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Silverado Leveling Kit Problems – Fix Those Now by Experts!

A few days ago, you decided to attach the leveling kit to your Chevy Silverado 2500HD without even thinking about the negative impacts. Now you noticed the Silverado Leveling Kit Problems that started to damage the engine compartment by showing some signals. What can you do to fix the situation?

We usually notice the Silverado leveling problem when you miss the proper installation, alignment problems, angle issues, tough while driving, suspension damage, the problem with shocks, tie rods, fuel efficiency, braking difficulties, or eventually the level kit might hamper the warranty time. However, repairing or replacing any part will give you a smooth riding experience.

This article will cover every possible reason and the way we should handle the Silverado. Remember, you are here to educate yourself to get rid of leveling kit difficulties on the vehicle. So, make sure you grab all the crucial points from the article.

Chevy Silverado Leveling Kit Problems – How to Fix

silverado leveling kit

Suppose you have Silverado 1500 4×4 crew cab 2015. You bought a leveling kit to attach to your vehicle. But do you know what can be the possible disturbance that might come to ruin the entire engine or maybe the automobile? 

Just go through the entire article to know the possible causes and how you should fix and get rid of leveling kit issues. Keep in mind, the fixing part will also be applicable and beneficial in the case of 2016 to 2022 Chevy Silverado leveling kit problems.

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Inappropriate Installation

The first mistake we do is not installing the leveling kit properly. You should know that the total load of the vehicle depends on the suspension so the secured attachment is mandatory. However, you can follow the given advice below:

  1. The installation process is quite easy if you have basic knowledge. 
  2. But if you feel uncomfortable, call a professional to do the job. They have all the solutions for improper level kit installation trouble. 
  3. We also suggest using a high-end leveling kit. 
  4. What about checking youtube videos? There are plenty and you can save some money just by following the proper installation process of leveling kit.

Alignment Get Messed Up

Recently your 2018 Silverado leveling kit problems are triggering the vehicle parts. As you noticed the vibration at high speed so we are taking an alignment problem with the Silverado vehicle. This is crucial to complete your installation and make sure you align the truck. 

Typically, a truck with a taller stance will cause the alignment to be incorrect. Therefore, it is a must to readjust the casters when leveling. However, do you know how does the ruined alignment hamper? 

When you miss aligning the front, the vehicle causes premature tire wear or tires become weak, you notice a vibration when at high speed, and the truck might pull to one side while riding. So, the caster is a core part here! So, what could be the effective solutions? 

  1. You can solve the problem by measuring the height and then doing the proper adjustment. 
  2. Users should also adjust their headlights to reduce the height challenges. 
  3. We often think, bigger wheels will resolve the leveling kit problem but we are totally ignorant about the fact that it might affect the steering, brakes, or handling process. So, it would be better if you take the vehicle to an auto shop to align the kits. 

Caster Angle on Silverado

Are you familiar with the caster angle? Whenever looking at the Silverado car from the side, the angle produced by a line connecting the upper and lower steering pivots and a vertical reference line is called the castor.

The issue with the caster angle will result from improper installation. But how can the castor angle be adjusted to be equal on the left and right front sides?

  1. Measure the vehicle’s caster.
  2. The steering is rotated 20 degrees in each direction while the automobile is held stationary on a turntable to measure the caster.
  3. Move the outer upper ball joint in the direction of the vehicle’s rear if you wish to increase the positive caster.
  4. Move it towards the front of the vehicle if you wish to enhance the negative caster or decrease the positive one.

Difficult to Handle

After the level kit is installed, so many changes come. The Silverado leveling system problem might cause you to sit unevenly tire wear and increase the risk of handling issues.

The damage is normal and repairable because of the boost in air pressure and early off-road lug. The vehicle may understand the driver’s signal slowly, may stray off on its own, or might improve bump steering. These include wheels that are too heavy for the systems, steering geometry that leans in an unfavorable path, or uneven tires. However, the easy ways to resolve the issue are:

  1. We call it steering abnormalities that need to be fixed by taking the help of a customized steering wheel with equal length.
  2. Ensure the axle and tie rod are parallel.
  3. When locating a solid rear axle below your Silverado car, a Panhard bar should be employed, and it’s crucial that the track bar be parallel to it.
  4. Employ a hydraulic ram for having fit larger tires.
  5. Additionally, you should give importance to the proper maintenance and steering stabilizers.

The Suspension System is Damaged

Another component that has the great necessity to be in shape is the suspension system. On the other side, a leveling kit that contains extra weight limits the amount of weight that your suspension system can support.

Therefore, the suspension system may ultimately become worn out from the leveling kit change. Even we discovered that the front suspension had worn down after only ten thousand kilometers. In another discussion, someone mentioned that they have paid $6K to completely rebuild their IFS suspension. But why high cost and how to overcome the 2018 Silverado leveling kit problems?

