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8 Best Performance Chip for GMC Sierra 1500 in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

To boost your GMCs’ power and performance, you need the best performance chip for the GMC Sierra 1500.

Nowadays, any car’s performance improvement greatly affects its quality and durability. There is more and more talk about safe and comfortable driving and the performance they achieve.

This is also the case with the Sierra car model, which can have several modern accessories that affect the further characteristics of the car. Among them, the improvement in acceleration certainly stands out, which is why performance chips were created, which are now easily available.

Comparison Table for the Best Performance Chip for GMC Sierra 1500

Edge Insight
Pedal Commander - PC77
New Range Technology
Edge Diesel Evolution
New Range Technology

Depending on the type of performance chip, the effects may vary from model to model. That is why choosing the chip with the best performance is important. Then comes the logical questions:

What is the best chip for the GMC Sierra 1500?

What is the best chip for GMC sierra 1500

Based on our information and from our point of view, it is the one that is named Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge.

Why is the Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge the best one?

He got our vote according to its qualities and the quality it promotes.

Here are eight models of performance chips with short and detailed descriptions, advantages, and disadvantages, so let the choice be yours after reading these reviews. We have chosen different models to respond to customers’ different needs, and at the same time, I hope we will solve some doubts about the choice.

Type of Chip for GMC Sierra 1500

The GMC Sierra 1500, a popular full-size pickup truck, can be equipped with several chips or modules designed to enhance its performance, fuel efficiency, or other aspects. The specific type of chip can vary depending on the model year and the goals of the modification. Below are common types of chips or modules used in vehicles like the GMC Sierra 1500:

  1. Performance Chips/Tuners: These are designed to increase the vehicle’s horsepower, torque, and overall performance. They adjust the engine’s parameters, such as fuel-to-air ratio, ignition timing, and boost pressure (in turbocharged engines).
  2. Fuel Economy Chips: Aimed at improving fuel efficiency by optimizing the engine’s fuel consumption patterns. While the gains can vary, these chips can help drivers save money on fuel over time.
  3. Transmission Chips: Specifically target the transmission control unit (TCU) to improve how the vehicle shifts gears, enhancing performance and fuel economy by optimizing shift points.
  4. Engine Control Unit (ECU) Chips: The ECU chip is a more general term for chips that modify the engine’s computer. This includes performance tuners and can affect the engine’s operation.
  5. Throttle Response Controllers: Although not technically a “chip,” these devices modify the signal from the accelerator pedal to the ECU to improve throttle response, making the vehicle feel more responsive without altering engine power.

Top 8 Best Performance Chip for GMC Sierra 1500 Reviews

Top 8 Best Performance Chip for GMC Sierra 1500 Reviews

01) Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge



Highlighted Features

  • 5-inch, full-color, high-resolution swiping display
  • Color mixer for gauge arc, needle, and background
  • Different gauge display layouts
  • Monitor the engine parameters
  • HDMI-style plug for power and connecting the EAS accessories
  • One-touch panel navigation
  • Suitable for 1996 and latest automobiles with OBDII connector
  • The light sensitivity meter dims the screen and lessens internet updatable.


Insight CTS3 offers monitoring features for any OBD II automobile if you want to observe and understand the vehicle parameters using Edge’s technology. They have included digital gauge displays with custom tuning equipment and stand-out monitors to provide complete insight into the vehicle, like GMC Sierra operations. Users are impressed when it reads from the diagnostic port like a turbo booster.

On the other hand, the screen is quite clean, like having the best scanner installed in the car. The automobile industry considers this one of the most low-cost alternatives to heavy analog gauges that cost hundreds of dollars and take hours to set up.

The additional features like a light sensitivity meter and cleverly programmed auditory and visual alert system will keep the car always secured. We also discovered that the CTS3 camera adapter and 1998.5-2005 RAM or dodge coverage will be available soon.


  • Easy to set up
  • Multiple gauge screen layouts are available
  • Ideal for monitoring engine parameters
  • Daily drivers and enthusiasts use this nowadays.


  • A user found it stuck in Wifi mode
  • The Australian Ford Falcon FG did not work with this.

02) 8200 DiabloSport inTune i3



Highlighted Features

  • DiabloSport brand special Tuner.
  • Easy to increase power without opening the hood.
  • Make the acceleration more accurate.
  • Enhance drivability.
  • Brings additional low-end power.
  • Pre-loaded with dyno-tested performance modules.


