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12 Best Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 – Review & Buying Guide for 2024

The influence/impact of the best GMC Sierra 1500 4X4 shocks on ride quality can’t be overemphasized.

If anyone has been experiencing bumpy rides and discomfort when driving on the road. It may be time to replace/change the old shocks with a top-quality option.

Vehicle owners gain several outstanding benefits when they remove damaged shocks from their trucks and conduct the ideal replacement.

For instance, the front suspension system stabilizes, resulting in a noticeable/instant reduction in the wheel’s vibration and movement when driving across irregular/rugged terrain.

This ensures the tires stay in contact or touch the road surfaces throughout the ride, facilitating a smooth experience, irrespective of the road conditions.

Also, the shocks regulate the wheel’s oscillation motion after coming in contact with obstacles (potholes or bumps) on the road.

In case anyone is looking for the best shocks that offer considerable value for the money spent but do not know where to start from or look at. We have identified twelve (12) solid options that you may consider based on performance needs and budget.

These shock absorbers are designed/manufactured by reliable, well-known, and verifiable brands such as Bilstein, Gabriel, Monroe, Rough Country, Detroit Axle, ACDelco, Fox, Rancho, and WULF Suspensions.

Comparison table for the Best Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 4×4

What is the best shock for GMC Sierra 1500 4×4

What is the best shock for the GMC Sierra 1500 4×4?

If you do not want to go through the rigorous exercise of researching, filtering, and analyzing numerous shock absorber designs before finding a compatible option.

The Twelve (12) shocks identified on our list are some of the best and most advanced products anyone can get.

Impressively, they spread across different price levels, ensuring everyone gets an ideal and satisfying shock, irrespective of their budget or financial capability.

These shock absorbers elevate/enhance the truck’s stability, irrespective of the driving pattern or situation while on the road.

They also offer increased comfort while driving across bumpy or rough terrain by absorbing vibrations that could destabilize/disrupt the fun or make the passengers uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, after numerous considerations and analyses, we finally settled for Bilstein shocks as our preferred or favorite design.

Why is Bilstein the best shock for GMC Sierra 1500 4×4?

Bilstein’s popularity in the shocks industry isn’t based on hype alone. The hype and popularity are outcomes of its dedication and commitment to building/designing the best accessories or components money can buy.

When interested buyers choose the ideal Bilstein shocks to install on their vehicle, they redefine the vehicle’s feel and performance, taking the entire operation to another level.

The vehicle’s ride quality becomes better. Not only that, traction, stability, and handling improved significantly, offering a smoother ride experience on rough/irregular terrains and across all weather conditions.

Types of Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 4×4

In GMC Sierra 1500 4x4s, selecting the right type of shock absorbers is crucial for optimizing performance, comfort, and vehicle handling. Here’s a concise guide to the various shock absorber types available:

  • Standard Shocks: The default option for most vehicles, designed for everyday comfort and general driving conditions.
  • Heavy-Duty Shocks: Ideal for vehicles used for towing or carrying heavy loads, these shocks enhance stability and handling under increased weight.
  • Gas-Charged Shocks: Utilizing nitrogen gas to minimize hydraulic fluid foaming, these shocks improve damping efficiency and overall ride comfort.
  • Off-Road Shocks: Built for the unbeaten path, off-road shocks offer enhanced durability and adjustable settings to tackle rough terrains with ease.
  • Adjustable Shocks: Offering flexibility, these shocks allow drivers to toggle between softer and firmer damping settings, catering to various driving preferences and conditions.
  • Air Shocks: These shocks use air pressure to adjust ride height and firmness, perfect for maintaining balance with uneven loads.
  • Coilover Shocks: A shock absorber encased in a coil spring allows ride height adjustments. This type is versatile for both performance driving and off-roading.

Top 12 Best Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 Reviews

Top 12 Best Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 Reviews

01. Bilstein ‎33-238319


Highlighted Features

  • 014 GMC Sierra 1500
  • Monotube design
  • Velocity-sensitive and digressive piston
  • 95 x 26.8 x 2.95 inches in dimension
  • 45 pounds in weight

Individuals who drive/own the GMC Sierra must be intentional about their choice of shocks when looking for a replacement option for damaged/faulty shock absorbers.

It is essential to make considerable efforts to select from any advanced options offered by the highly-respected brands.

