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How to know if my GMC truck has a remote start

Remote start is an automatic technology to control a car from a distance. There are basic and advanced two types of remote start for GMC trucks. But not all models come with an automatic start system. So, how to know if my GMC truck has a remote start?

Inspecting the car key fob is the best to know about the remote start system. You can define whether your GMC has a remote start to see some features on the key fob. This guide will discuss remote start technology, how to know the remote start existence on GMC vehicles and how remote start systems work. So, let’s move to the next section!

What is remote start technology in vehicles?

It is an advanced technology to turn on and off a car automatically. A smartphone application and remote fob generally operate this technology. It allows you to start and stop the car. Even the advanced remote start provides more conveniences to operate a car from a distance.

How to Know if You Have a Remote Starter?

How to Know if You Have a Remote Starter

Here are some quick ways to know if your GMC has a remote start

  • Check the user manual guide if there are any instructions about the remote starter
  • Check the Key fob of the GMC car and notice if there is an extra button
  • Check the key fob buttons carefully to make sure about the extra button

User manual checking:

Every user manual comes with the included features of an item. So, check the index page of the user manual. If your GMC has a remote starter, it must be included in the user manual. You will get a detailed guide on how to use remote starters.

Key Fob Checking:

The key fob should have a specialized button for remote starters. Therefore, check all buttons of the key fob system. If you have a special button, ensure your car has a remote starter. Most remote starter button symbol looks like an arrow or partial circle. Sometimes, the symbol would be different.

Test out the feature:

Have you already got an additional button at the key fob system and got the instructions about remote starters in the user manual? Then, make a test to check the system is working correctly. For this, you need to lock the car and double-click on the remote starter button from the key fob.

How Do Remote Start Systems Work?

A remote starter works based on two primary functions: a radio receiver and a remote transmitter. The radio receiver is a built-in function of a vehicle. This receiver accepts the distance signal from the smartphone app or key fob. Here smartphone app and key fob work as a remote transmitter.

A remote starter generally works excellently in a colder area or winter season. It is efficient to defrost or activate the car engine in cold climates.

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Factory vs Aftermarket Remote Start

Factory remote starters are built into the vehicle, and aftermarket starters must be installed. When one wants to get the most out of a remote start, installing an aftermarket remote starter is best. Here are the common differences between factory and aftermarket remote starters.

Features Factory Remote Starter Aftermarket Remote Starter
Range and Capabilities Limited Extensive
Controlling Range 30 feet and close to the car 800-ft to 3-miles
Signal One-way Two-way
Security System Basic Security Advanced Security


Features Built-in Upgraded with the time


What is required to install an aftermarket starter?

What is required to install an aftermarket starter

The built-in starter always comes with basic advantages. However, advanced users love to get more features. If you decide to install an aftermarket remote starter for added convenience, here are the following tips.

  • Control module for remote start
  • Transmitter to control the system
  • Professional for installing the starter

Final Words:

We hope you understand if my GMC truck has a remote start. Inspecting the user manual index and checking the key fob system are the two main ways to ensure the remote starter’s existence.

If your GMC does not have a remote starter yet, you can enjoy the advance controlling by installing an aftermarket starter. However, it would help if you had a professional installer for this task. A professional installer will help to choose the right remote starter and install it correctly.

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