Do you want to improve the drivability and performance of your GMC Sierra 2015? Or you might be tired of searching for a towing tuner that can remove the ineffective DOD and AFM, Right? Don’t worry! Previously, DiabloSport manufactured an amazing tuner for the average tuning consumer.

Whether you have a Ford, Chrysler, or any GM vehicle, the inTune i3 Performance Programmer is the best way to increase power and make the vehicle run more smoothly. We also noticed the 87-octane ex-tune makes the vehicle drive smoother with additional horsepower. 

The inTune i3 programmer comes pre-loaded with dyno-tested programs customized to the automobile. Only one minute will increase the hp along with torque. So, torque management and active fuel management will be excellent. 


  • Easy to use
  • Increase the power
  • Enhance drivability
  • Tuner for average tuning consumers.


  • The user might be tired of Canned tunes.
  • A little bit expensive. 

03) Pedal Commander – PC65 for GMC Sierra 1500

Since the possibility of using the car’s power is mostly limited, the installation of the model will change that.


Highlighted Features

  • For models 2007-2018
  • For gas and diesel
  • Increasing speed
  • Saving money
  • Warranty

Pedal Commander allows your vehicle to reach the maximum in terms of its performance. Using its power, it enables stronger gas, creating the desired speed. It is also possible to control it over the phone. This is the perfect model for the most modern cars.

Pedal Commander decides when it should be turned on, i.e., activated when necessary. He does all this exclusively using, as stated, only the car’s power, without adding anything. He only “better” uses existing performance.

With the help of this gas system, savings are achieved, directly affecting fuel consumption reduction. As soon as it is an example of economy and efficiency in one.

The whole system is very simple and does not require too much time for installation. The installation itself will not affect the validity of the warranty.

We have singled out the most important good performances of the chip model.


  • Improving gas response
  • Longterm quality
  • Mobile application
  • Delay Elimination


  • Expensive model

This model, Pedal Commander – PC65, is the latest in this segment and gives you more than you expect due to the wait on the market and the greatest demand for it.

04) New Range Technology Blue AFM-DFM Disabler



Highlighted Features

  • Range Technology.
  • Fits all V6 & V8 General Motors.
  • Keeps 100% power.
  • Blue color.
  • The emission code is 7.
  • Tuner type.


Buying easy-to-install chips for automobiles has always been the top priority. So, we are introducing the Latest New Range Technology AFM-DFM Disabler for you! With this, the installation will take only 5 to 30 seconds.

It’s a blue beauty that fits all V6 and V8 General Motors active or dynamic fuel management vehicles, such as standard cars, SUVs, or trucks. Additionally, it does not reprogram your factory ECU. If you’re changing the GM vehicles for a new model with AFM or DFM, plug your module into the new one.

You will love how this disabler keeps all 8 cylinders running and lowers mpg, but as it’s a four-wheel drive pickup, the performance will be fine. You can connect it to the onboard OBD-II connector, and the problematic valve lifters will no longer be activated or deactivated.

For example, when the roads are full of snow, heavy roads during traveling will demand power, and you’ll have this to charge forward. Not only that, but it also leaves no trace. So, if you want a trouble-free riding experience with your GMC Sierra 1500, Range Technology’s customized AFM-DFM disabler will be the best choice!


  • Fits in General Motors.
  • Dynamic fuel management.
  • Does not reprogram.
  • Have 100% power.


  • Gas mileage issue sometimes.

The model Force Performance itself is worth considering if we consider all the advantages it provides and its rating from the user’s side.

performance chip is the best

05) 85301 Edge Diesel Evolution CS2 – CA Edition


Highlighted Features

  • Edge Products
  • Easy setup
  • Increased HP
  • Power difference and added torque
  • Great tuner
  • It helps mileage by about 3 to 4 mpg.


The market’s favorite performance chip, CA Edition, is available all over the market for your GMC Sierra 1500. This Evolution CS2 is the most pleasing in-cab monitor and programmer. For having improved fuel economy along with outstanding features such as monitoring, boosting, transmission temperature control, and other engine runnings.

What you’ll appreciate more is their low cost and high efficiency. With this supplement, you can also conserve fuel to keep your vehicle safe. For better automobile performance, this item has additional power, torque rise, and gas that will be received. Since we prefer a better riding experience at the end of the day!

On the other hand, driving in economy mode regularly increases the mileage by roughly 3 to 4 mpg. Then, towing the fifth-wheel RV will make a great impact. Also, the shift point will make sense, plus the temperature will remain low.

