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The Ultimate Guide to Replacing Your GMC Canyon Running Boards

If you’re the proud owner of a GMC Canyon, you know that every part of your truck contributes to its functionality and style. Running boards are no exception. They not only enhance the look of your vehicle but also provide a step-up for ease of entry and additional protection for your truck’s body.

However, like any part exposed to the elements and constant use, they can wear out or get damaged. That’s where this guide comes in handy. We’re going to walk you through the process of replacing your GMC Canyon running boards, ensuring your truck stays in tip-top shape.

Understanding Running Boards

Running boards are the sturdy steps attached to the side of your truck. They’re designed to handle the weight of passengers stepping in and out, all while facing the brunt of road debris and adverse weather conditions. For GMC Canyon owners, they’re a blend of practicality and aesthetics, giving your truck a robust look and a helping step.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Running Boards

Over time, running boards can become worn or damaged. Look for signs of rust or corrosion, especially if you live in a wet or snowy climate. If they’re bent or the non-slip surface is worn down, it’s time for a replacement to ensure safety and maintain your truck’s value.

Choosing the Right Running Boards for Your GMC Canyon

Choosing the Right Running Boards for Your GMC Canyon

When Choose a new running boards, consider the material (aluminum, steel, plastic), size, and your budget. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts will guarantee a perfect fit, but aftermarket options can offer more styles and sometimes better prices. Think about what’s important for your driving needs and make a choice that balances quality and cost.

Tools and Materials Needed

Before you start, gather all the necessary tools and materials. You’ll need a socket set, wrenches, a screwdriver, and possibly a drill if you’re installing a type that requires new holes. Don’t forget safety gear like gloves and goggles.

Preparing Your Vehicle

Start by parking your Canyon on a flat surface and giving yourself plenty of room to work. Clean the area where the running boards will attach to ensure a secure fit and to check for any damage that might need addressing before installation.

Removing the Old Running Boards

Removing the old running boards is usually straightforward. Unbolt them from the truck’s frame, taking care to support them as you go to prevent them from falling and causing injury or damage. If bolts are rusted or stripped, a penetrating oil can help loosen them.

Installing the New Running Boards

Installation is the reverse of removal. Hold the new running board in place and hand-thread the bolts to ensure proper alignment. Once everything lines up, tighten the bolts securely. It’s crucial not to over-tighten and strip the threads, as this can cause issues down the line.

Post-Installation Checks

After installation, double-check all bolts and make sure the running boards are stable and flush against the truck’s body. Give them a test by applying weight to ensure they’re securely attached and ready for regular use.

Maintenance Tips for Your New Running Boards

To keep your new Best running boards in great shape, clean them regularly, especially after exposure to mud, snow, or road salt. Apply a protectant if they’re made of plastic or a rust inhibitor for metal boards to prolong their life.

FAQs For Replacing Your GMC Canyon Running Boards

Q: How often should I replace my running boards?

It depends on their condition and exposure to harsh conditions. Inspect them regularly and replace them when you notice significant wear or damage.

Q: Can I install running boards myself?

Yes, with basic mechanical skills and tools, you can install running boards yourself. Just follow the steps outlined in this guide.


Replacing the running boards on your GMC Canyon is a task that you can accomplish with a bit of time and the right tools. By following this guide, you can ensure that your truck remains safe, functional, and looking good. So roll up your sleeves and give your Canyon the love it deserves.

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