One of the notable designs/options that come to mind is Bilstein ‎33-238319. Although affordable, the manufacturer has maintained quality and performance, ensuring the standard the brand is known for is not reduced/lowered.

If anyone is having a difficult time or struggling with a rough/bumpy ride, regardless of the road surface. Here is a top option you can consider to bring the vehicle back to shape.

The installation is smooth. Anyone can mount this accessory once the installer has adequate and updated knowledge/understanding of the task. Also, the importance of the appropriate tools can’t be neglected.

The quality and improvement it offers are evident from the first drive.

Bilstein ‎33-238319 offers better performance than most options; some expensive designs are not left out.

Some users even rate these shocks ahead of the OEM due to the incredible difference they offer across key performance areas. For instance, the drive quality becomes better/smoother, bounces are reduced, and the truck stays firmly on the road,


  • Offers top-quality for the money
  • Installation is stress-free
  • Traction, stability, and handling are optimized
  • Secure and quiet operation


  • The kit/pack comes with one unit

02. Gabriel 43181


Highlighted Features

  • ‎1999-2018 GMC Sierra (front and rear)
  • A combination of shock and spring technology
  • Chrome finish
  • Leak-proof piston seal
  • 63 x 7 x 3.5 inches in dimension
  • 15 pounds in weight

Gabriel 43181 is another budget-friendly shock absorber anyone could pick up for their GMC Sierra. Ensure the compatibility/fitment information is followed or adhered to.

The product description identifies its features, highlighting the numerous benefits the buyer or truck owner can gain once the integration is done or achieved.

The benefits are not hyped, and neither are they outrageous. This design delivers all the stated performance outputs, provided the installation process is executed correctly.

The installer must have adequate knowledge/understanding of the steps and directions to follow throughout the task. Also, appropriate tools are highly recommended to achieve a proper/accurate fit.

In case anyone is experiencing a sagging rear with or without loads. These shocks provide an inexpensive way to fix the issue. You won’t know how bad the old shocks are until the Gabriel 43181 shocks are attached/mounted.

Once the attachment is finalized, the vehicle will experience increased stability and firmness, even when driving on rough roads or while towing/hauling.


  • Enhances the truck’s stability
  • The vehicle’s height is maintained
  • An economical option/design
  • Resists corrosion/rust for extended lifespan


  • Packaging quality could be optimized

03. Bilstein 4600 ‎ Series Shock Absorbers


Highlighted Features

  • ‎1999-2006 GMC Sierra
  • Monotube design/style
  • Front and rear shocks
  • 4 units in a pack/kit
  • 30 x 10 x 10 inches in dimension
  • 21 pounds in weight

If you drive/own the 1999-2006 GMC Sierra 4WD, the Bilstein 4600 ‎ Series Shock Absorbers is the ideal replacement option to go for.

However, the price could be a limiting factor for most interested buyers, especially those working with a tight budget who can’t afford extras or excess.

The attachment/integration significantly reduces vibrations or bounces when the vehicle comes in contact with obstacles on the road. As a result, comfort and safety are enhanced, making the ride experience smooth, fun, and less stressful/exhausting.

According to the manufacturer, these shock absorbers are designed to deliver exceptional control, handling, comfort, and safety.

The shock absorbers designed for the front bring about a drastic reduction in road noise. The ones designed for the rear provide swift responsiveness, regardless of road conditions.

We recommend compatibility/fitment verification before anyone picks up this product. Check if it is a suitable option for your vehicle model.

The installation is not complicated/complex. Nevertheless, the installer must know the task appropriately and use the right tools.

The included installation manual is well-detailed enough to guide an independent installer toward achieving a successful and stress-free exercise.


  • Enhances handling and stability for a comfortable ride
  • Vibrations are reduced to a considerable level
  • Quiet operation
  • Comes with a well-detailed installation guide


  • Expensive
  • Compatible with 4WD only

04. Monroe ‎58654


Highlighted Features

  • Shocks & struts
  • Calibrated coil spring
  • Self-lubricating fluid seal
  • Heavy-duty nitrocarburized rod
  • 10 x 10 x 10 inches in dimension
  • 5 pounds in weight

If you engage in hauling/towing, irrespective of how often this activity happens. Keeping the vehicle in the perfect state/condition that supports such loads.

The Monroe ‎58654 supports the towing and hauling of trailers or other loads the vehicle owner may need to transport or move from one point to another.

