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Troubleshooting GMC Sierra Leveling Kit Problems – Your Comprehensive Guide

A vehicle such as the GMC Sierra requires a leveling kit to gently lift to match the factory height in the rear,, around 2″. But commonly, we notice vehicle leveling trouble while using the leveling kit. Suppose you have a 2015 or 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 model that failed to be leveled recently.  But do you know what’s causing GMC Sierra Leveling Kit problems?

Leveling kits have a bad habit of sitting too low, which makes driving difficult. A damaged suspension, excessive fuel consumption, odd noise, warranty issues, and incorrect installation might cause the car to malfunction. It ultimately makes the steering heavier and causes the vehicle tires to wear out unexpectedly. However, you should get a high-quality leveling kit installed.

This article will be a masterpiece for the rider searching for easy ways to resolve the leveling issue. Let’s get into the article to discover the GMC Sierra leveling-related solutions for every user’s query.

Do Leveling Kits Cause Problems?

When you install a leveling kit, it changes the design of your vehicle. The suspension system also falls into the danger of damage, GMC becomes slower, alignment becomes messed up, and some other trouble while you are riding. But proper installation and maintenance won’t cause any problems in your vehicle.

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Good and Bad About GMC Sierra Leveling Kit Chart

It is not necessary to say all the problems with the leveling kit. Rather, leveling kits have so many benefits. That’s why we have made a chart of the pros and cons of a leveling kit.

Good Bad
Improves ground clearance. A reduction in fuel economy.
Enhance the capacity of the gadget. No effect on the overall design of the truck, but a little change
Decreased the braking force during the emergency break. Suspension wear developed.
Massive tires. The warranty becomes invalid.

GMC Sierra Leveling Kit Problems – 8 Vital Facts

best leveling kit for 2018 gmc sierra 1500

We found some major issues behind your GMC Sierra’s leveling kit problem. Proper maintenance is the key to all success. However, we usually face some troubles that are listed below.

Difficulty While Driving

Your leveling kit may cause the car to run slowly. For example, you have a 2007 Silverado 1500. It’s whether you picked up an unsafe size and must either remove or fix the kit. Otherwise, your acceleration will lead you into problems.

Lack of Alignment

The GMC’s taller stance will upset the alignment. During the leveling phase, the casters need to be readjusted. Failure to align the front end leads to poor tire wear, and the car will likely pull to one side or the other while moving.

Remember that your front end will never be aligned if you don’t drop the mounting points. Furthermore, if you do not align the truck after installing the leveling kit, you will ruin your tires and cause the handling to be unpredictable.

Front Suspension Damaged or Worn Out

Forum says your front suspension will potentially wear out within 10,000 miles of the installation. A suspension system is considered a secured lattice of shock-absorbing vehicle parts. 

Generally. your suspension system and leveling kit should be compatible. The automobile’s higher stance makes servicing the suspension difficult. We noticed someone paid $6K to fix and replace the IFS suspension from the kit properly.

Too Much Fuel Consumption

The additional height may hurt the aerodynamics of the GMC Sierra, resulting in lower fuel economy. It is usual to lose MPG shortly after installing a level kit. 

The further you travel, the less MPG you get. Also, placing aggressive tires can lower your fuel efficiency. Therefore, experts advise against installing larger tires and resolving the issue immediately.

Shock Damage

Whenever you install a leveling kit, make sure you replace the shocks. Typically, shock absorbers feature several snap ring grooves that set the spring seat at various heights. Whether you have a GMC, Ford, Chevy, or Toyota, Shocks will be a lifesaver when installing a leveling kit.

For example, consider the GMC 2500HD leveling kit problem. In that situation, you should verify the shocks to see whether they are damaged. Shock problems will cause you to bounce up and down while driving over hills.

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Tire Rubbing Issue

Another problem users have experienced is an issue with the leveling kit rubbing against the tires or suspension systems. As a result, whenever you spin the steering wheel, you may see your wheels rubbing.

It happens since you selected the incorrect size of tires and leveling kit, such as 35-inch tires on a 3-inch level kit. Therefore, you should select the 33″ tire rather than the 35″.

Clunking Noise

Observing a knocking or clunking noise while driving is a problematic event. But why this noise? It’s most likely due to a failure to tighten the sway bar end links. For an easy fix, check the given steps below:

  • Use a breaker bar to loosen the lug nuts from the wheels.
  • Secondly, jack up your truck with a floor jack and jack stands.
  • Next, remove the wheel.
  • Lastly, tighten the nuts when you have entrance to the sway bar.

The Steering Wheel Turns Left

GMC leveling kit problems can also cause your steering wheel to move to the left. This occurs when you overlook the stress your levering kit provides under the automobile. Lifting puts additional pressure on your suspension system.

The angle between the lower control arm, upper control arm, tie-rod, and CB axle becomes deformed whenever you lift the GMC. So, that’s the reason you should keep the alignment.

Is It Better to Lift or Level Your GMC Sierra Truck?

gmc sierra 1500 leveling kit

Lifting and leveling of both kits are destined to raise the vehicle body from the axles to accommodate wider tires, plus increase ground clearance. In general, leveling kits of GMC Sierra can lift the front end around a few inches. It also corrects the nose-down stance and brings it up to the height of the back.

Lift kits provide substantially more ground clearance up to 10″ and a smoother ride. A raise package can transform your roadworthy vehicle into a monster truck capable of navigating the most difficult terrain.

Does a Leveling Kit Void GMC Warranty?

GMC’s conventional three-year and 36,000-mile limited warranty will be canceled if your vehicle components covered by the warranty get damaged by any aftermarket items. However, we discovered some companies void the warranty if you install the level. Therefore, you should first talk about the policy of any company.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a leveling kit affect speed?

The kind of lifting or leveling kit used, as well as the level of the height change, will decide whether it affects the speed. There will be adjustments as you change the overall profile. However, keep in mind that appropriate installation will assure a positive influence on your vehicle like the GMC Sierra’s performance.

2. Do leveling kits affect alignment?

Yes, the leveling kit connection has an impact on the alignment of 4*4. Therefore, certain solid-axle 4x4s will necessitate caster modification for optimum performance and driving manners.

3. How long does it take to install a 2-inch lift kit?

Most probably it will take around 1 or 2 hours to install the lifting kit. But some professionals require 4 or more hours for proper installation.

Final Words

So, GMC Sierra Leveling Kit problems are not major issues when you know how to choose the right size, how to do the alignment, and how to do the proper maintenance. Keep your eyes on problems like clunking sound, steering wheel pressure, suspension damage, fuel consumption, and other facts that ultimately trigger the engine. 

Beyond all these matters, make sure you do the proper installation. You should also know the policy, warranty rejections, and pros and cons of installing the lifting kit. That’s how you won’t have to face any trouble with the GMC Sierra level kit.

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