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11 Best Cold Air Intake for GMC Sierra 1500 Reviews in 2023 with Buying Guide

This article provides a great insight into the world of reliable and investment-worthy air intake systems. Our list of air intake designs/brands ensures everyone gets the best cold air intake for GMC Sierra 1500, irrespective of their desired features and budget.

Over the years, the GMC SIERRA 1500 has enjoyed great popularity among truck owners. While its performance is undoubtedly impressive, the owner will sometimes face a few maintenance issues, just as what is experienced with other top-rated truck designs.

A prevalent/persistent issue GMC Sierra owners might find unavoidable is a damaged/faulty cold air intake system.

Although there are several products to pick from when looking for a replacement option. Picking the ideal design might be complex or tricky, especially with no previous purchase experience or knowledge.

This issue/struggle is what our list of highly-rated air intake systems seeks to solve.

When looking out for an intake system to buy, some of the most reliable and performance-satisfying brands to consider are K&N, Rough Country, Airaid, aFe Power, Auto Dynasty, Spectre Performance, Velocity Concepts, MOOSUN, SUPERFASTRACING, and ‎Rtunes Racing.


Comparison Table for the Best Cold Air Intake for GMC Sierra 1500

K&N ‎63-3082
K&N ‎77-3070KP
Rough Country
aFe Power
Auto Dynasty
Spectre Performance
Velocity Concepts

What is the best cold air intake for GMC Sierra 1500?

After a careful and comprehensive analysis of several GMC Sierra 1500 compatible air intakes on the market. We are pleased to announce/present eleven (11) of the best options anyone could purchase for maximum value and performance (improved throttle response and acceleration).

These cold air intake systems spread across various price ranges, ensuring everyone gets a solid product that matches their purse or budget. Irrespective of the price (affordable or premium), these products are made from the finest construction materials for quality assurance.

The air intakes on our list of the best cold air intake systems for the GMC Sierra 1500 offer extraordinary durability. Hence, they can withstand/sustain whatever the road or weather throws at them.

While the qualities/attributes they all possess are undeniable, each design has its uniqueness, which distinguishes them from one another.

After close considerations and inspections of these air intake systems, we finally settled for the K&N air intake as our preferred option. 

Why is K&N the best cold air intake for GMC Sierra 1500?

K&N is a well-known brand to new and existing GMC Sierra 1500 owners. Whenever discussions or debates about the best design/brand to consider for the cold air intake comes up, a conversation without the K&N is incomplete.

The brand has earned its popularity due to the consistency it deploys in creating top-quality and reliable components/accessories.

The K&N cold air intakes are available in various styles, making it possible for interested buyers to have different options to pick from in terms of suitability and preference.

The construction material is top-notch, keeping the engine protected from elements or particles that could affect performance or result in premature engine damage.

Top 11 Best Cold Air Intake for GMC Sierra 1500 Reviews

01. K&N ‎63-3082 – Overall Best Cold Air Intake for GMC Sierra 1500


Highlighted Features

  • 2014-2020 GMC Sierra
  • High-density polyethylene tube material
  • 50% additional/extra airflow
  • Black factory-like finish
  • Dimension:24.09 x 15.51 x 14.49 inches
  • 19 pounds in weight

The K&N needs no introduction.

The brand has gained a community of loyal users over the years, thanks to the consistent and reliable quality its product offers/delivers, irrespective of the acquisition cost

If anyone is considering the best cold air intake, they could get for their truck. Especially when it comes to improving the overall engine performance at a price that is reasonable/decent enough. K&N ‎63-3082 is a top consideration.

The durable/high-density polyethylene tube material can sustain the pressure/threats from elements and particles road and weather conditions may direct towards it.

Its construction style also eliminates the possible penetration of particles/contaminants that may affect the engine’s health, eliminating complications that may result in premature damage.

When it comes to attachment, the installation design/style (bolt-on) makes it easy for anyone to achieve a quick/effortless integration.

As a result, special tools are not required/necessary. Also, modifications such as drilling, cutting, and trimming are eliminated.

K&N ‎63-3082 upgrades the engine’s performance. Besides, it delivers improved acceleration, sound, and throttle response, among other qualities.


  • Enhances the vehicle’s towing capabilities
  • Increase in engine sound
  • Increase in horsepower and throttle response
  • Washable/cleanable filter


  • Little or no addition/upgrade to MPG

02. MOOSUN – People’s Choice Cold Air Intake for GMC Sierra


Highlighted Features

  • ‎1999-2006 GMC Sierra 1500
  • Up to 95% filtration efficiency
  • Alloy steel construction & carbon-black powder coating
  • Heatshield (steel-made)
  • 96 x 11.02 x 5.91 inches in dimension
  • 89 pounds in weight

MOOSUN Cold Air Intake comes with several beneficial and excellent features that vehicle owners will appreciate.

