Step-by-Step Guide on How To Remove Speed Limiter On Chevrolet Silverado?

how to remove speed limiter on chevrolet silverado

The trendy Chevy Silverado truck has a remarkable topmost speed of 114 miles per hour for its size. However, some trucks incorporate a speed limiter in their engine control unit (ECU) to enforce a lower maximum speed. This limiter is set up mainly to ensure safety with minimized devastating road accidents, safeguard the engine from …

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Silverado Leveling Kit Problems and Solutions – A Comprehensive Guide

silverado leveling kit problems

A few days ago, you decided to attach the leveling kit to your Chevy Silverado 2500HD without considering the negative impacts. Now you noticed the Silverado Leveling Kit Problems that started to damage the engine compartment by showing some signals. What can you do to fix the situation? We usually notice the Silverado leveling problem …

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10 Best Exhaust Headers for Chevy 350 – Review & Buying Guide for 2023

best exhaust headers for chevy 350

There are many aftermarket exhaust headers, but not all of them are worth your purchase. They can come in the guise of being the best when they are not!  Every Chevy 350 engine deserves the best for greater compression and cost-effective fuel consumption, and the finest exhaust headers for Chevy 350 are designed to enable …

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