So, this chip model is a verified and safe item for your GMC Sierra. The manufacturer will also share the installation instructions with photographs, so don’t worry about the installation. Aside from that, they will give you a guarantee for their service, so insert the chip safely. Overall, the product is a great investment so far!


  • Minimal mileage

06) New Range Technology RED AFM-DFM Disabler



Highlighted Features

  • Range Technology
  • Red color
  • Tuner type
  • Keep 100% power
  • Power and control in any situation
  • Does not reprogram factory ECU
  • Leave no trace
  • Matches all V6 and V8 GM
  • 4.6 ratings out of 5.

We previously discussed the blue version of the AFM-DFM Disabler, and now we are discussing the red version. Like the previous one, it allows the V6 and V8 GM vehicles to function in maximum cylinder mode and prevents the active and dynamic fuel monitoring system from decreasing cylinders.

The brand Range Technology is a game changer! It will make a considerable impact on the performance of GMC Sierra. Not only by increasing HP and torque but also by improving fuel efficiency. This disabler item has already received much positive feedback from the car owners for giving power and control in any circumstances.

In addition, the installation is simple and immediately gives the feeling that the engine is running more smoothly. The installation will only take 30 seconds. A user has issues with V4 while in light traffic. But the amazing change came after including this disabler, and he gave two thumbs up! So, without any doubt, it’s worth spending the money to prevent the engine from cylinder dropout.


  • The installation is straightforward.
  • Suitable with GM V6 and V8 engines.
  • It seems like it is running faster than before.
  • Keep the engine safe.
  • It performs as expected.


  • Lack of longevity, but in rare cases.

07) Pedal Commander – PC77 for GMS Sierra 1500

Model Pedal Commander – PC77 fits the GMS Sierra 1500 car model.


Highlighted Features

  • Real feel of driving
  • Makes special experience
  • For cars 2020+
  • Several modes
  • Easy to use

Even more important is that it reduces the gas residue when the pedal is stepped on. And unlimited, or at least as long as you have this supplement. It makes a difference that is worthy of mentioning.

These new mechanisms indicate the statistics for which older car models are more starting, while newer ones have to be “helped” about that. That’s how these gas helpers came to be. Pedal Commander is designed to have multiple modes depending on needs. There are modes for city driving, sport driving, and eco-driving. You choose whether savings or speed are more important to you.

The way it works is completely understandable because this system draws the power it already has from the car, promoting a better gas reaction. This achieves a higher speed, which is the desire of every driver and customer of this type of accessory.

Adapting to the vehicle itself is easy and almost instantaneous. Maneuvering over the phone is possible if it must be placed under the control panel. It moves almost immediately with better efficiency and effectiveness.

And last but not least, security. It is completely safe to use and allows for a comfortable ride. it doesn’t even work all the time, but according to the needs, it recognizes cars.

The warranty is valid and is not affected by the installation or uninstallation of the system. Refunds are also possible at any time.

The most prominent features are below.


  • Satisfied consumption of horsepower
  • Quality product
  • Various regimes


  • Consuming more fuel

Overall, this model is a good example of chip performance. You need to consider all the advantages and disadvantages and, based on that, make the right choice for your car that will meet your expectations.

08) HIKEit Pedal Throttle Response Controller Chip



Highlighted Features

  • DIY plug-and-play installation
  • OEM plugs with automobile-based programming
  • Adjustments will be user-friendly
  • 4 modes with 36 settings are automatically selected
  • Comprehensive certification
  • 100 percent satisfaction is guaranteed for 30 days and a full refund.
  • Offers lifetime product warranty.


Are you looking for a reliable controller chip for your GMC Sierra? You can check the HIKEit X9, which is a bite-size throttle reaction controller that reduces delays in the electronic accelerator pedal and is compatible with Chevrolet Silverado, Sierra Denali, GMC Sierra Terrain, Hummer H2, and H3 Performance Module.

When you push your car’s accelerator, it shouldn’t feel like you’re pounding a sponge. Therefore, X9 ensures a faster engine response that will eventually make a massive change.

The product’s automatic mode selection aims to learn the driving style and conditions and modify the mode accordingly. The four different control modes, such as Eco/4×4 Sport or Tow, Cruise, and the Highest Performance mode, are things you can’t avoid without praising. Therefore,  we highly recommend this product since it has become the customer’s choice in the automobile market.


  • Simple installation process
  • Easy adjustment for the users
  • Offer faster performance
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Ratings haven’t reached 4 stars yet.