  1. Checking the suspension geometry is a must.
  2. The truck’s rear suspension should be higher according to the fundamental design.
  3. Since you don’t know much about the leveling kit damage, you can hire a skilled technician to fix the suspension system.
  4. Confirm that the suspension system is appropriate before using it.

Problem with Shocks

silverado shocks

The original shocks are not made to fit the leveled Silverado’s taller stance or the large gap between your wheel and the axle. In general, your Chevy won’t offer better performance with the preinstalled shocks after installing the leveling kit. Additionally, You will experience more bouncing and rough riding in the roadway. Consequently what you should perform are:

  1. Detach the old shocks.
  2. For the Chevy, attach bigger shocks that won’t break.
  3. Ensure that these components won’t be as high-quality as those used by the manufacturer.
  4. You can keep the vehicle from lifting too high
  5. If the height variation is kept to a minimum, you can keep the other parts more secure.

Tie Rod Issue

Installing a leveling with the Silverado changes the tie rod’s angle. Basically, your vehicle’s taller stance puts extra pressure on the tie rods that ultimately break or twist. Ain’t this frustrating? However, we have some easy-fixing ideas.

  1. Grab the customized tie rods.
  2. Or, using the facility’s post-industrial vehicle tie rods won’t be less effective since it’s made for using leveling kits in Chevy Silverado.

Gas Mileage Lackings

Vehicles that need speed plus great fuel economy commonly remain as near to the ground as possible. Since nothing lasts forever, your Silverado will eventually run out of gas and there will be a great impact on fuel efficiency. According to certain research, we found, including 2″ of elevation might have a 20% influence on the fuel economy.

It is estimated that the Chevy will need more power and mileage as it rises up, with a proportional rise in fuel demand. You should therefore perform the following task:

  1. Do not lift the vehicle too much to decrease the gas.
  2. Or we say a shock replacement can be a good decision.

Lack of Maintenance

Including a new part like leveling kit changes the shape of your Silverado. Leveling kits have a big influence on your vehicle that push you to maintain some other parts like rods, shocks, suspension systems, and more. Leveling kit increases the risk of wear and tear out of any parts. Consequently, the following ideas will keep the Silverado safe.

  1. You have to understand the compartment and capacity of your vehicle with proper maintenance. 
  2. Remember, the more height you lift, the more care is required!

Void of Warranty

So many manufacturers out there void the vehicle’s warranty whenever you install the leveling kit. They don’t prefer to take responsibility for any damage after leveling kit installation. Anyway, we have some good ideas for you!

  1. Read the warranty policy and manufacturer condition first.
  2. You can try to convince them to not void the warranty after attaching the leveling kit.
  3. It would be better if you wait until the warranty period is over or otherwise, the company won’t offer you repair or replacement service with a warranty.
  4. Use leveling kits that are so friendly with the vehicle and won’t demand any welding or cutting.

Some Additional Tips For Silverado Leveling Kits Problems

We have some tips for your Silverado. Therefore, following them will definitely benefit you.

  • After driving, try to always check the car’s condition.
  • Choose the ideal kits for your Silverado to have a good riding experience without trouble.
  • Do proper maintenance and servicing to avoid investing in unexpected costs.
  • You can take professional advice rather than do your own experiment to solve the problem.
  • Avoid loading your truck with heavy loads and excessive pulling.
  • Don’t always trust youtube DIYs since there might have unclear solutions.


We have some queries that most users have asked. So we are including the answers below.

1. Do leveling kits cause problems?

Yes, it causes a problem when you lift them too much since it changes the overall shape of the car. Commonly, vehicle parts become wear and tear out and the suspension system gets into trouble. However, you should ensure proper installation and maintenance.

2. How does a leveling kit affect ride quality?

Basically, the handling process is affected by the leveling kit. Because of the increased center of gravity, the car is more pointy when moving. Also, keep in mind that leveling kits meant to increase off-road efficiency typically include front and back shocks of the best quality.

3. Is a 2.5-inch leveling kit bad for your truck?

Generally, most leveling kits raise the front of the car by about 2 or 2.5 inches. Without changing the design overall, it improves with rake adjustment. But lifting too much will affect the vehicle’s design.

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Bottom Line

It’s not about Silverado Leveling Kit Problems, it’s also about some other vehicles that face the same type of conditions. This article has revealed how we should deal with the leveling kit issues. All the problems we mentioned especially the installation, alignment, and fuel economy should be maintained. 

The most important part to note is “Never lift your leveling kit too high.” It’s the main culprit job you will ever do to push your Chevy Silverado into trouble. Additionally, think about the voiding of warranty time whenever you choose to install the level kit.

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