These shocks and struts are impressively solid enough to withstand up to 1,200 pounds of load without excessive sagging. Thanks to the calibrated coil spring.

Also, the vehicle’s performance remains uninterrupted or consistent under extreme conditions. The full-displaced valving makes the necessary adjustment to improve stability and handling while driving across irregular/rough roads.

Monroe ‎58654 is not affected by extreme temperatures. The friction between the pressure tube and piston is lowered to improve how the vehicle responds to or performs under different terrains.


  • Eliminate rear sagging when hauling/towing
  • Improved handling for consistent ride quality
  • Eliminate premature wear


  • A bit more expensive than similar designs
  • The list of compatible vehicles is not provided

‎05. Bilstein ‎33-238319


Highlighted Features

  • ‎2014 GMC Sierra 1500
  • Zinc plated finish
  • One (1) shock absorber
  • 95 x 26.8 x 2.95 inches in dimension
  • 45 pounds in weight

Bilstein ‎33-238319 fixes your vehicle performance at a price most 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 owners can afford to invest in a top-quality shock absorber.

This product fits directly/accurately on compatible vehicles, eliminating the need for modifications and adjustments. The installation can be achieved effortlessly and timely using the right tools and a basic/clear understanding of what’s expected.

It copes/withstands all kinds of roads. As the condition changes, its unique velocity-reactive digressive piston adjusts appropriately, ensuring the ride quality is not affected or lowered.

Bilstein ‎33-238319 revamps the vehicle’s performance, returning it to its glory days. Key performance components such as stability, traction, and handling are optimized for exceptional ride quality, comfort, and safety.


  • Assures reliable fade-free performance
  • Handling, comfort, and safety optimization
  • Noiseless and secure operation
  • Inexpensive


  • The kit comes with one unit. Two shocks are often required

06. Rough Country ‎23141


Highlighted Features

  • ‎2007-2021 GMC Sierra 1500 (2 units)
  • T6061 brushed aluminum body
  • Spring-loaded piston rod seal
  • Nitrogen charged
  • 25 x 5.75 x 3 inches in dimension
  • 3 pounds in weight

If you are not necessarily looking for performance shocks but a design that makes up a top-quality replacement option for the money. Rough Country ‎23141 fits the description.

These shocks slot in accurately into their specific locations, increasing the vehicle performance across all road conditions.

Some users rate this design above the stock shock absorbers due to its improved/better response. The difference in ride performance/quality is noticed immediately after the application or integration has been finalized.

The Rough Country ‎23141 must be used and operated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, especially for load capacity and maintenance.

Ensure the bolts are inspected regularly (at every 1000 miles covered) to confirm if they are still in the proper condition. Also, do not hesitate to have the suspension, wheel, and steering & driveline systems checked by an experienced mechanic every three thousand (3,000) miles.


  • Assures a smooth and uncomplicated ride experience
  • High responsiveness and handling
  • Offered at a reasonable price
  • It can be easily put together or attached


  • Compatible with vehicles with 0-4-inch lift only

Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 4x4

07. ‎Bilstein 24-186940/24-186957


Highlighted Features

  • ‎2007-2013 GMC Sierra 1500 (Front and rear shocks)
  • Top-quality, robust construction material
  • Front ride height adjustable shocks
  • 10 x 10 x 30 inches in dimension
  • 28 pounds in weight

One of the prevalent or notable signs/symptoms of damaged or old shock absorbers is continuous vibration while driving at highway speeds.

Whenever this issue persists, replacing the old shocks with one of the best designs compatible with your vehicle model may be time.

Individuals who have finally settled for a replacement for their 2007-2013 GMC Sierra 1500 and are looking for a product that assures smoother/better performance at a reasonable amount can go with Bilstein 24-186940/24-186957.

This design has proven to be a valuable and worthy investment. It has always appeared at the top of the chart over the years. The hype and recommendations surrounding its quality are undeniable.

These front and rear shocks slot in perfectly with up-to-date knowledge of the task and the use of the right tools. Once the installation is complete, the change/difference it makes to the truck’s operation can be perceived immediately.

