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How To Engage 4 Wheel Drive GMC Sierra – Complete Ditail Explained

Which pickup can challenge the 2023 Sierra 1500? Have you recently checked this latest 4 wheel drive model? Ain’t this a beast-like vehicle? A four-wheel truck is advantageous in every condition or on any difficult surface, including slippery roads, muddy pathways, snowy rural areas, or uneven gravel driveways. But how to engage 4 wheel drive GMC Sierra?

By using the 4-wheel shift lever, the GMC Sierra 4 Wheel generally has the capacity to manually engage it. Therefore, the GMC Sierra 4WD system must be turned on from the driver’s seat, though.

You can simply pick from 4 different modes to drive the vehicle. Plus, this article will try to deliver some system understanding of 4-wheel so that your next journey becomes much more convenient while you drive.

How to Engage 4 Wheel Drive GMC Sierra – 4 Different Modes to Use

gmc sierra 4 wheel drive

The GMC Sierra Drive’s 4 wheels send an equal amount of power to each one, making it more efficient on difficult terrain than a 2-wheel vehicle. Also, a four-wheel drive gives significant control because it has a bit more traction than a two-wheel drive. Anyway, we want to address all of the vehicle’s modes so that you can choose what feels right and understand how to activate four-wheel drive.

Mode 1: 2-Wheel Drive

When it comes to the 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 Truck, the 2-wheel drive mode is a standard one but you have 4-wheel drive as well. Any smooth, flat, or paved roads do not require four wheels to be used for navigation.

In this system, the transferring case is given power before the rear axles and wheels receive it. As there is little chance of car damage on smooth roads, this default driving mode is one that we typically choose.

Mode 2: High 4-Wheel Drive

Here comes the use of four-wheel drive on slippery or soft surfaces, such as icy or muddy ones. Why do we use high-range, “4-wheel” trucks? Here, the transferring case distributes power to the front and rear axles along with all four wheels after engaging the front axle. There is a possibility of encountering the condition known as “crow hop,” which refers to tiny mismatches in tire size with track length that lead to problems on high-friction terrain.

This model is built with a transfer case that can be switched on the fly to make shifting from a 4 to 2-wheel drive simple. However, bear in mind that the increased 4-wheel drive mode is extremely inappropriate for flat roads with good traction.

Mode 3: Low 4-Wheel Drive

Engaging 4WD or  4↓ improves your car’s traction on the roadway in low-traction situations, particularly for fast-changing lanes on wet roads and secure footing in muddy areas. The torque transmitted to the wheels is massively increased and almost doubles when in low range.

Whenever we get stuck in the mud, sand, or icy grounds, we switch to this wheel drive mode to transfer power to the wheels. Turn on this option, particularly for off-road driving, and keep your speed under 45 mph.

In this mode, the drivers must put the transmission in neutral to disconnect the torque and enable gear shifting by the transfer case. You could find that the manual 4-wheel drive on your 1992 GMC Sierra won’t engage. Basically, it happens if the front differential is not engaging, therefore check the solenoid. 

However, it’s beneficial in Manual Shift Transfer cases to keep the car going at less than 3 to 5 mph while changing into 4 to let the gears’ teeth line up. Remember, you should stay away from the dry roadside.

Automatic 4-Wheel Drive

Another mode we use to switch wheel drive to four-wheel drive is 4WD Auto Mode. The Sierra RWD GMC can simply change from auto 2-wheel drive to auto 4-wheel drive. When choosing between a smooth path and a difficult road, choose the setting.

Generally, the front axle is engaged with “auto” or the automatic 4×4 mode. However, in regular condition, the transfer case directs most of the vehicle’s power to the back wheels and clutches and adjusts the front torque to increase traction plus offer stability.

How Does 4-Wheel GMC Sierra Perform?

We already talked about the engaging facts but still, we would like to mention the major points about the way GMC 4 Wheel operates. Let’s check out.