Like every other product on our list, this design allows an efficient inflow of clean and oxygen-filled air across the cylinders while letting out the hot air.

Nevertheless, it possesses a component that is not popular among some other designs, even a few of the expensive options on the market.

In addition to the intake tube, a steel-made heatshield is also included or added to the kit.

The heatshield’s role is to ensure the hot air that is evacuated or released by the air intake doesn’t cause any harm to other components or parts of the engine.

Although the alloy steel construction material assures optimum durability, keeping it safe from impacts/situations that could result in early damage. The carbon-black powder coating increases its robustness, assuring extended use.


  • Attractive build/design
  • Long-lasting use/performance
  • Top-level construction quality
  • Delivers extra horsepower and torque


  • It doesn’t increase/optimize gas mileage

03. K&N ‎77-3070KP – Best Value GMC Sierra Cold Air Intake


Highlighted Features

  • ‎2009-2014 GMC Sierra
  • High-density polyethylene​ tube construction
  • Oiled 4-layer​ cotton​
  • Red cone​ air filter
  • 25 x 14.25 x 12.5 inches in dimension
  • 22 pounds in weight

The K&N ‎Performance Air Intake System is one of the most significant addition or investments anyone could make to their vehicle. Although the price is a bit high, its benefits provide enough satisfaction to cover the excess.

While several products are fuelled by hype and the name behind the creation or construction. This air intake is pushed by what it can do, primarily the upgrade it delivers to the engine for overall performance optimization.

Its durable tube construction ensures it can deliver consistent highly-rated performance across all conditions. It extensively deals with pressure/stress, ensuring the engine’s health and performance are not impacted.

K&N ‎Performance Air Intake System’s attachment raises the vehicle’s horsepower, thanks to the additional air it offers to elevate the combustion process. Also, acceleration and throttle response are optimized significantly.

The increase in acceleration and throttle performance deliver excellent towing performance.

The maintenance process is also as effortless as the installation. Hence, users do not have to worry about the consistent replacement of the filter. The filter that comes with it can be easily cleaned and reused after covering one hundred thousand (100K) miles.


  • The filter is washable and can be reused
  • Long-lasting use and performance
  • Increases airflow by additional 50%
  • Protects the engine from particles that could contaminate it


  • A bit pricey

04. Rough Country ‎10551 Cold Air Intake


Highlighted Features

  • ‎2014-2018 GMC Sierra
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Reusable air filter
  • 24 x 15 x 10 inches in dimension
  • 85 pounds in weight

Coming up next on our list is the Rough Country ‎10551.

Several designs on the market promise one performance benefit or the other that they eventually fail to deliver or are incapable of offering.

Over the years, this air intake system has gained widespread adoption and recommendations from several buyers. It offers satisfying performance to individuals who desire a product that makes an instant/immediate impact on the engine’s performance.

It delivers practically all the performance benefits highlighted/discussed in the product description.

Compared to selected designs offered within a similar price range, only a few can stand head to head in terms of quality and performance.

Although it is offered as a pocket-friendly option that individuals on a budget can pick up for their vehicles, the quality is decent for the price.

Not at any point is the quality substituted for the price, ensuring the engine’s performance and health aren’t compromised.

The design/construction style improves the vehicle’s appearance. Also, it facilitates the introduction of more clean/cool air into the engine for increased combustion.

The filter is reusable. After completing the recommended miles, vehicle owners can take it out, wash, and reinsert it.


  • No drilling/cutting is necessary/required before mounting
  • Significant raise in throttle response and acceleration
  • Increases airflow for improved combustion
  • Affordable and easy to install


  • The filter’s quality could be improved/raised

05. Airaid 200-382 Cold Air Intake


Highlighted Features

  • ‎2019-2020 GMC Sierra
  • Aerodynamically-engineered intake tube
  • Washable/reusable air filter
  • Bolt-on installation design
  • 3 x 16.3 x 17.8 inches in dimension
  • 92 pounds in weight

Airaid 200-382 clicks effortlessly on compatible vehicles, making it an instant success for engine optimization.

Although the price is pretty high, keeping it out of the reach of many prospective buyers due to budget restrictions. Truck owners who can accommodate the price or afford to pay a premium for a product that delivers exceptional quality and increases performance will find this option appealing.

The bolt-on installation system allows easy attachment, eliminating the need for unnecessary modifications or adjustments. Most importantly, the fitment and compatibility must be adhered to.

