which can equally serve your taste.

When you think of getting a seat cover, use these reviews to make an intelligent and informed decision. You wouldn’t get a lesser value than what these products promise.

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