Driving becomes smoother and more comfortable, even on the most challenging terrains


  • Works for leveled or lifted vehicle
  • Smoother ride experience
  • Improved off-road performance
  • Accurate/exact fitment


  • The lower spring seat is not included

08. Detroit Axle 139105 579105 4345074


Highlighted Features

  • 2007-2013 GMC Sierra 1500
  • Front struts (2 units) and rear shock absorbers (2 units)
  • Electrophoretic-coating
  • Mounting accessories included
  • 24 x 16 x 16 inches in dimension
  • 58 pounds in weight

Driving an old truck could be boring. You can’t afford a new vehicle anytime soon, especially when the ride quality or performance is significantly impacted/reduced.

We understand how frustrating the experience could be, especially when it affects traction, handling, stability, and ride comfort when driving across rough/challenging roads.

In such a situation, shock replacement is one of the affordable upgrades that can be considered to increase the ride performance, ensure it can go smoothly across rugged terrain, or tow/haul the right amount of load without excessive sagging.

Detroit Axle 139105 579105 4345074 is a highly-rated shock absorber designed for the 2007-2013 GMC Sierra 1500. It revamps an old vehicle, ensuring it drives smoother and better than it used to.

The construction quality is excellent, making it a superb addition to the vehicle. Especially if you seek a reliable replacement design worth the price and more.

The durable/robust construction material ensures these shocks can withstand/sustain all the abuse or confrontations the road throws, ensuring the ride quality is not compromised.


  • Offers improved stability
  • High-quality performance for top value
  • Installation/attachment is effortless
  • Worth the price and more


  • Packaging quality could be upgraded

09. ACDelco‎ 519-30


Highlighted Features

  • 2007-2007 GMC Sierra 1500
  • Seamless drawn-over-mandrel (dom) tubing
  • Chromed finish
  • Rear spring-assisted shock absorber
  • 7 x 7.5 x 3.7 inches in dimension
  • Weight: 7.9 pounds

ACDelco‎ 519-30’s installation/attachment is not complicated or tricky, provided the process is followed correctly.

First, the use and application must be restricted to the vehicle models in the product description. Other tricks/tips involve adequately understanding the integration steps and using the appropriate or recommended tools.

Over the years, this product has generated a lot of patronage and recommendations from GMC Sierra owners. Thanks to its noticeable and instant difference/upgrade, it ensures.

For instance, it optimizes the steering performance for smoother operation. It also eliminates vibration and instability while driving, irrespective of the condition.


  • Long-lasting performance
  • Offers increased strength and reliability
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Resist rust/corrosion


  • Rear installation only

‎10. Fox 980-24-660


Highlighted Features

  • ‎Aluminum construction material
  • Rear shocks
  • Necessary integration components
  • 88 x 3.13 x 3.13 inches in dimension
  • 6 pounds in weight

If you engage in off-road adventures, irrespective of how frequent or often it may be. Installing top-quality shocks on the truck can make a considerable difference.

A design like the Fox 980-24-660 ensures the truck can handle unfriendly road conditions or terrain, keeping it clear of obstacles that could affect/impact ride performance or quality.

According to most users/buyers, the difference it delivers or adds to the vehicle’s overall performance is undeniable. For instance, control, traction, and handling are optimized, making it possible for the vehicle to drive faster and harder than normal.

The installation can be achieved independently. The kit packs all the accessories required to achieve an excellent and accurate fit.

Ensure various installation recommendations are followed and appropriately implemented so that every component can slot in or attach firmly and accurately.


  • Outstanding control
  • Improved traction and handling
  • Exceptional performance during off-road adventures
  • The mounting bolts are reusable


  • Doesn’t come with mounting plates

11. Rancho ‎RS5000


Highlighted Features

  • ‎Front and rear shocks
  • Red protective boots
  • Ten-stage velocity-sensitive valving
  • 10 x 12 x 5 inches in dimension
  • 4 pounds in weight

Nothing beats a comfortable ride. There is no alternative or substitute for comfort. Good enough, this feature/attribute doesn’t necessarily have to come at a high price or over the budget.

If you are unsatisfied with the vehicle’s performance and need to upgrade it without parting with hundreds of dollars, Rancho ‎RS5000 offers a quick yet effective fix.

With these stocks attached across the truck’s wheels, the ride experience doesn’t only become more comfortable. It also becomes safer, especially when driving across irregular paths/terrains or climbing hills or mountains.

The shocks or vibrations resulting from challenging/rugged roads are decently absorbed. Also, the truck drives smoother and faster, eliminating drags or sluggishness that most low-quality options find to address or solve.