Once installation/attachment is completed or finalized, it clears the air pathways for unrestricted airflow. Also, it increases the distribution of clean and oxygen-rich air across the cylinders for improved combustion.

The increased combustion significantly improves performance (additional horsepower), ensuring the engine delivers optimum power that facilitates uncompromised/quality operation.

Airaid 200-382 comes with or uses an easy-to-clean or washable air filter. This air filter is made from a top-quality material that adequately protects the engine by keeping contaminants away.


  • Eliminates restrictions across air pathways
  • Increased movement of oxygen-rich air across the cylinders
  • Effortless installation
  • Optimizes horsepower for improved engine performance


  • Costly

06. aFe Power ‎51-74104 Cold Air Intake


Highlighted Features

  • 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 (V8-5.3L/6.2L)
  • Oiled and washable synthetic media
  • Built-in sight window
  • 12 extra horsepower
  • 15 lbs. x ft. additional torque
  • 12 pounds in weight

When it comes to qualities/features that most vehicle owners look at in selecting a cold air intake they desire or plan to install on their vehicle. The ease of installation, durability, performance optimization, and value for the purchase cost come top of the list.

Although there are dozens of designs and brands of air intake systems on the market, only a few designs tick the above-listed parameters, and aFe Power ‎51-74104 is one of them.

Although the acquisition cost is high/costly, the premium construction material that assures optimum quality, performance, and protection makes up for the excess interested individuals will have to pay.

If you can afford it, or possibly adjust the agreed/set budget to meet the price. Here is a solid pick ahead of several other top-rated air intakes.

The 3-layer non-oiled, washable synthetic media promotes an additional and sustainable flow of air across the cylinders, optimizing the combustion rate or performance.

The media doesn’t require constant replacement as experienced with some designs. Instead, it can be conveniently removed, washed, and reinserted at the recommended timeline.

In case anyone is interested in shutting/closing the airbox completely, the urethane plug supports such activity.


  • Airbox can be sealed completely
  • Designed for increased performance, convenience, and protection
  • Assures horsepower and torque upgrades
  • Solid/durable construction material


  • Most GMC Sierra owners may find it a bit pricey



07. Auto Dynasty Air Intake System


Highlighted Features

  • 2007-2008 GMC Sierra
  • Aluminum construction
  • Washable/reusable air filter
  • Bolt-on integration/attachment
  • 98 pounds in weight

Auto Dynasty Air Intake System is one of the most reliable and affordable air intake systems anyone can go for.

If anyone has a tight budget and doesn’t want to pick just any product to avoid compromising quality. This proven design can be purchased and installed on a compatible GMC Sierra.

The installation delivers a decent amount of power gains to the engine, offering a considerable addition to horsepower and torque. Also, sound improvement is another plus.

Although the pack doesn’t come with the installation guide/manual. The integration process can be completed or finalized without necessary depending on the instructions, especially if you have previous knowledge of the task.

A first-time installer can rely on the available installation videos online.

To avoid or stay clear of fitment issues, we recommend staying true to the details or information in the product description. Under no condition should anyone attempt to attach or fit it on any other GMC Sierra model besides the recommended options.


  • Value for the money
  • Increased torque and horsepower
  • Excellent sound output
  • Smooth/effortless attachment


  • No instructions

08. Spectre Performance ‎9918 Cold Air Intake


Highlighted Features

  • 2009-2014 GMC Sierra
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 50% additional airflow
  • Top-quality oiled synthetic filter
  • 1 pound in weight

Spectre Performance ‎9918 tops the list of the few affordable air intakes that offer so much quality for improved performance and satisfaction.

In case anyone is wondering why there is so much hype around the brand, their consistency in building solid and competitive accessories is a top ingredient for the popularity they enjoy to date.

As you read along, we will highlight some of the features that differentiate/distinguish this air intake from other designs within a similar class or category.

It is built with a solid stainless material that is adequate to sustain whatever the weather and road throw at it, promising extended use. Also, it offers a decent increase in horsepower and torque for improved acceleration and throttle response.

The additional airflow (50% more) optimizes combustion, ensuring the engine delivers a satisfying operation and performance at all times.

The vehicle won’t find it hard to move fast, especially when placed under load (towing/hauling or when driving across hills or mountains).


