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Which car would you buy: a Tesla Model 3 or a Chevy Volt?

Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Volt are two bestselling electric smaller vehicles. Both have their impressive features. These two models are fierce rivals based on popularity. But which car would you buy: a Tesla Model 3 or a Chevy Volt?

Comparing the similarities and differences between these two electric car models is the way to choose one of these. These are unique in range, performance and charging. Besides, their built history also has a significant impact on their popularity.

In this guide, we will analyze the core features of these electric car models. So, let’s start.

Features of Tesla Model 3 or a Chevy Volt


Chevy Volt:

Chevy Volt is an electric car from a hybrid series with a 38- and 53-miles EPA rating. It is an affordable everyday car that runs on an electric charge. However, it is designed to run on diesel too.

Note that Chevy is the major automotive company’s first hybrid model for smaller cars. The manufacturer achieved multiple awards for this electric model. The starting miles range was 35 in 2010. It received an EPA rating of 53 miles between 2013 and 2017 through various advance versions.

Tesla Model 3:

Tesla’s Model 3 is designed from the inspiration of a previous EV1 model. EV1 model was made in the 1990s when it had some technical difficulties. Later, the upgraded version of the EV1 expanded to the Roadster in 2006.

Hence, the Roadster was upgraded in 2008 and has maximum acceleration and speed. Finally, the manufacturer released the Tesla Model 3 with more advanced features and kept it affordable. It is becoming the best-selling electric car in the world at that time.



Both Chevy Volt and Tesla 3 need 8 hours for full charging. And these need a Juicebox-like home charger. This is the right way to charge a car battery properly while saving a life.

Also, note that charging a Chevy with a DC charger requires an updated port. On the other hand, Tesla doesn’t require upgrading chargers. However, the Tesla 3 model can be charged twice with the level-3 charging port.


The latest price of a Chevy Volt electric car is $25,600. On the other hand, a Tesla 3 model will cost around $46,990. Note that this model 3 price may increase to $57,990 for the long-range car version. Price makes a big difference between the Chevy Volt and the Tesla-3.


Tesla offers more warranty than the Chevy Volt. Besides, the Tesla 3 covers more features like powertrain components. But the Chevy Volt has less warranty support than the Tesla Model 3.

Chevy comes with 80,000 kilometers or four years of warranty. But the Tesla brand offers 160,000 or six years of warranty.


Both the Chevy and the Tesla will protect you with great safety. The manufacturer keeps some advanced features in these models. These include emergency braking, forward collision alert, front pedestrian braking, lane departure warning and distance indicator.

Tesla-3 models come with similar advanced features that a Chevy Volt has. So, they are equal in safety features.

In-car technology:

Chevy and Tesla exist with fairly similar modern technology and conveniences. The tesla-3 has a 15-inches display at the central hub. At the same time, the required functions and infotainment are built inside the tesla-3. The user can sign up for Netflix.

On the contrary, the Chevy Volt is more popular because of having two individual screens. It has one 8 inches display at the instrumental panel and a 10.2 inches display for the infotainer touch screen. It allows you to sign up for Amazon Alexa, Spotify and various weather channels.

Handling & Performance:

Model -3 performs better than the Chevy Volt. Besides, Tesla has special features, including autopilot adaptive cruise control and unique driver-assist. It is impressive that the tesla-3 can reach 0-60 accelerate with half the time of a Chevy Volt.

On the contrary, the Chevy Volt has an excellent regenerative braking system. The regenerative braking can hold the speed per the off-road condition requirement. Besides, it is more powerful and wide-ranged.

Other Features:

Both Chevy and tesla-3 are similar in size. However, the internal space is different for each model. For example, model 3 is designed for maximum space for the passenger. But Chevy offers more space for cargo.

Another common feature of these electric vehicles is an automatic emergency braking system, blind spot monitoring and traffic alert. Moreover, tesla3 and Chevy Volt have parking assistance and high technological conveniences. Overall, both electric cars are excellent in individual features and performance.

Which car would you buy: a Tesla Model 3 or a Chevy Volt?

We have compared the two popular electric vehicles, Chevy Volt and Tesla 3. Both models have excellent features. However, one is the winner from the other in some cases but not all cases. So, we can’t declare a specific one as the winner, so you can purchase.

What you should buy depends on your demand. Since we have talked about their feature, we hope you’ll consider your preference. If you want to give preference to safety and performance, then both are equal in the list. But when you think about warranty and budget, the Tesla -3 is expensive.

There are a few reasons why Tesla is so expensive. For example, Tesla offers six years of warranty, larger passenger space inside the car and quick charging with the level three battery charger.

However, the Tesla-3 has a negative side: it will run only on electric charge and not on diesel. On the other hand, the Chevy Volt can run with both electric charge and diesel.

Final Verdict:

We hope you can precisely analyze the features of Chevy and Tesla and decide Which car you would buy: the Chevy Volt or tesla-3. One is equal in terms of convenience and performance.

However, the Tesla-3 has some additional advantages. Remember that it is more expensive than the Chevy Volt and the added benefits. If you have enough budget, you can go with the Tesla -3. Chevy is a good choice as the best electrical car.

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