Installing these shocks is not hard. The process and steps involved are not tricky/complex, allowing anyone with the right tools and adequate knowledge of the task to get it down as quickly as possible.

It is also important to state that a successful attachment/integration doesn’t require any modifications or adjustments. This product fits excellently on compatible vehicles.


  • Smoother/better ride
  • Uncomplicated attachment
  • Extended performance


  • A bit pricey
  • Not compatible with GMC Sierra 1500 2WD

‎12. WULF Suspensions


Highlighted Features

  • ‎1999-2006 GMC Sierra 1500
  • Alloy steel construction
  • Front and rear shocks
  • Accessories/components added
  • 37 x 39.37 x 19.69 inches in dimension

WULF Suspensions is one of the hidden gems in the shocks industry. Although the name is slightly known or not-so-popular. The performance it delivers is up there with some well-known and expensive brands.

The kit comes with all the accessories to get the upgrade done on your vehicle, allowing easy integration or setup as the case may be. This disregards the need for a professional installation, eliminating the need for the extra cash that wasn’t budgeted for initially.

Nevertheless, we advise prospective users or buyers to stick/adhere to the compatibility information. Do not pick this product if your vehicle model is not listed or mentioned in the description.

The construction material is solid/well-made, improving ride quality regardless of the road’s obstacles. For instance, traction and stability are optimized while riding on rough/irregular terrains to deliver a comfortable ride experience.


  • Value for money
  • Effortless integration
  • Well-made design
  • Long-lasting performance


  • 4WD only

Buying Considerations for the Best Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 4×4

shocks for gmc sierra 1500 4x4

01. Budget

Before the GMC Sierra 1500, owners looked for the ideal vehicle shocks. One practical approach to consider and agree upon is how much they can afford to spend or invest for such an upgrade.

Price is an integral aspect of any purchase. It is an accurate indication or guide that informs every buyer’s purchase decision by identifying the products that align with their budget or financial capability.

Now that a budget is designed and there is a specific price to work with, the next step is to look for top-quality products available or offered within the price range.

Upon selection, inspect and analyze these options one after the other and choose the one that offers the best performance improvement qualities.

Irrespective of how much anyone can pay for the best shocks for the GMC Sierra 1500. We have twelve (12) highly reliable designs at different prices (affordable to expensive).

Picking from our list of products eliminates the rigorous research process. Also, it assures the best quality product money can buy.

02. Compatibility

Because a product is advertised as a suitable option for the GMC Sierra doesn’t make it the ideal pick for your vehicle.

If someone who drives/owns a similar truck brand recommends a product, do not pick it up or pay for it without conducting the necessary check.

The best GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 shocks come in various models. Hence, the search must be tailored to the shock absorbers that work for the model you drive.

Be patient enough to review the product description to determine/check the fitment/compatibility details.

If it does, that is enough proof to forge ahead with the purchase, provided the features and performance qualities are satisfying.

If the product description doesn’t highlight the vehicle’s model, abort the purchase plan immediately and look elsewhere.

03. Installation

Not everyone supports the idea of asking or paying a professional to get their accessories fixed.

Suppose anyone is interested in fixing or attaching their shocks independently at home (in the garage or driveway). In that case, an important feature to consider before finally paying for a product is the installation Shocks on GMC Sierra process.

If it needs possible adjustments or modifications to successfully have it attached or possibly misses out on an accessory or more. Drop such a product immediately.

Aside from going for a shock absorber with all the integration accessories, it can be fixed using the regular tools in your repair box.

A well-detailed instruction manual makes the experience stress-free or effortless, especially for users or truck owners with their first task share.

04. Durability

Check the build/construction quality of the preferred option/choice. What material is it built/constructed from, how solid or robust, and How Long do GMC Shocks Last?

Go for a product made from some of the finest or top-quality materials. For instance, aluminum and alloy steel.

These materials are strong enough to sustain whatever the road throws or directs at them, especially for vehicle owners who consistently engage in off-road adventures or drive across irregular/rugged terrains more often.

Durable shocks are designed to stand the test of time, delivering reliable performance for an extended period.

05. Brand

Individuals who do not have a robust budget or can’t afford any of the expensive options in the market may be easily carried away or enticed by the idea of affordable shocks.

In most cases, concentration is solely directed or placed on the price, which may deprive them of the need to check/verify the features and promises such products claim to offer.

While we understand the need to work with the designed budget. Nevertheless, product selection should be made right.