  • Built for increased power
  • Pretty affordable
  • The air filter is washable/reusable
  • Blocks contaminants from impacting the engine’s health


  • The mounting bracket’s quality could be reviewed

‎09. Velocity Concepts Cold Air Intake


Highlighted Features

  • ‎1999-2006 GMC Sierra 1500
  • T-306 aluminum black finished
  • Comes with a heat shield
  • Reusable/washable air filter
  • 20 x 14 x 8.5 inches in dimension

Velocity Concepts Cold Air Intake delivers decent horsepower, raising the engine performance considerably.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to experience an engine upgrade, especially if you do not have a sufficient budget to pick up any expensive option. Here is where this air intake comes in.

Although it is not as popular in the air intake system market. It has proven itself a top performer amongst other designs within a similar category or price range.

The aluminum construction assures top-level durability. Hence, ensuring performance isn’t hindered/restricted due to the stress or pressure it may face due to road and weather activities.

It protects the engine from particles or elements that may pose a threat to its health or impact its performance.

If you haven’t conducted an independent air intake attachment before. The process could be somewhat tricky due to the lack of an installation guide/manual. YouTube videos are a great alternative to guide the process or action.

Do not rebuff the fitment and compatibility details. Velocity Concepts Cold Air Intake should only be attached or added to the identified models.


  • Decent upgrade/increase in horsepower
  • Inexpensive option
  • Durable and long-lasting air intake


  • Installation could be somewhat tricky



Highlighted Features

  • 1999-2006 GMC Sierra 1500
  • Alloy steel construction & carbon-black powder coating
  • 8-10% additional horsepower
  • 6-10% extra torque
  • Steel-built heat shield
  • 69 x 11.42 x 7.09 inches in dimension
  • 13 pounds in weight

At a point in time, your vehicle may stop giving the usual excitement. While a vehicle replacement may be the next thing that comes to mind, not everyone can afford to take immediate action.

In case anyone can’t afford to make an expensive replacement when they desire a new feel or identity for their vehicle or possibly do not want to make a quick purchase decision.

Air intake system replacement may be an affordable yet effective upgrade to consider. However, it is essential to avoid going for just any brand or design.

The SUPERFASTRACING Cold Air Intake provides an affordable yet effective means of upgrading/manipulating the vehicle’s performance, feel, and appearance.

Its attractive design adds an exciting touch to the truck, making it look refreshed. Also, it improves horsepower and torque, allowing an obvious optimization in acceleration and throttle response.

The vehicle’s operation becomes renewed, allowing it to take charge on the road, especially handling tasks and loads it finds hard or challenging before the upgrade.


  • Attractive design
  • Increased durability for long-lasting performance
  • The intake sound is pretty impressive
  • Smooth installation using basic repair tools


  • The clamps could be more durable

11. ‎Rtunes Racing Cold Air Intake System


Highlighted Features

  • 2014-2018 GMC Sierra 1500
  • Heatshield kit
  • Mounting components/accessories included
  • Washable/reusable dry air filter
  • ‎21.6 x 12.6 x 11.15 inches in dimension
  • 3 pounds in weight

Rtunes Racing Cold Air Intake System slots in effortlessly on compatible models.

The kit comes with all the vital accessories or components to achieve an exceptional engine upgrade. No extra components are required. Also, the installation can be done using common/basic repair tools.

Once the installation is completed, this product supports adequate air (clean and oxygen-rich) distribution and movement across the engine.

The additional and unrestricted airflow brings about higher horsepower and better throttle performance.

The users won’t have to bother about premature air filter failure or the need to replace it from time to time. Its air filter can be removed, washed, and reinserted once the vehicle covers or crosses the miles the manufacturer recommends for maintenance.


  • Explosive/increased horsepower output
  • Throttle response is optimized
  • Uncomplicated attachment


  • No installation guide or instructions

Buying Considerations for the Best Cold Air Intake for GMC Sierra 1500

01. Price

When making a purchase plan, the decision should tie around how much the buyer or vehicle owner can afford to pay or invest.

The air intakes available on the market spread across various prices, ensuring everyone finds a design that commensurates with their pocket of finances.

Searching for a product without drawing out a budget or having a clear idea of how much you can invest in such a period may result in a futile effort.

Especially when the prospective buyers eventually spend hours looking for the ideal air intake to only find out such a product is out of scope due to budget constraints.

Instead, adopt a budget and search according to such an amount. Look for designs offered within the budget and filter them carefully, leaving you with top options to choose from.

Individuals who can afford quality and reliable air intake, irrespective of the price, may not have to worry about the rigorous research/selection process.

Instead, they can easily settle for a compatible design from any top brand on the market.

Whatever the budget may be, we have a list that contains eleven excellent designs across all prices.

02. Brand

The air intake industry is ever-expanding. Hence, new products are introduced daily. Some of these designs are made by unpopular or unknown names/brands, making it difficult to trace or verify their authenticity.