  • The transfer case generally power supplies to the front axle, rear axles, and four wheels after the front axle is engaged.
  • The transfer case on the GMC Sierra 4WD may switch between high-range and low-range gears.
  • Pick from Two-High, Four-High, or Four-Low modes.
  • Ensure the knob and the GMC Sierra 4WD system are activated.
  • Remember that low-range mode has a larger gear ratio than high-range mode.

Identify Sierra Models With 4WD

The most recent edition has 5 trim lines. Every single one fulfills a different purpose. Elevation, SLT, and SLE are widely employed. However, we have a chart so don’t miss out as we have some specifications.

Model2 Wheel Drive4 Wheel DriveStandard 4 Wheel Drive

Common Problems With 4 Wheel Drive GMC Sierra

gmc sierra 4 wheel drive problems

While driving the beast GMC Sierra, we commonly encounter various issues. The most common problems are:

  • Stuck 4-wheel drive
  • Transferring Case  Position Sensor issues
  • The transfer case sometimes leaks
  • Signaling and indicator difficulties.
  • Shifter fork fracture
  • Chassis-related concerns
  • suspension issues
  • Incorrect lubrication
  • Knob failure caused by jam or brakes.

4-Wheel Drive Engaging: 13 Advice to Follow

We have some great advice for you to drive with the utmost efficiency. Therefore, don’t avoid our tips or you may face trouble that will create a hassle.

  1. The Sierra 4WD is intended for rough ground and not smooth roadways.
  2. Start the engine when your car is in the park so you can simply switch to 4-wheel drive.
  3. Never drive in any area that you are not comfortable with.
  4. Keep the speed limit in control so start driving gently.
  5. Any tough surfaces can be overcome by relying on momentum rather than speed.
  6. Take a walk just before you start driving across the water.
  7. The 4WD must be engaged while the vehicle is in drive or reverse.
  8. Make sure to remove any mud, snow, or other wet materials from under the tires of the Sierra.
  9. Set the shifter to the 4WD setting if you’re using a manual transmission. On the other hand,  an automatic transmission needs to activate the mode.
  10. Your car’s high lights should be turned on to help you see any unexpected obstructions.
  11. When the vehicle is in 4WD, avoid turning the steering wheel or going backward.
  12. Additionally, you should be careful not to overload your truck.
  13. Don’t forget to switch off the ignition and take your key from the lock as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I turn on a 4-wheel drive?

You can easily turn the four-wheel drive just by following the three steps:
a). Just press the lock button on the remote control once, and then double-click.
b). Open the door, then push the start button on the dash or, if you’re driving, sit in the seat, press the brake, then push the “ start ” button.
c). Turn the knob 1 click to the right to engage 4WD after powering the vehicle on, or 2 clicks to enter 4-low by pressing the brake, shifting to neutral, then turning the knob 1 click to the right.

2. What happens if you drive a car with 4WD engaged?

When you are on the highway road, the car can still accelerate plus decelerate if the front wheels start to slide and if it’s operated by the rear wheels. Additionally, when activated at highway speeds on dry pavement, 4-wheel drive systems will potentially wear out quickly. 

3. What is the best pickup 4-wheel drive car GMC or Ford F-150?

In terms of performance, the F150 outperforms the GMC Sierra. This is to say that you should avoid the 4WD because it adds a lot of difficulty and expense. Therefore, 2WD with a limited-slip or Detroit locker differential and the ideal tires will perform almost the same. Possibly you’ll need to pack a winch with a lot of cables if you must drive along a serious roadside. 

4. Do you have to be neutral to engage 4WD?

When the car is completely stopped, some 4-wheel modes can be engaged manually or with the transmission in Park or Neutral. After getting some power in another gear, you can also ride into neutral.

Final Words

So, can you engage your GMC Sierra now if you face any trouble? We believe you have the solution since we introduced how to engage 4 wheel drive GMC Sierra, along with the four different modes that we choose while driving. However, pick the right mode to navigate any surface properly.

In summary, riding a 4×4 successfully demands expertise and trust. Therefore, consider the tips we provided above. Hopefully, you’ll engage the 4 wheels ideally the next time to have an enjoyable driving experience without any trouble.

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