If the brand can’t be verified, especially if there is no information online to confirm the qualities it claims to offer. Stay away.

To avoid dissatisfaction or regret, we recommend sticking to the top/popular brands like the ones we have on our list.

Several inexpensive/reasonably priced shock absorbers on our list offer immense quality and value.

06. Comfort

The comfort level of shocks for a GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 largely depends on the installed shocks and the driving conditions. Generally, for a smooth and comfortable ride, especially on rough or uneven terrain, it’s important to have high-quality, well-designed shocks that can absorb bumps effectively while providing stability. Upgrading to aftermarket shocks designed for comfort, such as those with adjustable settings or those engineered explicitly for off-road conditions, can significantly improve ride quality.

Look for shocks that offer good damping and rebound characteristics, as these will help reduce the harshness felt inside the cabin when driving over bumps or potholes. Brands like Bilstein, Fox, and Rancho are popular among GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 owners for enhancing comfort and overall driving experience.

07. Warranty

For more detailed information, The warranty coverage for shocks on a GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 would depend on several factors, including whether the shocks are the original GMC equipment installed or aftermarket replacements. For OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) shocks, the coverage would be under the vehicle’s general warranty.

General Motors typically offers a 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and a 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty for new vehicles, which might cover shocks if they fail due to manufacturing defects within this period. However, wear and tear items are often excluded after the first 12 months or 12,000 miles.

FAQs Related to the Best Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 4×4

01. What are the benefits of installing the ideal shocks?

Shock installation comes with various performance-enhancing features. They offer stability, control, and handling for improved safety and comfort, especially while driving under extreme road conditions,

These parts/accessories optimize the suspension system’s performance to extend the vehicle’s lifespan. Also, they improve the truck’s feel and appearance.

02. Who do I detect worn-out or nasty shocks?

A damaged/faulty shock absorber is easily noticeable when driving across rough or irregular paths/roads. This is when you start perceiving disturbing noise and vibrations.

Another popular symptom/sign is inadequate power. The driving force is lowered/reduced, affecting braking performance and acceleration.

While going over hills or mountains, a truck with old or worn-out shock absorbers won’t find climbing easy. It will also experience a similar issue or difficulty when descending the hill slope.

03. How much does a top-quality shock design cost?

The price of this accessory varies. There is no specific or fixed price for picking solid shocks for your vehicle.

Some attributes/features that dictate the price of a solid product include the brand, the build material, the features/attributes, and many more.

We will give the average purchase price range for individuals needing a figure or an amount to work with or design their budget.

A budget between $70 and $400 should be enough to get anyone something reliable for their vehicle.

04. What are some vital shock maintenance tips?

Getting durable or well-made shocks is not enough. That is not the only requirement to enjoy consistent/uninterrupted performance upgrades for an extended period.

In addition, the shocks should be inspected regularly (every 1000 miles is excellent) to check if the bolts/nuts still hold securely and firmly in position.

The piston rings can be disassembled and cleaned using the recommended lubricant or solvent.

05. Do I need a jack to perform a shock replacement?

The need for a jack does not apply to all installations. It depends on where the installer wishes to add the shock absorbers.

If you are replacing the front shocks, a jack may be required. However, it is not optional or unnecessary for rear installation.

06. How long do shocks last on GMC Sierra 1500?

Shocks on a GMC Sierra 1500 typically last between 50,000 and 100,000 miles, but their longevity can vary based on driving conditions, habits, and maintenance.

07. When should 4×4 shocks be replaced?

4×4 shocks should be replaced approximately every 50,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on driving conditions and vehicle use. However, it’s important to inspect them regularly for signs of wear, such as leaks, damage, or a noticeable decrease in driving comfort and control.

08. How much does it cost to replace shocks on a GMC Sierra?

The cost to replace shocks on a GMC Sierra can vary widely, but on average, it ranges from $200 to $600 for the parts alone. When including labor, the total cost can be between $300 and $800, depending on the type of shocks (standard or high-performance) and where the service is performed (dealership vs. independent mechanic).


By relying on the information in this purchase guide, everyone should know how to pick the best shocks for the GMC Sierra 1500 4×4.

Follow the highlighted/discussed tips and factor your performance expectations and preferences into the product selection.

Impressively, all the products on our list have a long history of promoting a more comfortable ride, increased stability, better handling, and control.

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