Picking up an unknown air intake is an expensive gamble. The downsides are greater than the benefits, especially when the motivation is their affordable price tag.

To avoid or stay clear of possible disappointment that may result from buying an inadequate air intake, limit your search and selection to any of the top and well-known brands.

While they may be a bit more expensive than unpopular choices, they assure reliable and long-lasting performance amidst several other features/qualities.

03. Installation

An issue anyone will want to avoid or won’t want to face after the rigorous selection process has to do with the installation/attachment.

An individual interested in independent mounting or does not have a budget for a professional installation must be aware and intentional of their choices.

Avoid any product that may require additional or other components aside from the ones provided in the kit. Also, a design requiring modifications/adjustments should not be considered unless there are convincing or notable reasons to do so.

Settling for an air intake system that supports the bolt-on installation allows effortless integration using the basic repair tools.

This supports fast/quick integration, irrespective of the installer’s previous knowledge or understanding of the task.

A first-time installer may consider a product with comprehensive and precise installation instructions to provide helpful guidance and directions.

If the installation manual is absent or not included, appropriate videos on YouTube can be considered an excellent alternative.

04. Fitment

Before going ahead with the purchase or making a payment. It is essential to check the compatibility.

A product with all the attributes or features you desire/prefer isn’t enough. Check it can slot in effortlessly or work with your vehicle model.

An unfit/incompatible air intake system may not work or deliver the expected performance. It may require various modifications/adjustments to add such a design to the vehicle.

The modification process isn’t only expensive (due to the additional components and expensive/special tools required) but also time-consuming.

A practical and very effective method to avoid this stress is to choose a product that is specifically built for the vehicle/truck under consideration.

05. Durability

The construction material must be solid or made from the finest material. A durable/robust air intake is strong enough to withstand the roughest weather and road conditions, ensuring performance is preserved and consistent at all times.

A durable air intake promises long-lasting operation and keeps the engine protected from particles that could frustrate its operation or shorten its lifespan.

FAQs Related to the Best Cold Air Intake for GMC Sierra 1500

01. How much does a reliable/top-quality air intake cost?

As earlier stated, the air intake market is vast and ever-growing. The options available to vehicle owners extend across different prices, making it difficult to give a specific amount of figure across the various price categories.

However, we recognize/acknowledge how important it is to work with figures when coming up with a budget. We will consider the average purchase price for adequate planning.

The average price anyone may need to pay to get a top-quality air intake is between $65 and $500. However, there are other expensive options for individuals who do not mind the cost; so far, they get value and satisfaction from the purchase.

02. What happens if I install a low-quality or inadequate air intake?

When choosing the air intake system to buy, vehicle owners need to understand that whatever purchase decision they make influences or contributes significantly to the engine’s performance.

An inadequate or low-quality air intake won’t deliver similar or close performance to the highly-rated or well-built options.

Considering how expensive and well-made the GMC Sierra 1500 is, we recommend staying clear or avoiding any product that could cause harm to the truck or result in an expensive repair.

03. How important/crucial is the use/addition of the air intake to my vehicle?

The significant benefit that cold air intake offers is high efficiency and performance. It revamps components or systems that are crucial/integral to the vehicle’s operation, ensuring they deliver increased outputs.

A GMC Sierra 1500 that finds it difficult to perform some essential functions peculiar to the truck can return to its glory days through the attachment or integration of a quality air intake.

For instance, a vehicle that finds it hard to swiftly accelerate while towing across the hillside gets enough boost to perform this activity without excessive stress/loads on the engine.

04. How long can the air filter stay before a replacement/upgrade is considered?

Ideally, the air filter is not an accessory that requires constant/regular replacement. When you invest in a top-quality product, the air filter is expected to last for a long time before there may be any need to get it changed with a new one.

We also need to remind prospective buyers that some air filters are designed to be washed after covering several miles. Hence, they can then be reused.

When it comes to replacing this key component of the cold air filter, we recommend following the manufacturer’s recommendation.

05. How much does a professional installation cost?

In case anyone decides to get their air intake fixed by a professional, it is important to note that there is no standard price for labor.

The labor cost may vary based on some factors. These factors include the air intake’s construction or build, the region the installer and vehicle owner lives in, and possible modification/adjustment.

Nevertheless, the average professional installation cost is between $50 & $120.


Usually, having to choose from the several air intake systems on the market could create confusion and may lead to panic.

By relying on our products list, truck owners might find it easier to choose the best cold air intake for GMC Sierra 1500. This ensures they get the ideal choice for their vehicle without any stress or dissatisfaction.

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