Buying Considerations for the Best Performance Chip for GMC Sierra 1500

performance chip for gmc sierra 1500

Since we strive every day to make life easier and better at the same time, thanks to the right information, we can easily do that.

The scope of possibilities is expanding to the car segment, where new systems, modules, and devices appear on the market every day that improve driving quality, make driving easier, and at the same time make the vehicle more efficient, which is mostly reflected in fuel consumption as well as in the time for which the car reaches a certain acceleration.

By installing this so-called Super chip, such an air flow is achieved that enables an increase in acceleration. Only car power is used for the whole process. Namely, all cars have certain manufacturer’s settings, which are set precisely for speed control and to reduce accidents. This is how these so-called accessories were created, the main purpose of which is to remove those barriers that increase engine power conditionally. Every driver is interested in a certain segment of improvement on their car, but everyone likes the increase in horsepower and speed in a package with reduced consumption. These so-called additions arose from this need, the basic purpose of which is to enable acceleration.

Setting up this type of device aims to achieve values ​​to improve the car’s performance and fuel efficiency. Each manufacturer also states in the specification that deviations from the stated values ​​of acceleration are possible due to various factors such as the type of fuel used by the car, the age of the car and its condition, driving style, and the like.

Along with the benefits that a certain accessory provides to the car, the factor influencing the model choice is the price. As always, it is the price that decides on quality and quality. For the Sierra car model to improve its performance and be faster, you only need to choose one of the listed accessories.

Shopping is never easy, especially if you do not have special knowledge in an area that is not general, such as car maintenance. But today, that may not be the absolute truth. When we look closer at the information and possibilities that the Internet provides, no prior knowledge is needed, as well as no mechanical experience or special tools. If you know what you want, that is, you know what your expectations are from the devices you buy and how much money you are willing to spend, it is enough to read our highlighted segments.

01. Cost-effectiveness

These types of chips are on the market and have different characteristics whose effectiveness increases with the Cost for GMC Sierra 1500 Chip. Of course, the amount is important, but knowing how any additional element can further affect the car and how any additional value makes it valuable or useful is also important. However, it should be mentioned that these amounts do not differ too much. If we consider that detail, we should still allow ourselves the best.

02. Installation

As for setting up these modules, none of them are difficult to set up. As mentioned earlier, additional installation will not require much time, effort, or money. By installing chip in GMC Sierra 1500, you will surely give greater use value to your car and the engine itself. The choice is always tied to expectations, so save that list before shopping. The best option is to consult with each manufacturer’s professional staff.

03. Efficiency

Based on tests and customer experiences, chips affect vehicle performance and are a better option than many previous solutions to increase speed. Certainly, the efficiency itself differs depending on the types of chips, but also the car’s characteristics, such as the car’s age, preservation, etc.

04. Increasing engine power

As we have already explained, this is the main and basic reason drivers buy this chip. For this reason, the manufacturers have tried to make and produce performance chips with the best properties to satisfy customers.

However, it is important to establish that the need for such a supplement is justified. In addition to all the advantages, this type of module has its drawbacks. Each upgrade has its dangers because it depends on several factors that can negatively affect the operation of the chip. That is why it is most important to be well-informed and choose the most suitable model for a certain type of car. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the self-installation affects the warranty of the car and the engine because you do not want to cancel it unknowingly.

The good thing is that today, you can get a lot of information through online research, where you can even consult experts from certain companies that produce or distribute this type of product. Also, there are always WH questions that can answer many doubts. Hopefully, this will help you avoid making a mistake, although we have found that a refund is almost guaranteed if the customer is dissatisfied. It would be best if you took care of the car you drive and provided yourself with the comfort you deserve. The choice will be easier when we complete this whole chain of gathering information, opinions, and experiences, consulting with experts, completing specific wishes, and determining financial possibilities.

05. Features and Customization

When shopping for the best performance chip for your GMC Sierra 1500, prioritize features and customization options to ensure you get a product tailored to your needs and driving preferences. Look for a chip that offers a wide range of adjustability in parameters such as fuel-to-air ratio, ignition timing, and throttle response. This customization allows for fine-tuning to achieve the desired balance of power, efficiency, and drivability.

Additionally, consider chips with pre-programmed or customizable profiles to easily switch between performance modes based on driving conditions or requirements. Compatibility with your truck’s specific year, model, and engine type is crucial, as is selecting a chip with user-friendly software or apps for convenient adjustments and monitoring.

06. Legal and Warranty Considerations

When selecting the best performance chip for your GMC Sierra 1500, it’s crucial to consider legal and warranty implications. Performance modifications can sometimes violate local emissions and noise regulations, potentially leading to legal issues or fines. Therefore, ensure the chip is compliant with your area’s laws. Additionally, installing a performance chip might void your vehicle’s warranty or affect future warranty claims. Some manufacturers may deny warranty coverage if they determine the aftermarket chip has contributed to the vehicle’s malfunction. To mitigate this risk, look for chips that offer a warranty-friendly installation, sometimes called “detectable,” or provide a feature to easily return to stock settings before servicing.

07. Reviews and Reputation

When looking for the best performance chip for the GMC Sierra 1500, paying close attention to reviews and the manufacturer’s reputation is crucial. Opt for brands with a strong history of reliability and customer satisfaction, which often translates to products that deliver on their promises without compromising the vehicle’s integrity. User reviews, both on automotive forums and retailer websites, can provide real-world insights into the chip’s effectiveness, ease of installation, and any potential issues.

A product with consistently positive feedback and testimonials from a community of Sierra 1500 owners is likely a safer bet. Additionally, consider manufacturers who offer solid customer support and warranties, indicating confidence in their product’s performance and durability.

FAQs Related to the Best Performance Chip for GMC Sierra 1500

To better understand the above, we will go through some of the most common questions related to this topic. They are general and refer to chips made for the Sierra 1500 car model.

01. Do GMC performance chips make the car go faster?

The answer is definitely yes. Based on the way the chip works, where the already existing power of the car is used, which is unlocked by its installation, it can be officially said that this increases the engine’s power.

Various production tests and numerous customers who use them intensively have confirmed this. After all, that is the purpose of their existence.

02. How much power does the chip setting add?

Power, torque, and acceleration are affected first by the car’s condition (age, functionality, fuel type, etc.) and then by the model of the chip being purchased (which depends on the car’s characteristics). So, the final answer is that it depends on all these factors individually.

03. Can the chips damage the engine, or are they safe for driving?

In essence, it is very safe, but in addition to proper installation, to remain safe while driving, it is also necessary to maintain the engine so that none of the exhaust gases would collect.

We should not overdo it with the gas because we want our engine to last. Despite all our desires for our cars to be fast, safety is an added value with an advantage over almost all other features.

04. Does the performance chip have a warranty?

Not only does it have a one-year warranty for breakdowns or downtime, but all of these models also have a money-back guarantee. This makes shopping easier because you know in advance that you can get your money back if you are dissatisfied or the device does not meet your expectations.

Also, an important note is that the module does not void the warranty on the car or its electronics. It is an add-on that uploads and downloads, does not copy or delete data, and adds nothing.

05. What is the quality of manufacturer support?

Customers claim to have easily contacted service support either by phone or email. They have proven to be up-to-date and useful. If it is determined that the device is not correct, they take over the old chips at their own expense and send new ones.

It is also possible to get a refund if the buyer opts for this option. Consumer satisfaction is at a high level and is the primary item of these companies.

06. Do performance chips really add horsepower?

Yes, performance chips can genuinely add horsepower to a vehicle by optimizing the engine’s settings for fuel injection, timing, and air intake, among other parameters. However, the increase in horsepower can vary depending on the vehicle and the specific chip used.

07. Which performance chip is the best?

The best performance chip depends on your vehicle’s specific model, goals (e.g., more power, better fuel efficiency), and budget. However, brands like Superchips, Edge Products, and DiabloSport are frequently praised for their quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction across various vehicles, including trucks like the GMC Sierra 1500. Always ensure compatibility with your vehicle’s year and model before purchasing.

08. What is the difference between a tuner and a chip?

A tuner is a device that plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II port, allowing users to reprogram the engine’s parameters for improved performance or fuel efficiency. A chip, traditionally, is a physical component that gets installed directly onto the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) to modify its operation. While “chip” is often used broadly to describe any performance-enhancing module, tuners offer more flexibility with customizable settings. They are typically easier to install and remove without permanent vehicle hardware changes.


You can’t say that this is not on your wish list. To improve the performance of your car and the engine itself, it’s not a bad idea to afford something like this, especially when you know it’s affordable and affordable.

Given that we have determined the mode of operation and the level of the added value of the engine and the car, it is now up to you to take a step towards that choice.

Ultimately, your aspect of the product and your satisfaction is certainly important.

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